Oligospermia is a disease that is characterized by a reduced number of spermatozoids released during ejaculation. That condition is associated with several cases of infertility. Proviron et vitamine E are sometimes prescribed by specialist to treat oligospermia. It may work for some but not for everybody. Our natural treatment is safe and highly effective. Don't let your couple be devastated by oligospermia anymore. Our remedy is the solution for you to regain your fertility. It is a herb-based treatment that will stimulate spermatogenesis and will allow to have more spermatozoid in the ejaculate. Worldwide delivery contact/whatsapp: +22990431725

Herbal cure Oligozoospermia


Oligozoospermia (also oligospermia) is a condition characterized by a reduced concentration of sperm in the ejaculate compared to that considered normal; it is, therefore, one of the various anomalies that can affect sperm. In the past, oligozoospermia was used if the sperm concentration was less than 20 million per ml of sperm; from 2010, according to the criteria established by WHO, there is oligozoospermia in case this concentration does not exceed 15 million per ml.

WHO has also defined three degrees of severity for oligozoospermia:

-mild (sperm concentration between 10 and 15 million per ml)
-medium (or moderate, sperm concentration between 5 and 10 million per ml)

-severe (or severe, sperm concentration between 0 and 5 million per ml).

Exact data on the spread of the problem is not available.
As you can easily imagine, a man with oligospermia can easily face fertility problems.



Our treatment

Our treatment is a natural solution that has proven effective in many cases. This herbal cure for oligospermia provided has been made available for your use and is prepared according to individual cases (for example if your oligospermia is due to varicocele). The duration of your treatment will depend on your case, starting from 3 months to 6 months. 


Causes of oligozoospermia

The causes of the anomaly are not always definable with certainty; in this case, we are talking about idiopathic oligozoospermia (about 30% of cases); in other circumstances, it is possible to identify an underlying problem (secondary oligozoospermia); possible causes include:

-varicocele (an alteration affecting the testicular veins)
-epididymis, prostate, seminal vesicle, urethral infections

-testicular cancer



-severe trauma to the testicles

-obstruction of the vas deferens

-obstruction of the ejaculatory ducts

-genetic diseases or defects (for example, Klinefelter syndrome or Noonan syndrome)


-benign prostatic hyperplasia

-chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy treatments

-prolactinoma (a form of cancer affecting the anterior pituitary gland)

-inappropriate lifestyle (abuse of alcohol, drugs, unrestricted nutrition, cigarette smoke, etc.).

-The habit of recurring saunas can also determine oligozoospermia (in this case, the reason must be found in the prolonged increase in testicular temperature).


Other sperm abnormalities associated with oligozoospermia


In various cases, oligozoospermia is associated with other abnormal sperm conditions, primarily asthenozoospermia (a term that identifies a reduction in the number of mobile sperm in the sperm) and teratozoospermia (a condition characterized by the presence in the sperm with a percentage greater than 96% of abnormal sperm).


Oligozoospermia - oligospermia The presence of oligospermia can be revealed by carrying out a spermiogram, laboratory examination considered to be fundamental in the evaluation of the state of male fertility. It is usually asked when examining the reasons for male infertility as it allows both quantitative and qualitative aspects of sperm to be assessed.

Once the diagnosis of oligozoospermia is certain, it is necessary to study the causes which led to its appearance; the attending physician (or andrologist), also based on the physical examination and the collection of anamnestic data, will prescribe the laboratory and instrumental examinations which he deems most appropriate, including sperm culture, blood tests, and testicular ultrasound.

Oligozoospermia: the remedies


The treatments for oligozoospermia are obviously based on the elimination of what are thought to be the triggers of the anomaly.
In case the doctor believes that the problem is mainly due to an incorrect lifestyle, it will be necessary for the patient to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eliminating all bad habits (excess alcohol, smoking, various types of irregularities). etc.) and adopt a balanced diet and start practicing medium to high-intensity physical activity.

If, on the other hand, the problem is attributable to a specific pathology, for example, a genital infection, it will intervene with the prescription of the most appropriate pharmacotherapy.

If the problem is related to a physical problem (the classic example is that of varicocele), the possibility of surgery will be assessed.

If the underlying pathology is curable, oligozoospermia is a reversible condition.


Natural solution

Treatment (3 months) - Homogeneous mixture of olive oil + honey + lemon + egg white and take a spoonful before each meal for 3 months.


Our natural treatment is safe and 100% efficient with no side effects. If you want to be cured of this pathology, this herbal cure for diabetes is your best solution!

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oligozoospermia herbal solution plants to treat infertility linked to oligospermia

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