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How scars disappear!

The formation of scars is a natural process that occurs when injured tissue heals. Scarring can occur after burns, surgery, acne or other skin injuries. Scars are often a psychological burden and can affect the quality of life. Initially, the affected area of ​​the skin is red and ideally, only a pale contour can be seen at the end of the healing process. But often unsightly scars form that accompany you for a lifetime. Scars not only restrict freedom of movement but also lead to cosmetic impairments in many people.

On clearly visible parts of the body, scars are often perceived as particularly annoying . Especially in the summer months, the suffering for some sufferers is very high because they are ashamed of their scar (s). However, there are now successful methods in scar treatment that support the wound healing process and thus help improve the appearance of existing or developing scars.



What affects the appearance of a scar?

Age affects scarring

Various factors, such as age, skin type, hereditary factors, location of the scar, and wound infection affect the development and appearance of a scar.

Age: The older a person is, the slower a wound heals. In children or younger people, however, the skin tends to overreact and therefore produces more connective tissue than is necessary. This creates larger, thicker scars.

Hereditary factors/skin type: The predisposition to conspicuous scarring can also be hereditary. Location of the scar: Especially scars that are either over or near the shoulder, back and joints are exposed to greater tensile stress. Therefore, these are usually more developed or more visible.

Wound infections: Wound infections or inflammation increase the likelihood of conspicuous scarring. Hair, sebum or sweat glands are not newly formed in the scar tissue because the scar tissue has less elastic fibers (collagen) than normal skin and this can lead to shrinking and hardening of the affected area.


Natural remedy by medicinal plants against keloids

Keloid natural treatment

Our natural treatment to remove keloids is composed of 2 elements: a balm and herbal tea. The anti keloid balm is a mild natural remedy, but very effective in eliminating keloids. It contains plants that regenerate the skin, which is excellent for the natural removal of keloids. It reduces the size of scars. It works by gently removing the top layer of damaged skin and promoting the growth of new cells. This natural remedy also reduces inflammation, calms itching, kills bacteria, fights infections, and moisturizes the skin. As for the herbal tea, it strengthens the action of the balm. It is a natural solution to eliminate keloids without surgery.


After mechanical injuries, there is a risk of developing keloid scars, which have an unsightly appearance. Therefore, people spend a lot of money on expensive treatments to remove scar formations. Instead, you can use a more economical and effective method to combat keloid scars - folk remedies. Treatment of keloid scars at home is carried out as an additional therapy prescribed by a doctor.



What you should pay attention to?

  • You should make sure at the beginning that the scar is not exposed to strong temperature stimuli!
  • An extreme sunlight, solarium, sauna heat or severe cold may adversely affect the tissue formation. Avoid direct sunlight!
  • Choosing the right garments is particularly important for fresh scars so that the sensitive scar tissue is not irritated or injured by tight-fitting fabric.
  • Spor t you must do, but it is the same as stretching and strengthening exercises: be careful not to pull on the execution to the scar tissue!
  • Drinking a lot prevents dry skin and keeps it healthy.
  • Avoid scratching the scar - no matter how itchy!
  • Keep the scar dry and make sure that it gets enough "air".
  • Talk to a doctor about possible scar treatments: A doctor will also give you other good tips so that your scar will soon no longer be visible.



Ointment or money - which is better?

Treatment of the scar with scar gel and scar ointment can be started when the wound edges have been completely closed or the threads have been removed. The active ingredients contained onion extract (Extractum cepae), heparin and allantoin or dexpanthenol 

  • reduce redness
  • have an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect
  • loosen up scar tissue
  • relieve pain
  • reduce itching
  • prevent the growth of excess connective tissue.

Ointments or gels are applied to the affected skin area for several weeks, at least twice a day, and gently massaged in. With the scar gel, both fresh and older scars can be treated. Due to regular scar care, the scar loses its size, becomes paler and less noticeable. Scar angel and scar ointment can only be prescribed by a doctor and are available in the pharmacy.



Natural home remedies for scars

In addition to many medical treatment methods, there are also a lot of effective natural remedies to make scars disappear. Some examples are aloe vera, vitamin E oil, lavender oil, cocoa butter, olive oil and tomatoes. Lemon juice helps to bleach and lighten the scar.

In addition, citric acid supports the renewal of the scar tissue. The juice is applied to the scar for 10 minutes. This should be done twice a day and applied over a period of several weeks.

The acids contained in apple cider vinegar help to remove dead skin on scars and promote the regeneration of the skin. After 15 minutes, the vinegar is washed off the skin. This process should be repeated 3 times a day.

Even honey is a long-proven house recipe because honey is a natural moisturizer that supports the healing of scar tissue and prevents scarring. The honey is massaged in for a few minutes, left on the scar for an hour, and then rinsed off. This is used twice a day and helps the skin to regenerate naturally.






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