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What is there to know about Sinusitis And Its natural treatment?

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Sinusitis is one of the most common diseases. Most often, sinusitis develops as a complication of an acute respiratory viral infection. This disease is equally common in all age groups. According to the duration, sinusitis is divided into acute (less than 3 months), acute recurrent (2-4 episodes per year), chronic sinusitis (more than 3 months).

Among the reasons for the development of sinusitis are the following:

  • Anomalies in the structure of the nasal structures;
  • Acquired deformities of the nose, such as deviated septum;
  • Acute viral infections;
  • Adenoids;
  • Polyposis of the nose;
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory organs;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Frequent hypothermia;
  • Untreated caries.


Nos Produits

It helps the mucus to become liquid so that it can drain more quickly. This herbal tea also has antibacterial and antiviral properties to relieve symptoms of inflammation. As for him, the gas to be inhaled is very effective. So you can inhale the vapor of this mixture without fear. This will help you expectorate and reduce the accumulated secretions. The combined action of herbal tea and gas helps clear the sinuses and relieve pressure. This natural treatment is very effective and has already allowed the cure of many patients. This is the secret to curing sinusitis with herbs. This will prevent you from having to have surgery. However, in addition to the natural treatment, you will need to take certain precautions. Indeed, several foods are to be banned from your daily life (milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurts). But until this is done, it will be difficult for you to recover from your sinusitis. 

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Types of sinusitis


Two kinds of sinusitis can be diagnosed. On the one hand, chronic sinusitis, which can be caused by a viral infection, but more often by a chronic inflammatory disorder similar to bronchial asthma. And on the other, acute sinusitis, caused in most cases by a bacterial infection, and usually by a late complication of a common cold. It usually progresses to a complication within five to ten days of the first symptoms of a viral respiratory infection.

However, while colds are the most common cause of acute sinusitis, those with allergies can also suffer from it. And it is that allergies can trigger inflammation of the sinuses and linings of the nasal mucosa. This congestion prevents the sinus cavities from being cleaned of bacteria, increasing your chances of developing sinusitis.

Thus, acute sinusitis is quite frequent. It is usually diagnosed by clinical examination and is treated by consuming antibiotics. The problem is that many of its symptoms overlap with those of other frequent nasal disorders so that errors in diagnosis and antibiotic over-treatment are frequent.

Sinusitis symptoms in adults

Sinusitis develops when harmful microorganisms enter the sinuses. As a result, inflammation of one sinus or several at once may occur.

Sinusitis symptoms depend on the form, type, and extent of the inflammatory process. They are divided into local and general.

Local symptoms of sinusitis include:


  • Nasal congestion;
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose;
  • Soreness over the surface of the affected sinus;
  • Swelling of the eyelids, areas of the nose.

Common symptoms include:

  • General weakness;
  • Temperature increase;
  • Headache.

How is it treated?

Comment se débarrasser de la sinusite naturellement?

To eliminate sinusitis what doctors generally use is a combination of medications. Treatment by consuming antibiotics can eradicate the bacteria that have invaded the paranasal sinus. But if there is also an extra factor that contributes to the disease, it should also be treated.

For example, if there is a nasal deviation that prevents proper sinus drainage, it must be corrected surgically or if there is an allergic process, you must receive the appropriate treatment to prevent symptoms from persisting.

In any case, the specific treatment of sinusitis is determined by the doctor. This will be based on factors such as the patient's age, general health, and medical history; in addition to the stage of development in which the disease is found. Tolerance to certain medications, procedures or therapies, and expectations for the course of the disease are also taken into account.

Prevention at home

An important measure for the prevention of sinusitis is the timely treatment of rhinitis and the elimination of symptoms of the common cold, which is often complicated by sinusitis. In some cases, sinusitis develops against the background of infections in the oral cavity, for example, due to deep caries. Regular visits to the dentist will help prevent complications from developing.

As other measures to prevent sinusitis, it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits and temper.


Other natural treatment for sinusitis



8 Impressive Health Benefits of Gooseberries

Gooseberry is often the primary ingredient in Ayurvedic medications for sinus problems and respiratory conditions. This is because of well-documented antibacterial properties, showing that the fruit extract can inhibit activity of over a 100 bacterial strains.

It is one of the simplest natural cures for sinusitis as it can simply be consumed whole as a fruit. You can also consume amla juice or mix gooseberry powder with honey to consume it. Do this at least twice or thrice a day to get relief from symptoms of sinusitis.


Turmeric - i Health Pedia

Turmeric has a long history of medicinal use in the Indian subcontinent, most often recommended for conditions that affect the respiratory tract. Turmeric is effective because of the presence of a compound called curcumin, which exhibits anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antihistamine effects. This makes it helpful when dealing with sinusitis, whether caused by infections or allergies.

You can use 1-2 teaspoons of ground turmeric root or powder to prepare turmeric tea, adding the powder to boiling milk or water. You can also add honey to sweeten it and for additional health benefits.


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