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The disease is diagnosed based on anemia, leukocytosis, on the eve of the disease, decreased protein levels, hyperglobulinemia, platelets in the blood, calcium, and sodium are reduced. The functional capacity of the thyroid decreases. In half of the cases of disease detection, the first renal failure occurs. In the urine, detection of cylinders, an increased number of red blood cells, and white blood cells.

The reduction of amyloid in the blood can be surgical. The spleen is removed, after which the general condition of the patient improves, as the level of the plasma substance in the blood decreases.

Lichen Amyloidosis Clinical Presentation: History, Physical ...

Amyloidosis is predicted: on average, the course is 12 to 14 months, then death occurs. Longer life expectancy for women. The elderly are worse than the disease. Today, to overcome the disease is beyond the power of medicine. Therefore, attention is paid to the treatment of groups of associated diseases. There are very controlled symptoms and complications, which leads to an improvement in the evolution of the disease.



Our treatment is not intended to completely treat the disease but rather to slow its progression and relieve the various symptoms of the disease. Indeed the natural remedy that we offer consists of plants with anti-inflammatory properties. It will also purify your blood and its diuretic properties will be beneficial to you if you have a disease of the kidneys, lymph nodes, and spleen. For people suffering from affection to the nervous and cardiovascular system, these plants will restore the functioning of these different systems. Our treatment is an all in one for the treatment of amyloidosis.

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Herbal Medicine and Phytopharmacy - Margarida Moreira

Diet - a very important point in the treatment of the disease, however, is not the only one. Despite the presence of a large number of methods of treating this disease, the most widely used method remains drug treatment.

First of all, these are drugs such as: Delagil, Unitiol, Rezokhin, Hingamin, less commonly Colchicine. Diphenhydramine, Pipolfen, Suprastin are desensitizing agents, which is why one of the reasons for the development of amyloidosis may be the rejection of the protein by the immune system, these means will calm the patient's immune system. For the same reason, aminoquinoline preparations such as chloroquine, plaquenil, rezokhin, delagil, hingamin are prescribed. They inhibit the formation of mucopolysaccharides and nucleic acids, inhibit the enzymatic systems of reticuloendothelial cells, alter the content of sulfhydryl groups, which affect part of the pathogenesis of amyloidosis by reducing amyloid synthesis. These should usually be taken for several months. However, It should be remembered that long-term admission can cause side effects such as allergic skin reactions, dyspepsia, leukopenia, increased hematuria, corneal swelling. Side effects with long-term use of drugs - one of the main problems in the treatment of forms of amyloidosis.

Second, chemotherapeutic and hormonal drugs, immunosuppressants are used for treatment. These substances slow down cellular and immune reactions, leading to amyloidosis. However, the hormonal method has recently been recognized as ineffective.

Third, blood purification, the use of stem cells and the dialysis procedure are considered to be a local treatment method. One of the types of blood purification is plasmapheresis. It consists in the fact that the patient takes part of the blood, which then passes through a special device. In it, the blood is divided into plasma, red blood cells, platelets and leukocytes. Then the plasma is removed, the formed elements are sent back into the blood. Stem cell therapy must replace damaged cells with new ones. Peritoneal dialysis promotes the elimination of B2-microglobulin, due to which amyloid is harmful to the body. Its essence is that the patient is surgically placed a catheter in the pelvic area. This eliminates metabolic products and saturates the necessary vital elements.

Fourth, surgical treatment, which in fact remains to date the most effective way, if not the cessation of the disease, then with a high probability of active slowdown. Surgery involves organ transplantation.

Fifth, as with any other disease, traditional medicines and food can be used for amyloidosis.

As for herbs, here it is preferred that they have anti-inflammatory, astringent and immune effect. For example, oat grass. Alcohol tincture can be made from it. Remove the grass, pour it with alcohol and leave it dark for three weeks to infuse. After filtration, take 20-30 drops three times a day, pre-diluted with 15 ml of water.

The next collection option: chamomile flowers, birch buds, St. John's wort and immortelle. All herbs are taken in equal amounts - 100 grams each. Pour pour 0.5 liters. hot water. Insist in a thermos for four hours. Take the 200 ml infusion before bed.

The blood-purifying effect of nettle leaf tea, prepared for 15 minutes, and juniper berries, consumed raw (from 5 pieces per day to 15). Vitamin tea can be prepared from dried leaves of Hypericum - 2 grams, strawberries - 10 grams, mint - 2 grams. Separately prepare the dried must of St. John, eat and pour a glass of boiling water for 40 minutes.

Also, the medicinal infusion can be prepared from nettle and mint leaves, valerian roots and calamus. Take the ingredients in a ratio of 2: 2: 1: 1, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for 45 minutes. If there are mountain ash and blueberry fruits, you can prepare a healing infusion for them (3: 2). Pour 200 ml of boiling water and insist 10 minutes, take half a cup three times a day.

It is very important to treat simultaneously the diseases against which amyloidosis has been detected, because inaction in this problem will contribute to its progress. If there are chronic inflammatory diseases, it is recommended to perform a course of specific antibacterial agents. In the presence of blood pressure, antihypertensive drugs, diuretics are needed.

Alternative medicine

Recently, non-traditional methods of treatment have become very popular. In this regard, I would like to mention the device called "Stiotron". As you know, all our organs are projected on the iris, including the kidneys. The principle of operation of Stiotron is based on the effect of light and energy pulses on the eyes, which are a kind of conductor for diseased organs. The list of diseases in which the positive effect of the device is quite impressive: metabolic diseases, internal organs, infections, depressive states.

Another interesting form of alternative medicine is Pharaoh's Cylinders. It is a unique physiotherapeutic device, whose action is individually adjusted on the energy of each person. The cylinders were recreated by a group of scientists on ancient Egyptian manuscripts. Now their production is patented.

Whatever the treatment, it is imperative to remember that any popular and non-traditional method of treating amyloidosis should be discussed with your doctor and combined with the main drug treatment.

Unfortunately, when the uremic stage with kidney failure already occurs, the patient usually does not live for a long time, the drugs will not help - no kidney transplant or the so-called artificial kidney method.

The artificial kidney is a bulky device for replacing the functions of an organ and cleansing the blood. Pretty expensive, like a kidney transplant. However, in the last stage, the bill continues for months, if nothing is done, the result will be lethal.

Renal amyloidosis is a very dangerous disease in itself, difficult to treat, not to mention the fact that it is still part of a common problem - amyloidosis of the whole body, when the heart, intestines and even the brain suffer from pathogenic proteins. As a rule, it should be treated comprehensively. Amyloidosis of the heart and intestines is treated in several ways, but there is a common one between them. Kidney amyloidosis is a misunderstood disease, many things are not known about its causes and the treatment does not offer 100% guarantees, so it is most important to prevent and prevent it, to lead a healthy lifestyle, and be subjected to physical examination, can be heavy and irreversible.

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