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Diabetes is sometimes called juvenile diabetes, or insulin-dependent diabetes. It means that your body can't make insulin. Insulin helps your body turn the sugar from the food you eat into a source of energy. Type 1 occurs more frequently in children and young adults but accounts for only 5-10% of the total diabetes cases nationwide.

Diabetes results when insulin production is defective and tissue resistance to insulin develops. For many persons with Type-2 diabetes, daily insulin supplementation is not required. Diabetes is managed by making moderate changes in diet and exercise. Of the nearly 16 million Americans with diabetes, 90-95% (14.9 million) have Type-2 diabetes. Of these, roughly a third are unaware they have the disease.



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The herbal tea for diabetes we propose is made from the perfect combination of African herbs that help reduce sugar level. This herbal tea not only reduces sugar but also helps reduce the risk of cancer development. It will not completely take your diabetes away, but it will help you forget you had it. Hence, this is the best cure for you if you have diabetes. 

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Home Remedies For Diabetes

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Healthy herbs in the kitchen work along with a healthy lifestyle to help prevent and manage diabetes. Baked goods are more diabetic friendly with spices like cinnamon used to lessen the need for sugar. Cinnamon can aid in regulating the activity of insulin, and so help in blood sugar control. Remember that the cinnamon powder that is on the grocery shelves is much too old to have much if any medicinal value, and it is not very feasible to use a therapeutic amount in your cooking and baking. Use high quality, organic cinnamon in supplements, and herbal teas to reap the medicinal benefits. Even better you can replace the sugar in many recipes with herbal stevia In a small study the active component of stevia, markedly lowered blood sugar levels in 16 healthy adults, suggesting a possible therapeutic use for diabetes.

Herbo Nutra Bitter Melon Extract, Packaging Size: 5 Kg, Packaging ...

Almond flour contains practically no starch and is often used to replace wheat flour in diabetic baked goods. Several clinical trials have shown that bitter melon extract and juice lower blood sugar in people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. bitter melon contains compounds that are close chemical relatives of insulin. Asian markets often carry fresh bitter melon which can be used in cooking. Dried bitter melon slices can be made into teas and extracts and are available online. Burdock roots are another import from Asia that can be used in healthy stir-fries, look for Go Bo root at the Asian market. Burdock tinctures and extracts made from burdock roots are the most common form of diabetic herbal therapy using burdock. Inulin, a starch easily assimilated by diabetics, is one of the important constituents of burdock. The fibrous root helps to slow down the absorption of sugars in the intestine.

Dandelion Root Benefits, Uses and Side Effects - Dr. Axe

Dietary fiber, as well as the mucilage found in slippery elm (Ulmus fulva) and psyllium (Plantago spp.), can also be of help in regulating blood sugar levels. Dandelion root also contains inulin and works in a similar fashion as burdock, the roasted, dried root makes a tasty coffee-like drink. This doesn't mean coffee lovers have to give up on their morning cup of joe. A new study published by the American Medical Association showed that daily consumption of caffeinated coffee and tea lowered the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.


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For more finely controlling blood sugar levels, herbs such as goat's rue, fenugreek, and the Ayurvedic herb Gymnema Sylvestre can be used. Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine report that jambul fruit pulp lowers blood-sugar levels in approximately thirty minutes, while jambul seed lowers blood-sugar levels in about twenty-four hours. You may have trouble seeking out a good source to purchase this herb here in the US, however. Licorice, Chinese skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis), and Ginkgo Biloba can be used to inhibit the activity of the enzyme aldose reductase.

Botanicals can be used along with modern medicinal therapy with managing diabetes, however, if you are currently taking insulin or hypoglycemic drugs monitor your blood sugar levels closely and always confer with your doctor about any new herbal treatment.


If you have diabetes do not hesitate to take advantage of this herbal tea for diabetes!!  Click here


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