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Is there any natural treatment for Osteonecrosis?

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Is there any natural treatment that improves the quality of life of people with Osteonecrosis? Here you can see the natural remedy or treatment that can help people with Osteonecrosis. 


Osteonecrosis is also called avascular necrosis (AVN) or aseptic necrosis. Although it can occur in any bone, osteonecrosis most often affects the hip. More than 20,000 people each year enter hospitals for the treatment of osteonecrosis of the hip. In many cases, both hips are affected by the disease. 


What is osteonecrosis?

Osteonecrosis of the Hip - OrthoInfo - AAOS

Osteonecrosis is a bone disease. It results from the loss of blood supply to the bone. Without blood, the bone tissue dies. This causes the bone to collapse. It may also cause the joints that surround the bone to collapse. If you have osteonecrosis, you may have pain or be limited in your physical activity.




The use of natural plants very often gives excellent results because it helps to prevent and quickly recover joint pain. It often pays to think outside the box and follow the solutions that nature offers us. The solution to avascular necrosis is found in nature. Being natural products based on plants and herbs, our natural remedies have no side effects, either on the body or on health.  This natural treatment for avascular necrosis is the cure to relieve you of joint pain once and for all.

Africandoctor's herbal products for managing Avascular Necrosis is 100% natural and vegetarian products. It is very beneficial in maintaining healthy bones and ensuring the overall health of the skeletal system.

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 Top Homeopathic Remedy for AVN with night-time aches and pains



Post Ban: Why Is NHS Still Spending A Fortune On Homeopathy ...

For its beneficial action on the tissues of the body where the destructive process is present, Syphilinum is the natural top of Homeopathic medicine. Apart from its universal healing action to stop the destruction of body tissues.  Syphilinum is also a Homeopathic remedy of great help in the treatment of bone necrosis.


What encourages the selection of syphilinum?

A symptom that can help in the selection of Syphilinum for avascular necrosis of cases is a specific pattern regarding the appearance and disappearance of pain. The pattern followed is a gradual increase in pain bones and in the same way, a gradual disappearance of pain. 

Another symptom that may be present in a pair of avascular necrosis in patients who need the Homeopathic Syphilinum remedy is worsening pain due to heat

Alcohol cravings, stimulants, and a history of excessive alcoholism may be present in people who require Syphilinum. The pattern followed is a gradual increase in pain bones and in the same way, a gradual disappearance of pain. 


 Asafoetida for avascular necrosis

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 The main symptom to choose the Asafoetida Homeopathic Remedy for avascular necrosis of the tibia is the worsening of pain at night and pain in the bones of pain. Phosphorus is another natural Homeopathic remedy that helps in cases where the tibia bone is undergoing cell destruction and is very fragile. The person who needs the Phosphor is nervous and sensitive to touch, noise, and even sound. Along with sensitivity, he or she may experience a burning sensation in various parts of the body.


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Know Your Remedies: Symphytum Officinale (Symph.) | Homeopathy Plus

Natural Homeopathic medicine Symphytum is very beneficial as a remedy for bone-related complaints. Symphytum can be considered in all cases in which the bone has suffered damage after fractures. It helps in the correct tissue of the bone. This is aided by offering the necessary cruel material needed for bone re-formation. Thus, in all cases of fracture where the Symphytum Homeopathic remedy is used, it acts as a preventive agent against necrosis as the bone is very orderly and efficient of the tissues by this medicine.



What happens if you do not diagnose avascular necrosis early?

Orthopaedic Specialists on hip dysplasia/congenital hip problems


Unfortunately, AVN is relatively asymptomatic in the early stages. Pain in the affected hip often does not present until the bone structure is weakened and collapse has begun. As a result, many patients don’t present until the hip is already damaged. If you are diagnosed with AVN, treatment from a specialist should be sought immediately. If you are diagnosed with AVN in the early stages, AVN can be successfully treated naturally or medically.


What should you do if you are diagnosed with avascular necrosis?


If you are diagnosed with AVN, seek out treatment from a specialist interested in the disease. Endocrinologists, rheumatologists, and orthopedic surgeons are the subspecialties that usually treat this disorder. Treatment remains very controversial and traditional surgical procedures such as core decompression have been prescribed.




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