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Urinary Incontinence in young women- natural treatment

By On 25/06/2020 at 13:18


Can very young women suffer from incontinence?

5 tips for dealing with urinary incontinence

After several years of using contraception, the ligament becomes laxative - this means that the ligament is loose throughout the body, losing its original strength and flexibility. It is not yet known whether it will return to its original state after planting and how many years it will take. The pelvic floor can be imagined as a trampoline, where the springs on the trampoline correspond to the ligaments and muscles. So the muscles are weak from lack of movement and a sedentary lifestyle and the ligaments are loose. So very young women should play more sports and postpone the beginning of their sex life.






Urine leakage at a young age - what can be the cause?

Do you imagine a woman who suffers from urinary incontinence as a lady of years? Many women with incontinence are much younger than you might guess. The most common cause of urinary incontinence is the relaxed pelvic floor muscles. This quite naturally relaxes, along with other muscles, with increasing age. But what causes incontinence in young women, girls and sometimes even children , whom their muscles still do not allow with age?




What about young men?

Young men, with rare exceptions, do not suffer from incontinence. However, obesity at a young age also has many negative effects on them.


And what about incontinence after prostate surgery - will the problem go away on its own over time?

In the past, open operations were performed, the prostate was peeled out, as if you were peeling an apricot stone, and sometimes the sphincter broke. Then incontinence was irreversible. Today, operations are done more gently, the difficulty in retaining urine lasts only a few days and then resolves.







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Incontinence in young people is no exception

Involuntary leakage of urine is associated with most people with old age, various chronic diseases and in women with repeated births. This is far from always the case. Australian doctors have looked at incontinence in young people aged 16 to 30 and found that one in eight women in this age group reported problems with urinary incontinence.

The authors of this study state that incontinence also affects people without the usual risk factors, such as overweight, pregnancy, diabetes or previous gynecological operations. At the same time, women who are sexually active are more likely to have urinary incontinence problems than those who do not have a sexual partner. According to doctors, a possible explanation is a change in the bacterial population of the urinary and genital tract in sexually active women.

However, the exact causes of incontinence in young, otherwise healthy people are not entirely clear, according to Australian experts. According to them, the body structure or genetic factors could be to blame. However, to clarify the possible context, it would be necessary to monitor young patients for several decades.






Types and symptoms of incontinence (leakage of urine)

Stress incontinence is urination during coughing, sneezing, exertion and is caused by the reduced closing force of the sphincters at the mouth of the urethra. This weakening of the sphincters is often caused by damage during childbirth, menopause and old age. This type affects only women. Weak muscles can be strengthened again with appropriate exercise.

To urge incontinence is urinary urgency characteristic which is caused by excessive vzruchovostí muscle wall of the bladder and the inability to control the bladder, if the arriving urge to urinate even when a lower filling degree. The causes are spinal cord injury, diabetes, urinary tract infections or stones in the bladder. 

Periodontal incontinence when the bladder is overfilled, when the urine then drips or drains "over the threshold". In men, the most common cause of these problems is an enlarged prostate.

Neurogenic incontinence is in neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis or other neurological disorders). Urinary incontinence can also occur in children. A visit to the doctor is necessary when detecting incontinence, it is necessary to find out its cause, not to delay the visit to the doctor for incontinence newly developed in children.






Treatment of urine leakage in men is available from tablets through exercise to laser. Here it depends on the causes of the leak. Drugs in tablet form can be prescribed for overactive bladder , which can successfully suppress the constant contraction of the bladder muscle, which leads to an increase in its functional capacity.

After prostate surgery and injuries, rehabilitation, including bladder training, comes first. You will learn to empty correctly, on the contrary, to keep urine and also not to empty.

For people with a milder form of urine leakage in men, insurance companies pay for special pads and other aids. It is also important to change eating habits and drinking regime , which includes restrictions on drinking coffee, carbonated drinks and spicy foods.






If incontinence occurs after prostate surgery, especially after removal of the tumor, and severe urinary leaks persist, after a thorough examination, surgical management of these leaks is also considered.

These are various modifications of the tapes, which have the task of compressing your urethra in a suitable place. Another possibility is the application of a gel substance directly into the area of ​​the urethral sphincter, which, thanks to its properties, will at least partially help to compensate for its currently impaired function.

If the cause of incontinence in men is benign hyperplasia , ie enlargement of the prostate, then it is time for mini-invasive laser treatment. Due to the economic complexity, implantation of an artificial sphincter is not a very used method in our country .

The doctor introduces 3 different types of implants to the patients, which prevent the leakage of urine, various pumps and reservoirs. It is not a cheap affair, it costs around 200,000 crowns and the operation is performed only in 2 places in the country.





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