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The most powerful natural treatment for urinary incontinence.

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What is incontinence all about?

Urinary incontinence: types, causes and treatmentIncontinence, ie spontaneous leakage of urine, simply the loss of control over the bladder, bothers a large number of Slovaks. Nevertheless, for most of them, it is a big social taboo, which they often do not want to reveal even to their doctor. In many cases, this can be solved.

Incontinence affects women much more than men, and although it is much more common in the elderly, it is not a necessary consequence of aging. We call incontinence any will-uncontrollable leakage of urine, with the proviso that this leakage can have a number of causes and according to their findings then falls either under the care of a urologist (stressful, urgent, mixed, flushing) or neurologist (reflexive, paradoxical, psychogenic).





Why does urinary incontinence occur?

Incontinence is not a disease, it is a symptom that can have a variety of causes, whether it is a medical condition, disposition, or common habits. Risk factors for incontinence include:

  • Gender (women have a higher risk of developing stress incontinence, mainly due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and also due to the natural female anatomy, men are at higher risk of paradoxical and hot flush incontinence)
  • Age (the higher the age, the higher the risk of incontinence)
  • Overweight (excess kilograms increase pressure on the bladder)
  • Smoking (the effects of tobacco on the body increase the risk of spontaneous leakage of urine)
  • Family history (if any of your parents has incontinence, you also have an increased risk of developing it)
  • Diseases (incontinence often occurs due to some degenerative diseases or diabetes)








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What are the types of spontaneous urine leakage?

  • Stress incontinence is typical for women after childbirth or after menopause. It is caused by excessive pressure in the abdomen, for example when coughing, sneezing, lifting heavy loads, or also when laughing.
  • Urgent incontinence is manifested by a sudden and very intense need, followed by urination. It occurs very often in sleep. In addition to being caused by multiple sclerosis and other degenerative diseases, diabetes, surgery, or injury, it can also be the result of a urinary tract infection.
  • Mixed incontinence is a combination of stress and urgent leakage of urine.
  • Paradoxical incontinence affects men more often and may be caused by weakened bladder muscles or a blocked urethra. It manifests itself in such a way that the bladder is still overcrowded and only flows. It occurs, for example, due to urinary stones, diabetes, after difficult operations, or also due to an enlarged prostate. Elderly men also experience flushing in connection with an enlarged prostate, which prevents the excretion of urine.
  • Psychogenic incontinence may occur, especially in elderly patients, due to fear, anxiety, or stress. 




Incontinence treatment, then surgery

The use of drugs is one of the most common forms of treatment for spontaneous urination, in the case of older women, in the case of stress incontinence, hormonal preparations introduced directly into the vagina are used. In case of urgent incontinence, patients have usually prescribed drugs that can suppress excessive bladder activity. If the pills do not work, the doctor will order surgery, the specific procedure depends on the cause of the problem. Sometimes the patient undergoes implantation of an artificial animal, but more often the introduction of special synthetic tapes under the urethra is used.





Incontinence during pregnancy and after childbirth

Pregnancy · Women · Continence Foundation of Australia

It is not unusual for spontaneous leakage of urine to occur in pregnant women, especially in the advanced stages of pregnancy. Incontinence occurs during this period because of enormous pressure on the pelvic floor. Postpartum incontinence can then be caused by swelling of the tissues in the vaginal area. As soon as the body heals, the spontaneous leakage of urine should also subside. If this does not happen within half a year of birth, it is advisable to see a doctor.





The natural treatment of urinary incontinence 

Urinary Incontinence Treatment | Best Gynecologists in Brooklyn

The treatment of urinary incontinence depends entirely on the diagnosis and the degree of incontinence. For example, milder stages of stress incontinence are treated with exercise, electrostimulation, laser, pressotherapy, or pharmacological therapy. In the more advanced stages, a mini-invasive procedure is usually performed, in which the urethra is supported by a special vaginal tape, which prevents the leakage of urine when the pressure in the abdomen increases. Another possibility is the surgical implementation of an artificial urethral sphincter.

Other treatment options for incontinence include:

  • Lifestyle change, especially weight reduction, reduction of physical activity, and adherence to a regular drinking regime (restriction of drinking coffee, and other diuretic drinks).
  • Kegel exercises, ie strengthening the pelvic floor

Kegel Exercises - Op. Dr. Cem Özlük

  • Micturition drill, ie bladder training, ie urination according to a predetermined plan determined by the doctor

bladder training Archives - WomenWorking

  • Parasympatholytics, drugs to relax the bladder wall, which reduces the frequency of urination
  • Hormonal treatment
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbs





How do you fight incontinence?

Fight Incontinence: Reclaim Your Quality of Life | Pacific Urology

  • The first step is a proper lifestyle - stress, irregular diet, smoking or alcohol will not help you to solve the leakage of urine, on the contrary.

  • Regular exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles are recommended by doctors, but also by the patients themselves, who strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Try special Kegel exercises. You can train them at home, at work and on the street - just anywhere, anytime!

  • Try Venus's balls - there are different types that can help you with weakened pelvic floor muscles. Don't be afraid to try them.

  • Use the right medical devices - hygiene and comfort, you should think about them especially when incontinence. Appropriate incontinence aids will help you feel comfortable and do what you enjoy without limits. 

If you have a urine leak, try medical incontinence aids. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist and choose a product that will help you feel comfortable and dry in any situation.





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