get pregnant with cloves


Par Le 08/05/2020

Only 15% of couples who have no health problems can have babies during the period when the woman is most suitable for getting pregnant. In other words, it is not an easy task to combine sperm and egg in the woman's ovulation period. So, isn't there anything that can be done to make it easier?

Here is a natural treatment to boost your fertility, whether or not you have a health condition. 






Our natural remedy is the secret to boost your female fertility. We offer you a definite advantage: the absence of undesirable effects and contraindications. The natural approach is often the best approach to find the solution. Our natural remedies have allowed many women to have children. Being natural products based on plants and herbs, our natural remedies have no side effects, either on the body or on health. Our natural treatment is not dangerous. You can therefore cure female infertility without fear of the appearance of side effects. Also, it is important that you are patient. Even for a woman with no fertility problems, conceiving a child can naturally take time.





CLOVE TEA:  Herbal treatment for conception

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Every woman's dream is to get married and have children. The woman has a rootstock due to some innate genes. The man always wants to connect to someone and do something for him. Therefore, when the woman is born, she adopts the family in which she grew up, stays loyal attached to her family with strong ties. He then asks for a wife to mature and live on and reproduce. He makes great sacrifices for his wife. Then he instinctively wants to be a mother. Now he wants to give birth to a baby and connect to it, and he wants to strive for it. But being a mother is sometimes not so easy for some women. Because in order to become a mother, many conditions must be met. Both men and women are responsible for these conditions. In order for men and women to have children, their physiological reproductive systems must be functioning properly. In addition, even if there is no problem on both sides, sometimes breeding does not take place. The factors that cause this are very high.


When the woman reaches her reproductive age, she begins to produce eggs. This is understood by the menstrual bleeding that occurs every month. In other words, a woman with a healthy reproductive system lays eggs regularly every month. With FSH hormone secreted in women, the ovaries are stimulated to produce eggs and eggs begin to form. With the formation and growth of eggs, the secretion of estrogen and LH hormones also increases. When the LH hormone reaches the highest level, the maturing egg cracks and becomes free. This released egg moves into the fallopian tubes and if the egg meets sperm within 12-24 hours, fertilization occurs. When fertilization occurs, with the contribution of the hormone progesterone, the cell goes into the uterus and grows here and grows with the release of beta HCG hormone. The settled cell grows with sufficient secretion of hormones and forms the embryo. Meanwhile, the inner layer of the uterus has thickened so that the embryo can hold firmly. Failure in any of the stages of this pregnancy mentioned may prevent pregnancy from occurring. For example; irregular functioning of hormones, which are very important factors for pregnancy, problems with the uterus structure, ovarian problems, fallopian tubes clogged, eggs in sufficient number and quality, egg cell cracking, ovulation problems, baby's inability to hold in the womb, menstrual irregularity, polycystic ovary syndrome, uterus or ovarian surgeries, etc. Apart from all these, as other factors preventing pregnancy; problems caused by men, cigarette-alcohol consumption, stress, genetics, being overweight or underweight, unhealthy diet,


Being pregnant is the most special and sensitive dream of every married couple. Tiny feet running around the house are a sweet tongue that calls mom or dad. Who wants to be missing from this special feeling? When a baby that is the most beautiful fruit of love grows, it is an indispensable person for the family to take care of the family or for a voice that will make a call in old age. Babies are the joy of the house with their soft hands. It trembles on the whole family. Especially when he speaks new, everyone wants to listen. Here is such a nice feeling. Babies, I think there is no exaggeration if we say golden ball in every house. When this is the case, everyone wants to taste the feeling of motherhood and fatherhood. However, sometimes families may not have babies due to health conditions caused by various reasons mentioned above. Although they apply treatment methods by applying to various health institutions, sometimes still no results are obtained. In such cases, herbal treatment methods can be used by using alternative medicine. As a herbal treatment to conceive, it is used to consume various plants. In this article, we have included a few plants that will enable you to conceive easily. We have prepared this article to help those who do research in this direction.



Dried Fig Cure: This sphere should be started on the day the menstrual period ends. Boil 10-15 dried figs in 1 liter of water for 15 minutes. Consume it during the day after it is warm. A thin strainer is recommended for those who are uncomfortable with the sediment and fig seeds. You can consume dried figs not only as a decoction, but also by chewing between meals. Fig has the property of helping eggs grow, mature, crack and lay eggs in women.

Clove Tea: It  is a nutrient that makes it easier to conceive according to the research done by health physicians. If consumed regularly in the form of 1 tea glass after each meal; It has the feature of healthy functioning of the reproductive organs, performing your hormones duties and strengthening the uterus.

Ingredients for Clove Tea:

  • 1 clove
  • 1 tea glass of hot water

Making Clove Tea: For clove tea, first boil the water and then add 1 clove to the boiled water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Then, make your herbal treatment to get pregnant easily by drinking the brewed and warmed clove tea right after meals.

In addition to clove tea; other plants with the same feature; saffron, hops, shepherd's bag, lion's rivet, cinnamon, mint, rosemary, chamomile, zahter, fennel, sage, brewer's yeast, mustard, oatmeal, vanilla and pine nuts. You can also prepare herbal tea by making use of these herbs, and you can also use herbal methods to conceive easily.

These plants, which are recommended to be useful for getting pregnant, are generally benefited from the relaxing, stress-reducing and relaxing properties. In this way, women and even men feel more comfortable and increase the chance of having children. At the same time, these plants increase the chance of pregnancy by expanding the fallopian tubes and vessels of the ovaries.




Make Love Regularly: You might think it's a very “fraudulent” approach, but it's not. On the contrary, there is a very true truth that the more you make love, the more chances you will get pregnant. Under normal conditions, sperm can stay alive in your body for five days. Regular sex life will increase your chances of combining sperm and egg in your full ovulation period. There is another way to make it easier for women who want to get pregnant to detect their ovulation days more easily. They can use the Ovulation Test from Saliva to detect ovulation periods that increase the chance of pregnancy. The test, which has certificates of conformity to European Norms from America, is approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

Cut Caffeine: Studies show that caffeine is half the chances of conception. Do not consume more than half a cup of coffee, provided that it is decaffeinated.

Keep Your Partner Cool: The heat around the male's ovaries creates problems for the sperm. For this reason, ask your spouse to wear cotton underwear that is loose and not fit on your body. Don't let him wear tight jeans and trousers - anything like that anyway - at least in this period.

Stop Dieting: According to the results of a study conducted at Ohio University; When women lower their calorie intake, the level of reproductive hormones also decreases.

Add Rich Supplements to Your Diet: Take Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Zinc and Vitamin E: These are for your partner. Zinc is good for cell renewal, while vitamin E supports cell renewal. The stronger your partner's sperm, the less likely your eggs will resist it.
Selenium: This is for your spouse. Selenium is an important vitamin to increase the number of testosterone and sperm.
Vitamin C: This is for him. Vitamin C will improve sperm quality and help you get pregnant.
Zinc to You: Of course you will also drink vitamins. You too for the zinc. Thus, you can get pregnant more easily as your condition of cell division and renewal will improve.

Stop Drinking and Smoking: Drinking and smoking directly affect the reproductive organs in both men and women. Especially in smoking, it decreases sperm count and impairs sperm motility. Excessive alcohol intake also impairs sperm structure.

Medication Use!: If you have medications, talk to your doctor first. Find out which of these medications you can continue to use and which ones you need to cut and how long before you can get pregnant.

Painkillers: Some painkillers - consult your doctor - when used during ovulation, the prostaglandin hormone in the female body is suppressed. However, you need this hormone because your egg falls into the fallopian tube thanks to this hormone.