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Natural treatment methods for sinusitis

stephany By On 27/07/2020 at 17:20


Do natural treatment methods exist for sinusitis?

Yes, it is possible to reduce the symptoms of sinusitis, which is one of the ailments frequently encountered in winter months, with natural methods. Hence, read till the end to find out more about this natural treatment method for sinusitis.

What triggers sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a discomfort caused by the excessive mucous filling of the sinuses with air cavities between the facial bones due to infections or allergies. Normally, the mucous layer that keeps the sinuses moist and healthy increases when the ducts increase due to various reasons, and various symptoms appear.

Sinusitis that occurs with symptoms such as dry cough, nasal discharge, nasal congestion, inflamed nasal discharge, throbbing headache, ear pain, and weakness can become chronic when not treated. Causes such as colds, dry conditions, infections can also trigger sinusitis.


Here is our herbal tea for your sinus infection. Take hold of this opportunity to manage your symptoms.


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It helps the mucus to become liquid so that it can drain more quickly. This herbal tea also has antibacterial and antiviral properties to relieve symptoms of inflammation. As for him, the gas to be inhaled is very effective. So you can inhale the vapor of this mixture without fear. This will help you expectorate and reduce the accumulated secretions. The combined action of herbal tea and gas helps clear the sinuses and relieve pressure. This natural treatment is very effective and has already allowed the cure of many patients. This is the secret to curing sinusitis with herbs. This will prevent you from having to have surgery. However, in addition to the natural treatment, you will need to take certain precautions. Indeed, several foods are to be banned from your daily life (milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurts). But until this is done, it will be difficult for you to recover from your sinusitis

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What are the natural methods that are good for sinusitis?

Chamomile tea: 

12 Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Medicinal chamomile (Matricaria recutita) plant is a good anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. Chamomile tea, which you will brew with a teaspoon of dried chamomile and a cup of boiled water, is not only effective in relieving upper respiratory tract infections but also in reducing symptoms of sinusitis. When you start to feel sinusitis complaints, you can consume one or two cups of chamomile tea a day.

Chamomile mist:

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Smelling the mist as much as drinking chamomile tea helps reduce sinusitis complaints. Boil a liter of water in a saucepan, add a handful of chamomile in it, close the lid and let it steep for 5 minutes. Then lean over the pan and cover the head with cheesecloth or cloth to smell the mist, and smell the steam rising from the pot for 5-8 minutes. As well as relieving nasal congestion, it will be good for headaches. Then, you can rest by putting the cotton soaked in the dense chamomile tea in the pot over your eyes. Resting the eyes with chamomile tea will both take the swelling of your face and reduce your headache complaint.

Hot towel: 

The Use of a Hot Towel - Welcome to Butterfly Hot & Cold

Put a small towel that you heat by immersing it in hot water and rest for 5 minutes. Your sinuses will warm up and the temperature will relax you.

Moisten your room: 

How to Use a Humidifier: Types, Maintenance, Safety Tips, and More

Hot water that you put in a suitable container on your radiators or other heaters will evaporate and increase the amount of moisture in the room. In order to reduce sinusitis complaints that become much more severe in dry air environments, you should make sure that the air of the room you are sleeping in is humid enough.

Nasal bath:

Nasal Irrigation: Relief for Colds & Allergy Symptoms

You need to wipe your nose, which flows frequently, but this can cause the surrounding of the nose to dry and trigger different ailments. To prevent this and open your sinuses in a healthy way, you should clean your nose 4-5 times a day with water or brine. It will help you sleep much more comfortably, especially by taking salt water several times before going to bed and then emptying the sinuses thoroughly. For this, you can also use ocean water sprays sold in pharmacies.

Onion mist: 

Shed 'em – Why do I cry when I cut onions? | optician365

Boil one liter of water in the pot and chop a whole onion in it and let it boil for another 1-2 minutes. Then inhale the vapor of the mixture, just like making chamomile mist. Onion, known to be a very strong antibiotic and antibacterial, will facilitate the opening of the sinuses.


109 Things To Do With Horseradish

With as much kick as hot sauce and other spicy foods, horseradish is a natural remedy that can help to clear any blockages associated with your sinus infection. “The traditional treatment for sinusitis is to “take a half teaspoonful of grated horseradish sauce without dilution both morning and afternoon. Do not drink anything or eat for at least ten minutes after the dose.”


Can Garlic Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)? - SelfHacked

Full of powerful antiviral components, garlic is considered a nutritional powerhouse and used by people in many cultures for its curative properties. “As sinus is a bacterial infection, garlic helps to destroy the bacterial infection and cures the sinus problem.”

Oregano Oil

Secrets of Nature | Oregano Oil … more than an antibiotic!

Given its status as a powerful antifungal and antimicrobial, using oregano oil as a natural home remedy may help relieve or resolve problems associated with sinusitis. “Use of oregano oil in vapor form is one of the best options to cure sinusitis. Mix 2 to 3 drops of oregano oil with half a cup of boiling water. Cover your head and cup with a towel to trap the steam and breathe to inhale it. This will help to clear the nasal passages.”

Butt Out

Did you know that cigarette smoking has been reduced by 1.4 ...

Multiple studies have shown that smoking causes irritation to the nasal passages, and butting out can help reduce that irritation almost instantly. “Tobacco and smog are famous for causing irritation of the sinus lining which causes bad drainage of mucus.”

Hot Compress

How to Make a Homemade Hot Compress | Hot compress, Warm compress ...

One simple, natural technique for relieving pressure and pain associated with sinusitis is to alternate applying warm and cold compresses to the nasal passages. “Place a hot compress across your sinuses for three minutes, and then a cold compress for 30 seconds. Repeat this procedure three times per treatment, two to six times a day.”

Change Your Diet

WatchFit - change your diet lifestyle

Certain foods can be particularly irritating for those suffering from a sinus infection, including dairy, gluten, and sugar. Cutting these foods from your diet can often help resolve or lessen symptoms of sinusitis. “Cutting out dairy products can also improve sinusitis symptoms as they encourage mucus production.”

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