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Is there a way to grow a penis bigger naturally?

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You can increase penis length naturally by doing penis stretching exercises

If jelking works by pushing blood through the penis, stretching is a much simpler exercise. 


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Draw an analogy for stretching a member with stretching a gum. When you stretch an elastic band the first several times, it returns to its normal state, but if you stretch the elastic constantly, it will eventually become longer. The same thing happens with your penis: the penis increases in size with multiple, persistent stretch marks.



Penis enlargement

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Contrary to popular belief, it’s impossible to “pump” the penis, but it’s easy to ensure the growth effect with the help of special exercises! 

Stretching is perhaps one of the oldest exercises for a member, and it is indispensable for someone who wants to add in length. In addition, stretching increases hardness, so you should stretch for 4–5 minutes, even if the length is not your main priority.

Stretching - WHat is the goal?

The goal of stretching is to gradually adapt your penis to the load. The keyword is gradual. Your dick does not respond well to unexpected, sharp stretch marks. The more unexpected the stretch, the more likely it is to damage the penis and the less chance there is of a gain in length. So do not pull yourself by a member as if you are playing a tug of war, especially at first. Start with slow and weak stretch marks.

Basic stretching step by step


The main stretch is the basis of all exercises designed to increase the length. Once you learn this exercise, you will master the others almost automatically.


Starting position


You can stretch while sitting or lying down.

Exercise instructions

penis enlargement exercise power stretch-PENIS ENLARGEMENT TIPS ...

  • Lubricate your penis. Sitting on the edge of a sofa or bed, start stroking it, wrapping your fingers around your thumb and forefinger. When moving your hand from the base of the penis to the head, hold a firm grip, trying to stretch the skin as much as possible.

  • Each time, returning to the base of the penis, tighten the grip slightly to retain as much blood as possible in the penis. Then repeat the movement from the base to the head.

  • Increase the speed of movements little by little without loosening the grip. You should feel arousal. Get a complete erection. Having achieved a 100% erection, again grab the penis with the thumb and forefinger at the base and try to hold the blood in the cavernous tissues of the penis.

  • While holding the grip at the base of the penis, grab it with the other hand at the base of the head. Try to stretch the penis as much as possible without experiencing discomfort. Stretch it to the right and hold it for 10 seconds. Then directly, the delay is 10 seconds. Now left, delay 10 seconds. And finally, tilt the penis down and again hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat all four phases of the exercise four times with a delay of 10 seconds. For the entire exercise, you will need no more than 5 minutes.

After completing the exercise, loosen the grip at the base of the penis. You should feel how the blood begins to flow. At that moment, ejaculation may occur. Remember that generous lubrication and firm grip are basic precautions. In no case should your grip interfere with blood circulation. This technique should not cause you any pain or discomfort. If during the exercises you feel pain, you should interrupt the classes, read the instructions carefully again.

Completion of exercises


The following tips will help you complete your workouts correctly. Heat and massage will improve results. Your testes try to maintain a temperature of 34 degrees to ensure seed viability. Warming up will help you to recover any problems with nerves and sensitivity that could arise as a result of your exercises to increase. After a workout, gently massage your penis for several minutes. Optionally, you can use herbal moisturizer.

After the massage, you can once again apply a warming compressor lower your penis in a bath of warm water for several minutes. These warming procedures will improve blood circulation and help your penis recover from exercise. Dry your penis thoroughly with a towel after the procedure.

Common Stretching Questions

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"Is it possible to lose in thickness when doing stretching exercises?"

No, stretching does not lead to loss of penis thickness. Conversely, in conjunction with jelqing and exercises to increase the thickness (which you will learn about after completing the main course), stretching can help increase the thickness of the penis.

This is due to the fact that after stretching the tissues inside the penis are in a flexible and pliable state.

This fact in combination with jelqing and exercises to increase the thickness will allow your penis to stretch even more. In addition, in some men, according to them, after constant stretching, the base of the penis increased in thickness.

“Can I stretch for more than 30 seconds?”


Start with 30 seconds, increase the time gradually over the next 5 weeks, bringing it to 60 or 90 seconds for one stretch.

“What should I feel when I am doing stretching?”


Many men feel different things while stretching. Some people feel a slight tingling, slight itching, or fatigue (similar to how you feel after playing sports), while others do not feel anything. In any case, the main indicator is still the reaction of your body, and not your feelings during exercise. As long as you are not in pain, you are most likely doing everything right.

“Is it possible to stretch only forward?”


It is possible, but stretching at different angles is more effective, since it captures various parts of your penis, depending on the angle.

About half of your penis is inside your body, which can be “pulled” outward if you stretch the penis down while stretching the ligaments. But you should not concentrate only on stretching down. Stretching it in different directions, you increase the chances of increasing your penis. This is because stretching at different angles affects different parts of your penis.

Stretching the penis up, you work on the inside of your penis. Stretching the penis to the right, you thereby pulling the left side of your penis, and, conversely, stretching the penis to the left, you act on the right side of your penis.

In one direction, you can only reach in the only case - if you want to correct the bend of your penis.

In this case, concentrate on the stretch marks in the opposite direction from the bend.

“I can’t grab onto a dick well when I stretch, how can I fix it?”


You can use baby powder, rubber gloves, or some kind of material (a piece of cotton fabric, for example). Baby powder can be applied both to the penis and to the hands, while rubber gloves and a piece of cloth can cover only your hands. In any case, do not forget that you should not pull too much. Excessive force can inhibit the growth of your penis.




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