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Do you have difficulties in getting pregnant and your gynecologist diagnosed you with uterine polyps? Don’t bother, we have the "natural" solution for you. Our tisane is very efficient in getting rid of the uterine polyps without any side effects.

The uterine polyp, also known as an endometrial polyp, consists of excessive growth of cells on the inner wall of the uterus, forming cysts-like balls that develop into the uterus.

Generally, uterine polyps are more frequent in women who are in menopause, however, they can also appear in younger women, which can cause difficulty in becoming pregnant, which will depend on the size and location of the polyp.

Although uterine polyps are non-cancerous tumors, that doesn’t mean proper care should not be taken because they can further lead to infertility. There will be a difficulty for you to get and pregnant and if you eventually get pregnant, there is a very high risk of miscarriage. This is where uterine polyps should not be neglected at all. Fortunately, you found us !!! we are here to help you make your dream come true with our 100% effective tisane.

Our secret to this remedy is found in what mother nature has bequeathed to us. It is made up of a mixture of herbs and roots which has proven their efficiency in solving your problem. We assure you to heal you of this ailment with our natural remedy so you could further enjoy the joy of motherhood. Do not worry, you have knocked at the right place !!! And we are happy to serve you.


DURATION OF THE TREATMENT: the duration of our treatment will depend on the gravity of the uterine polyps. Although, it usually lasts for 2 months.  Note that our support is individualized, so, it mary vary depending on what exactly you feel.




The main cause of the development of uterine polyp is hormonal changes and, therefore, women with hormonal disorders such as those with irregular menstruation, bleeding outside the menstrual period or prolonged menstruation are at greater risk of developing these endometrial polyps.

In addition, there is also an increased risk of developing uterine polyps in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, taking estrogens for a prolonged period, or taking tamoxifen to treat breast cancer.

In most cases, uterine polyps do not need treatment, however, the gynecologist can prescribe hormonal medications or choose to have them removed. The uterine polyp is not cancer, but in some cases, it can turn into a malignant lesion, so it is important to have an evaluation every 6 months, to see if the polyp has increased or decreased in size, if new cases have appeared or if it has disappeared.




The main symptom of uterine polyp is abnormal bleeding during menstruation, which is usually abundant. In addition, other symptoms may appear, such as :

Irregular menstrual period;

Vaginal bleeding between each menstruation ;

Vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse ;

Pain during menstruation ;

Difficulty in getting pregnant.

Women with these symptoms should consult the gynecologist for exams, such as pelvic ultrasound, for example, to diagnose the problem and start the appropriate treatment.





The treatment of uterine polyp should be guided by a gynecologist and usually starts only when it causes symptoms or when there is a suspicion of malignancy. Thus, it is common for treatment to be done with hormonal remedies, such as progesterone, to reduce the size of the polyp until it disappears.

However, if the woman wants to become pregnant and the polyp is hampering the process, the doctor can still perform a hysteroscopy that consists of inserting an instrument from the vagina to the uterus, to remove the uterine polyp. See when to have surgery to remove the uterine polyp. 

In the most severe cases, in which the polyp does not disappear with mediation, cannot be removed with hysteroscopy or has become malignant, the gynecologist may advise having surgery to remove the uterus. 



Among the natural remedies for polyps, we find cinnamon, ginger, mustard seeds, Rusco (before ovulation) that can help reduce them and fenugreek (throughout the cycle), which can help reduce them.

Although medicinal herbs do not need to be prescribed, it is recommended to consult a professional, since some of the plants that are recommended have other parallel effects.

Remember that the set of symptoms in a person can be very diverse and not everyone needs the same plants. Another very effective therapy is homeopathy. Among the homeopathic remedies are Calcarea carbónica, Sanguinaria, Morgan, and the Formica rufa (with a marked influence against the formation of polyps). As with phytotherapy, homeopathy should be recommended by the professional, since the solution and does vary according to the person and their parallel symptoms.




Because the exact cause of cervical polyps is not known, it becomes difficult to prevent lumps from forming. Still, there are some habits that could prevent proliferation and its appearance:

Wearing cotton underwear can help prevent excess moisture that can lead to infections caused by polyps.

Taking vitamin C can help prevent infections that can cause the development of polyps.

Rich diet beta-carotene can help improve the health of the mucous membrane. Like apricots, melons, mangoes, carrots, pumpkins, and yams.

A diet low in fat and rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

Our natural treatment is safe and 100% efficient with no side effects. If you want to be cured of the uterine polyps, you have come to the right place!

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