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Ginkgo biloba: effective against amyloid

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From the leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba, an ancient tree, substances can be extracted that would benefit blood circulation and memorySo far, all positive but is it recommended that every person afflicted with this consume it? What adverse effects can it present? Can one safely self-medicate?





Our treatment is not intended to completely treat the disease but rather to slow its progression and relieve the various symptoms of the disease. Indeed the natural remedy that we offer consists of plants with anti-inflammatory properties. It will also purify your blood and its diuretic properties will be beneficial to you if you have a disease of the kidneys, lymph nodes and spleen. For people suffering from affection to the nervous and cardiovascular system these plants will restore the functioning of these different systems. Our treatment is an all in one for the treatment of amyloidosis.



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What are the medical uses of Ginkgo Biloba?

Gingko Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba extract, EGb 761, comes in capsules or in liquid form alone or accompanied by other substances such as vitamin E and other plant extracts.

Its most common uses are to improve cognitive abilities or delay deterioration in the case of Senile Dementia or Alzheimer. It is also used as an activator of arterial and venous blood circulation. Its less common uses would be for the treatment of asthma and / or allergenic processes or for the treatment of essential hypertension or cancer.


How does Ginkgo Biloba work?

Beta-amyloid turns out to be the main component of senile plaques in various types of dementia such as Alzheimer's or Lewy body dementia.

The Ginkgo Biloba compounds have been studied and it has been found that three of the 7 types of flavonoid glycosides that they present have a moderate activity to inhibit the formation of beta-amyloid.

EGb 761 removes free radicals, regulates oxidative stress, protects DNA from oxidative damage, protects the mitochondrial respiratory chain, increases cAMP levels through the regulation of intracellular calcium, and inhibits platelet aggregation. These studies have been carried out in vivo and in vitro, especially in rats and mice.



What does the scientific evidence say?

At the moment there would only be a meta-analysis that would orient a potentially beneficial effect of Ginkgo Biloba in patients with some type of mild dementia who are 75 years of age or younger to improve cognitive decline but long and controlled trials are necessary to confirm this. .

In a systematic review published in 2014, it was not possible to draw conclusions that Ginkgo Biloba is effective and useful in essential hypertension. We will have to wait for better quality controlled trials to be able to assess its indication in a peremptory way.

Regarding cancer , there are promising studies in rodents in which they have discovered that Ginkgo Biloba extract is capable of regulating certain genes; this would result in apoptotic (tumor cell cell suicide) and antiproliferative (would not allow the tumor to grow) properties in a model with hepatocarcinoma.

In asthma the studies found are also in rodent models in which it has been seen that the extract of Ginkgo Biloba would not only inhibit the action of T lymphocytes but also increase their apoptosis (cell suicide) from which we could deduce that it would improve the symptoms of people with allergic asthma.

We need controlled trials in humans but it is clear that Ginkgo Biloba extract could have interesting uses in human health. At the moment, it is not possible to make a recommendation for its use in other pathologies other than mild dementia and with caution ...


Can one safely self-medicate?

I do not recommend self-medication in these cases or in any case. We believe that since they are plants they are innocuous but that is a wrong concept.

Plants or better said, their compounds or substances, interact with our organism when ingested, so it is interesting to know which substances form the “plant” that we are going to introduce to ourselves, instead of benefiting or doing nothing to us, it can even harm us if we suffer some pathology.

The most commonly seen side effects are an  upset stomach , headache , dizziness , constipation , palpitations, and allergic skin reactions . It can also cause bleeding.

As discussed above, it has an antiplatelet action, so it liquefies the blood. We must take special care in elderly people polypharmacy due to a possible risk of intracranial hemorrhage.

Mood disturbance has also been described in person with schizophrenia (7,8,9).

Interaction with other drugs such as platelet antiaggregants (for example actylsalicylic acid) or anticoagulants or with plants that have a similar action is also possible. Suspension of the Ginkgo Biloba extract 2 weeks before surgery is recommended.

Does all this mean that it is not recommended to take Ginkgo Biloba? No, it doesn't mean that. What it means is that we should not self-medicate with natural products thinking they are harmless. It is best if you talk to your doctor for advice and decide together what is best for you.







Ginkgo Biloba Health Benefits: Fights Anxiety, Enhances Brain ...

In a research involving the use of gingko biloba and psychotropic drugs, the results were clear. “Only in the group of subjects who have continuously taken Ginkgo extract for two years is there a clear decrease in circulating amyloid, meaning that this substance is able to control the increase in age-dependent amyloid. Therefore, it is effective in preventing those forms of dementia characterized by increased amyloid deposits, primarily Alzheimer's disease. "



A common dose in people with dementia is 40 milligrams of that extract three times daily. For improving cognitive function in healthy people, studies have used between 120 milligrams to 600 milligrams of the extract daily.



Gingko may not be appropriate for people with certain conditions, such as diabetes, seizures, bleeding disorders, or those actively trying to get pregnant.



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