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In the course of this present day, most people who do not have enough medical knowledge on epilepsy have a negative attitude towards it. 

For this reason, many baseless allegations circulates persistently in our society and complicates the lives of those patients who suffer from the pathology. 

It is mistakenly believed that convulsions can lead to severe brain damage that negatively affects the psyche and makes a person mentally retarded. There are allegations of high toxicity and the danger of drugs used in epilepsy. You can also often hear that women with epilepsy are prohibited from pregnancy and childbirth. But are those who make such judgments so right?


Notwithstanding, the experts of Africandoctor have been able to produce the most effective mixture of plants to aid with epilepsy crisis.



Anyone who suffers from epilepsy or a loved one who suffers from it knows how difficult it is to cope psychologically. Indeed, epileptics generally live in the permanent fear that a new crisis will occur at any time and knock them down. Reassure yourself! Our natural treatment will allow you to say goodbye to your epilepsy. It is a fast and effective natural remedy to prevent and control seizures. We use the best natural plants to cure epilepsy. This natural remedy is therefore active in all epilepsy attacks. Thus, it is suitable for both children and adults. Modern medicine offers medicines for epilepsy. Unfortunately, these drugs often cause many disastrous side effects and are not always effective. They inhibit seizures but are not curative. Trust us! Our natural treatment is the secret to preventing epileptic seizures by plants. 

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How does epilepsy manifest ?

This disease is found everywhere, it is detected in all countries of the world, regardless of financial situation and social status. Epilepsy is a chronic violation of brain activity in which pathological foci of arousal occur, provoking convulsive attacks or seizures. Their manifestations may be different, depending on the form of pathology:

  • Short-term convulsions of an involuntary nature in certain parts of the body (partial seizures).
  • Generalized seizures with loss of consciousness against the background of tonic or clonic seizures.
  • Various equivalents of convulsive attacks (fading, freezing, etc.).

Against the background of generalized attacks, people lose consciousness, not remembering the events occurring during the attack, there may be a loss of control over the rectum or bladder. Such a frightening clinical picture of seizures gives rise to many incorrect judgments and myths associated with epilepsy. According to doctors, up to 10% of the population at least once in their life experienced such attacks, but the diagnosis of epilepsy is made only in the presence of repeated attacks of the same type.

How does Epilepsy affect the mind of people?

It is not true that epilepsy is a mental pathology. A long course of pathology without proper treatment and control can lead to various negative phenomena from the psyche, but if the disease is taken under the control of a neurologist, a person is able to live a full life without any restrictions. 


Experts view on epilepsy and psyche

Many experts believe that epilepsy develops due to the pathological work of neurons in the cerebral cortex, forming a focus of excitement and provoking convulsions. The psyche in this process does not suffer if the disease is controlled and treated. There are many forms of this disease, some of them have a hereditary predisposition and idiopathic (unknown) causes, others are formed after injuries, infections of the brain tissue.

In people between attacks, the psyche does not suffer, dementia or other psychiatric diagnoses do not develop. Many brilliant people had epilepsy, which did not stop them from becoming famous and leaving their mark on history and art. Naturally, the threat of seizures limits certain types of activities for such people, but in the periods between seizures they are quite capable, adequate and do not show a decrease in intelligence. Their psyche can only suffer with the uncontrolled course of the pathology (without drugs, help and complications), or with the initial damage to the brain, where epilepsy is just a symptom.


What is the main sign that proves a person suffers epilepsy?

An attack of cramps is always a bite of the tongue and foam at the mouth

For many, epilepsy attacks are certainly a loss of consciousness with falls and convulsions, foam from the mouth and biting of the tongue. But these are not the only manifestation of the disease. According to doctors,  Often there are non-convulsive forms, in mild cases, a person may temporarily freeze or lose touch with the world: there is an attack, a change in brain activity is recorded, but there are no seizures. Naturally, if there are convulsions, it is easiest to detect epilepsy - it is clearly visible, while non-convulsive seizures are more difficult to diagnose. Sometimes epilepsy manifests itself generally atypically: with bouts of pain in the abdomen, mood changes or a panic attack, unconscious movements or actions that are repeated several times and have the same course.


Is it possible for an epileptic pregnant woman to have a normal pregnancy or does pregnancy worsen the course of epilepsy?


Many believe that if a woman has epilepsy, she cannot become a mother, she is forbidden to give birth. In reality, this is not true, as experts say that in 95% of cases, with adequate medical monitoring of epilepsy, childbirth is quite acceptable, healthy babies are born. Pregnancy does not worsen the course of epilepsy, and the pathology itself does not affect how the birth will pass. Moreover, some experts note the fact that pregnancy improves the course of epilepsy, seizures are reduced or disappear. Naturally, you need constant monitoring of the expectant mother by obstetricians and neurologists, the selection of antiepileptic drugs so that they do not harm the mother and fetus. Against the background of such an observation, that pregnancy and childbirth are quite favorable.


Are medications toxic for epilepsy?

You may often hear that those drugs that are applicable for epilepsy are "heavy" and very toxic, taking them is dangerous to the health of other organs and tissues. But this is this true?

 Medications for epilepsy are not commonplace vitamins, they are anticonvulsants that help fight seizures that are much more dangerous for people's health. Modern drugs, unlike those used previously, are well tolerated, have a minimum of side effects with complete control of the disease, are not addictive, and are selected gradually, starting with the minimum active dose. This makes epilepsy medications relatively safe if the patient does not decide to practice self-medication on the advice of the Internet or friends. 



To discover our natural remedy for epilepsy click here!
To contact our experts please call or write to us on phone/WhatsApp: +22990431725

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