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Yoga for Lupus: How Exercise Can Help?

stephany By On 17/07/2020 at 17:07

Lupus is a serious, chronic autoimmune disease that debilitates your body. Fatigue, fever, skin rashes, and joint pains are just a few in a wide range of common symptoms. After being diagnosed and while learning to deal with all the symptoms and lupus flares, sometimes it’s hard to maintain a regular and normal routine.

Patients feel extremely tired most of the time, which makes them want to stay indoors and rest. Exercise is something that they probably don’t even want to think about because they already feel exhausted. But exercising is extremely important, even in moderation. Because lupus can affect any organ of your body, keeping your muscles strong and on the move is highly recommended.



African Doctor's Herbal Tea For Lupus


The objective of this herbal tea is to both suppress and enhance various aspects of the immune system, known as immunomodulatory. Its phytoestrogen properties make it valuable in treating lupus. This herbal tea is made from a combination of African plants whose properties have helped to calm the nerves of lupus patients and to help with depression and anxiety that is associated with the diseases. It is known to stimulate the immune system to support healing and normal functions.

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In this video shared by LivingYourYogaTV in 2013, listen as Dr. Melissa West talks about yoga, lupus, and how this type of exercise can help patients.

If you have Lupus Follow these two tips to avoid worsening your condition:

Don’t smoke.
Smoking can be linked to increased inflammation, heart disease, and cancer. In addition, smoking increases the risk of hardening of the arteries, called atherosclerosis, and people with lupus are already at a higher risk than people without lupus.

Avoid alcohol.
Drinking alcohol responsibly is usually not a problem for people with lupus, but there are some situations in which you need to use caution. Alcohol can interfere with some drugs used to treat lupus, such as methotrexate — drinking alcoholic beverages can make it less effective.


Watch this Video to discover 10 facts you should know about Lupus


You can also use this home remedies to reduce Lupus symptoms


Ginger and turmeric - a common symptom among patients with lupus is joint inflammation, which comes with pain, stiffness and discomfort. Both ginger and turmeric are famous for their anti-inflammatory properties, making them effective remedies for relieving joint pain in lupus.

Moreover, having anti-inflammatory properties, ginger and turmeric maintain remission, preventing the inflammatory process from starting.

Incense essential oil - aromatherapy can also be effective in controlling lupus and its manifestations. Incense essential oil, for example, is effective in reducing inflammation and can be used both internally and externally - applied directly to painful joints and areas.

Epsom salt bath - an abundant Epsom salt bath will help the muscles of the whole body to relax and, at the same time, will relieve joint pain, due to the high magnesium content that is released in the water after the salts melt. Joint pain specific to systemic lupus erythematosus can be relieved with such a bath.

Probiotics - The use of probiotics is extremely beneficial for lupus patients, because they have a beneficial impact on the immune system.


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