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Apitherapy is the medical application of products such as honey produced by bees, as well as pollen, royal jelly or bee venom. These types of practices have existed for over 2000 years and many scientific articles related to this type of practice can be found.

Does Bee Venom Really Have Health Benefits?

Bee venom is a rich source of biogenic enzymes, peptides and amines, and there are at least 18 active components in venom that have pharmaceutical properties as well as the main cellular degranulation proteins.

Many of these components have a strong anti-inflammatory action and mainly produce analgesic effects, while others improve nerve conditions, help heal and heal scar tissue and improve our body's immune system.

What are keloids?

Keloid overgrowth

Keloids are a type of high scar. They appear where the skin has healed after an injury. They can become much larger than the original wound causing the scar.

Any cause of scar can be the cause of a keloid. This includes burning, cutting or severe acne. Keloids can also develop after body piercing or tattooing, or after surgery. Keloids can appear up to three months after a skin lesion. Some continue to growing for years.


Keloid natural treatment

If you have keloids, you have two solutions to get rid of them. Either you can reduce them by surgery, or you can opt for a natural treatment. Conventional treatments like surgery have several drawbacks. They are ineffective, expensive, and keloid scars tend to recur even after surgery.

Our natural treatment to remove keloids is composed of 2 elements: a natural balm and a herbal tea. The anti keloid ointment is a mild natural remedy, but very effective in eliminating keloids. It contains plants that regenerate the skin, which is excellent for the natural treatment of keloids. It reduces the size of the scar. It works by gently removing the top layer of damaged skin and promoting the growth of new cells. This natural remedy also reduces inflammation, calms itching, destroys bacteria, fights infections and moisturizes the skin. As for the herbal tea, it strengthens the action of the balm. It is a natural solution to eliminate keloids without surgery.


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How is bee venom applied in apitherapy treatments?

Traditionally, bee venom was administered with live bees through the stimulation of their stingers to make them sting in the affected area, and is still in practice today. Although in most cases, the doctor directly supplies the venom extracted from bees via a needle directly applied to the affected area, as indicated by the protocols.


For which diseases is the treatment used by apitherapy?

This type of therapy is applied in countless medical situations, although there are four areas in which it is most often applied due to its beneficial effects.

Below we will show you the most effective treatments that can be obtained through apitherapy, as well as how to heal keloid scars, which are scars that occur on the skin due to excessive tissue growth. scar just in the area where there is a skin lesion.

Some of the main causes are:

• Arthritis and systemic inflammations.

• Acute and chronic injuries.

• Neurological diseases

• Scars (which occur during operations, injuries, keloids, etc.)

In order to treat keloid scars by apitherapy, here is a series of steps that detail what you need to do. This type of treatment must always be carried out by experts in the field of apitherapy and, above all, it must be taken into account that the patient is not exposed to any type of allergy caused by bee venom. Once this is proven, you will simply receive the bee venom in the affected area of ​​the keloid scar and the treatment and monitoring of the process will be followed.


Apitherapy for keloid scars

There are many types of treatments for keloid scars, but you don't always get the results you expect and on many occasions you only partially succeed in getting the keloid to grow.

Apitoxin is the poison of bees which applied in keloid scars dissolves the fibrous tissue which forms them and makes it possible to reduce their size or achieve their disappearance.

This fibrous tissue is the one that makes it difficult to resolve this type of scarring, for example corticosteroid injections in the scar itself, are the most suitable treatment for removing them, but in many cases the fibrous tissue prevents to be injected or for the substance to work.

Apitoxin solves this problem because it contains many beneficial substances that act as natural anti-inflammatories, but the most important substance for removing keloid scarring is hyaluronidase, an enzyme that works by catalyzing the hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid and helps dissolve hardened fibers.

Apitoxin succeeds in softening the fibrous tissue of the keloid scars and thus begins to decrease its size.



Apitoxin has, according to studies, several therapeutic actions:

1. Anti-inflammatory

2. Analgesic

3. Anti-arrhythmic

4. Cardiotonic

5. Vasomotor

6. Hypotensive

7. Fibrinolytic

8. Antiplatelet agent

9. Erythropoietic

10. immunoactivating

11. Radio protection

12. Antibiotic

13. Antiviral

14. antitumor


0.4 to 2% of people suffer from a high sensitivity to bee venom, including apitoxin, a single application could develop anaphylactic shock, which can be life-threatening if not is not treated in time with an antidote. Therefore, before starting treatment, the patient should undergo a tolerance test, especially with those who have never been bitten by a bee.

To find out if a patient is allergic to apitoxin, an immunoglobulin test should be done before treatment in the laboratory, the test is called poison-specific IgE. However, during the consultation, two additional tests must be carried out to know the patient's hypersensitivity, on the first day, apply 0.1 ml of apitoxine intradermally to the forearm, on the second day, apply the same dose in the lumbar region. If after that no allergy is detected, start treatment within 24 hours.


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