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Wormwood and breast cancer: Breaking News

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Treatment for breast cancer cannot be careless. The main treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, target therapy, and immunotherapy under the strict supervision of a team of doctors at the hospital.

Even so, some natural ingredients and certain herbal medicines are believed to help relieve the symptoms of breast cancer and the side effects of treatment. Combining natural treatments is believed to help maintain endurance and stamina during the main treatment.

But fortunately, africandoctor experts have found the best treatment to cure breast cancer. This treatment has worked for many and hopefuly it will work for you. 


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We offer here a mixture of seeds, roots, and bark from Africa which prevent and cure all kinds of cancer (breast cancer, cancer of the liver, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer uterus, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use against cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy.

The objective of this treatment is to;

  1. Fighting cancer cells.
  2. To prevent cancer cells from spreading to other organs.
  3. To strengthen the body's defense against other diseases by strengthening the immune system.
  4. To increase the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  5. To reduce side effects such as dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and weakness from illness, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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Although breast cancer can be diagnosed after you or your doctor notice a mass or change in your breast tissue, the majority of casesbare diagnosed on screening studies, such as mammograms.  Mammography allows you to clearly determine the malignant potential of the tumor and identify its smallest foci.

The age at which to start undergoing screening for breast cancer depends on your individual risk of developing the breast cancer. If you are at a particular high risk, then you may be recommended to start screening earlier and may benefitrom more frequent screening. However, the majority of women are not at particularly high risk of developing breast cancer and don't need screening to the age of 40. 

If you are between the ages of 40 and 50, you can decide with yur physician when to start screening and how often to be screened based on your individual risk factors and personal preferences. 

Between the ages of 50 and 70, it's worth being screened with mammography every year to two years. Past the age of 74, one can decide with the physician whether or not to continue screening based on other health issues or personal preferences. 


What is this plant? The plant, which grows in the mountains and has a very bitter taste, is a strong curative in cases of high fever and infection. This plant is collected between mid-summer and early autumn. Wormwood is a type of egg worm naturally found in Anatolia from the chamomile family. Along with a drug developed against Corona virus, it was among the most curious plants on the agenda. This plant, which can grow up to 120 cm of wormwood, has a grayish or whitish green color, and has leafy leaves. The use of this plant grown in the Mediterranean region should be on the recommendation of a doctor.

Many people are not familiar with this herbal plant which is usually used by Chinese people in using drugs. Though recent research has revealed that compounds in this plant can kill up to 98 percent of breast cancer cells in less than 16 hours.

If used alone, this plant can reduce cancer cells by 28 percent. But if used together with iron, wormwood plants can kill almost all cancer cells. Uniquely, cells that are still healthy are completely unaffected by the effects of this plant.

All of these properties are caused by the presence of artemisinin compounds in the wormwood plant. Previously, this compound was used in anti-malaria drugs. But now it is proven that this plant is also effective in killing cancer, as reported by the Daily Health Post.

This is not the only research that proves that wormwood is effective for cancer drugs. However, in this study it was discovered that the efficacy of wormwood was extraordinary, especially when combined with iron. During this malaria parasite can not live when exposed to artemisinin because of iron levels in it. It turns out the same thing applies to cancer cells.

Even so, it has long been known that wormwood extracts are hard to find and cannot be obtained at cheap prices. But researchers Henry Lai and Narendra Singh from the University of Washington plan to develop it using bioengineering technology.


Sweet wormwood plant contains a compound called Artemisinin, which may have anticancer properties, though there is currently no strong evidence that it can help fight cancer in humans. 

According to MedicalNewsToday, 

Some researchers believe that artemisinin interacts with iron to form free radicals in the body. Free radicals are compounds that kill cells. Cancerous cells absorb a lot of iron, which makes them potentially much more susceptible to damage from these free radicals.

A group of researchers looked at all of the research, conducted between 1983 and 2018, into the effects of artemisinin and its derivatives on cancer, and they reported the following:

  • Several studies suggest that artemisinin and its synthetic forms can target cancer cells when combined with chemotherapy.
  • Artemisinin may produce fewer side effects than traditional cancer treatments.
  • Study sizes tended to be small, which means that their results are less reliable.
  • Researchers need further studies to know how safe artemisinin is for humans and how artemisinin affects cancer cells.
  • They also need further studies to determine how artemisinin interacts with cancer drugs.

2015 review, which looked at 127 investigations into the effects of antimalarials on cancer, also suggested that artemisinin could have anti-cancer properties. It similarly notes that there has not yet been enough research in humans to understand the true effects.

Another research paper, published in 2012, identified potential benefits to using artemisinin in cancer treatments.

The authors reported that simple compounds of artemisinin are less potent and break down more quickly than traditional cancer treatments. This could mean that people who use this therapy in the future require high, frequent doses.

Despite the lack of high-quality, large-scale research into the effects of artemisinin on cancer in humans, some scientists remain hopeful.



  • The plant has stimulating, appetizing, and digesting effects due to the bitter substances it contains.
  • It is used in cases where digestive secretions are insufficient in terms of quality and quantity.
  • It benefits the stomach and regulates digestion
  • Relieves bowel spasms
  • It helps to calm down in situations of stress, tension and irritability.
  • Helps reduce worms and parasites in the intestines
  • Facilitates nutrient absorption in the body
  • Strengthens the immune system and provides resistance to diseases
  • It is good for insomnia
  • Eliminates anorexia, anemia, flatulence, stomach aches and indigestion problems
  • Reduces pain in the skin
  • High antipyretic


To use wormwood herb, pour 1 glass of boiling water over a half-one-teaspoon dry mixture and let it brew for 10-15 minutes. Thus, the prepared tea can be drunk two or three times a day. After drinking wormwood tea for 3 weeks, it is necessary to take a break for 2-3 weeks, otherwise, the ethereal oil derivative in its composition can cause poisoning. Pregnant women are recommended to use by consulting a specialist. May find harmful side effects on pregnant women.


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Worldwide delivery!!!
Contact/whatsapp: +22990431725 For more informations 


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