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When patients hear a diagnosis of cancer, they often panic and begin to turn to various "folk healers", magicians and other charlatans. HOWEVER, treating  prostate cancer with folk remedies must be extremely careful and with healthy skepticism.
In addition, it should be remembered that in addition to the tumor, cancer causes many different problems, for example, cachexiaSome of these problems can, if not be cured, then at least alleviated with the help of folk remedies.

Hence, in this article we are going to list a few folk remedies that has proven effective in the treatment of prostate cancer. 


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We offer here a mixture of seeds, roots and bark from Africa which prevent and cure all kinds of cancer (breast cancer, cancer of the liver, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer uterus, kidney cancerovarian cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use against cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy.

The objective of this treatment is to;

  1. Fighting cancer cells.
  2. To prevent cancer cells from spreading to other organs.
  3. To strengthen the body's defense against other diseases by strengthening the immune system.
  4. To increase the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  5. To reduce side effects such as dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and weakness from illness, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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The main thing is to distinguish effective remedies from various miracle pills of charlatans, which will do more harm than good.  But all of them must be approved by the attending physician.




What are the Causes and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer? - AllNetArticles

  • eat properly;
  • quit smoking and drinking;
  • add physical activity or reduce as necessary.

All this will lead to an increase in the general tone of the body and will make it easier to transfer any symptoms of cancer. Side effects from drugs and radiation will also be less likely to occur, since a strong body resists any threats better. If you do not pay attention to these preventive measures, you can get accelerated tumor growth and severe deterioration even in the early stages.





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Pumpkin seeds contain D7 և D5 sterols, fatty oils, linolenic acid, oleic acid, vitamin E, zinc, etc. D7-serotonin is considered to be its active ingredient, which in patients with prostate adenoma leads to a decrease in the amount of DHT. Pumpkin seeds also have an effect on the bladder, increasing the contractility of the bladder body and weakening the muscles of the bladder neck. Some clinical studies have shown that pumpkin seeds or their extract only improves the symptoms of prostate hyperplasia. And some studies show that due to the high content of zinc in pumpkin seeds, it can also reduce the size of the prostate. This herbal medicine has no side effects and is great for  prostate cancer

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Cosmetic Grade Saw Palmetto Oil, Rs 6600 /kilogram Suyash Ayurveda ...
Saw palmetto contains fatty acids and sterols that inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. And the latter is the main stimulator of prostate growth. This plant also has an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and inhibitory effect on the activity of estrogen receptors. Studies show that this drug has an effect on improving the function of the urethra and reducing the size of the prostate.

Pygeum Africanum en gélules - ABC de la Nature : herboristerie en ...

Pygeum africanum plant contains phytosterols, sterols, steroids, pentacyclic acids, fatty acids. This plant prevents cell proliferation, inhibits the activity of 5 alpha reductase, reduces the amount of prolactin and inhibits the accumulation of cholesterol in the prostate.




Black Cohosh Extract|Natural Extract-Hunan Huakang

Black Cohosh, the friendly plant of the prostate that has been traditionally used to control the negative symptoms of menopause. Until a few years ago it was suspected that it stimulated the production of estrogens, which is why it was contraindicated in breast cancer.

It is currently known to contain substances –triterpene glycosides, saponins and flavonoids– that, far from exerting estrogenic hormonal action, beneficially regulate estrogens and androgens.

The aforementioned components also exert an antiproliferative action on tumor cells and induce cellular apoptosis or programmed cell death, both of breast and prostate cancer cells, from the activation of proteins - called caspases - that intervene in apoptosis.

Maximum doses of black cohosh are not known and the usual doses for use range from 20-500 mg per day of dry matter.

It is a safe plant with few side effects; Among them: headache, gastrointestinal discomfort or slight dizziness due to its vasodilatory action. People with a liver condition should avoid it. Drug interactions are unknown. In case of surgery, it must be suspended a week before due to its vasodilator effect.



stinging nettle | Description & Uses | Britannica

Nettle (Urtica dioica) shown has exert action on prostatic tissue preferred, both benign hyperplasia (increased size of an organ or tissue) as in cancer. Mainly the root is used, but also the leaves and the whole plant. Its positive effect in prostate cancer has to do with the inhibitory action of the activity of the enzymes adenosine deaminase and 5-alpha reductase in prostate tissue.

It is advisable to start at less than optimal doses (500 mg / day of dry extract divided into 2 doses) , to ensure that it is well tolerated and allergic reactions do not occur.

It must be of high quality, since the nettle usually grows in areas rich in organic waste, so it accumulates nitrates in its tissues, which could be harmful (it can hinder the transport of oxygen). The consumption of nettle leaves is contraindicated in case of kidney or heart failure without medical control due to its diuretic effect. The root can cause gastric discomfort, and the leaves can cause skin allergies.



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