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Dapmed-Africa - HERPES GENITAL

What is genital herpes?

Genital herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). There are two types of this virus and both can cause it. 

Herpes simplex type 1 most commonly affects the lips, causing sores known as febrile vesicles or, more simply, cold sores, however it can also localize in the genital area and cause the same type of vesicles. The second type is characteristic of the genitals but can also affect the mouth. A person who has genital herpes infection can easily transmit the virus to healthy people through sexual intercourse.

The virus remains throughout its life in particular nerve cells of the body and, in some cases, it can occur occasionally. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 45 million people aged 12 years and over (1/5 of the total adolescent and adult population) are affected by the type 2 herpes simplex virus in the country.


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The treatment we offer is an effective herbal treatment to fight against herpes. It works equally well against cold sores and against genital herpes. It is true that herpes can stay in a person's body for a lifetime. But this remedy will make you forget that you have herpes. With our remedy, repeat recurrences over the year are over. 

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How is genital herpes transmitted?

Oral Herpes & Genital Herpes Aren't That Different — So Why Does ...

Most people get genital herpes through sexual intercourse with someone who has a "manifestation" of the disease. This means that the virus is active. In this case, the virus causes visible lesions in the genital area that spread (release) infections that can infect other people. A partner can also be infected through oral sex. This virus only rarely spreads through contact with objects such as toilet seats and bathtubs.

Can demonstrations recur?

If you have been infected by one of the two types, manifestations or symptoms will occur from time to time. After the end of its period of activity, the virus moves into the nerves at the base of the spine, where it remains for a certain period. Even after the disappearance of the lesions, the virus remains "dormant" and hidden, in a state of inactivity, in the nerve cells.

In most cases, the virus can manifest itself several times a year. This phenomenon is called recurrence and the causes that trigger it are still to be determined for scientists. During the period of activity, the virus moves through the nerves to the skin, where it multiplies in the vicinity of the first infection. New plagues appear in this area.

The frequency and severity of the episodes vary considerably. While some people have one or two manifestations over a lifetime, others may have several manifestations per year. In subjects, the number and disposition of relapses often changes with the passage of time and, as already mentioned, the reasons for the reappearance are still unknown. Often the manifestations are not predictable even if some people say that, in their case, they are triggered by another disease, by stress or by menstruation. In other cases, the appearance of the virus may be linked to exposure to sunlight.

How is genital herpes diagnosed?

The Tests You Take to Diagnose Genital Herpes

Doctors can diagnose genital herpes by examining visible sores (if the manifestation is typical) or by submitting a sample of the lesions to laboratory tests. Herpes can be difficult to identify between one manifestation and another. Blood tests that indicate the presence of antibodies to HSV viruses of both types can be useful for diagnosis in people who do not exhibit symptoms or in the time interval between manifestations.

What are the cures for genital herpes?

Genital Herpes Treatment | Everyday Health

Although conventional medicine does not provide a cure for genital herpes, the doctor can prescribe one of these three drugs to treat or prevent future episodes.
Aciclovir (Zovirax®)
Famciclovir (Famvir®)
Valaciclovir (Valtrex®)

During one of the periods of herpes activity, whether it is the first or a recurrence, some simple instructions should be followed in order to speed up healing and avoid the spread of the infection in other areas of the body or the infection of other people .

- Keep the area of ​​infection clean and dry to avoid the development of other infections.
- Try to avoid contact with sores.
- Wash hands after contact with sores.
- Avoid sexual contacts from the first appearance of any symptom to the complete recovery of wages, that is, the fall of the crust and the formation of new skin in the affected area.

Can genital herpes cause other problems?

If a woman has the first manifestation of genital herpes during pregnancy, she can pass the virus on to her child and experience a premature birth. Half of the children with herpes die or develop nerve damage. A baby born with herpes can have serious brain, skin or eye problems. If babies born with herpes are immediately treated with acyclovir, their chances of being healthy increase.
If a pregnant woman has a recurrence during pregnancy, the risk of contagion for childbirth is very low. In any case, if you have this problem and are pregnant, it is advisable to consult your doctor often before, during and after the birth of the baby.

If a woman has a manifestation with lesions on the birth canal or in the adjacent area during labor and delivery, the doctor will proceed with a cesarean section to protect the unborn child. However, most patients with genital herpes show no signs of active virus infection at these times, so they can face a normal birth.

Can you breastfeed with genital herpes?

Can my baby catch a cold sore?

If you have genital herpes, you can continue breastfeeding as long as the sores are covered. In fact, the virus is transmitted through contact with the latter and can be dangerous for the newborn. If you have sores on your nipples and areolas (the darker area of ​​skin around them) you should stop breastfeeding.

Homeopathic remedies for genital herpes

1. Olive oil
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Olive oil is known for hydrating the skin. It is rich in antioxidants and is one of the best home remedies for cold sores. 


  • Take a cup of olive oil. 
  • Heat in a saucepan and add a little lavender oil and beeswax. 
  • Let the mixture cool. 
  • After cooling, apply the mixture on the infected area.

2. Echinacea

7 Echinacea Tea Benefits

Echinacea is a medicinal plant and has anti-viral properties. It is known to improve the immune system. All parts of the Echinacea plant, i.e. flowers, leaves, roots and can be used to treat herpes. 

It can be consumed in the form of tea, fruit juice, or pills.

3. Ice pack

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The easiest method at home to treat herpes is ice. It offers immense relief from the pain of herpes. 


  • Take some ice and crush it.
  • Fill a plastic bag with crushed ice. 
  • Wrap the plastic bag in a thick cloth. 
  • Put on the sores for 10-15 minutes to get rid of swelling and itching. 
  • Repeat the method several times a day.

4. Baking soda

How to Fix Baking Soda or Baking Powder Recipe Mishaps

Baking soda is an effective treatment for getting rid of herpes quickly. Provides relief in itchy and painful sores. 


  • Take a cotton ball and wet it with baking soda. 
  • Apply directly on the infected area. 
  • Helps dry out blisters that ooze.

In order to avoid contamination, do not reuse the cotton ball in the baking soda.

5. Tea Tree Oil

3 uses and benefits of tea tree essential oil | Ecogarantie

To heal sores, tea tree oil is a useful remedy. 


  • Put water in a glass. 
  • Add a few drops of tea tree oil and gargle to remove mouth ulcers. 
  • For genital herpes, use a dropper to put drops on the infected area.

6. Melissa

Lemon Balm: Uses, Benefits, and More

Lemon balm is one of the most effective herbal remedies for herpes. Contains flavonoids, phenolic acids and rosmarinic acid, which helps heal wounds or blisters. 


  • Prepare a lemon balm tea. 
  • Let it steep for some time. 
  • Then, dip a cotton ball in it and apply directly on the wounds. 
  • Lemon balm is also available in the form of creams and ointments. 
  • Apply the cream directly.

7. Corn starch

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One of the best remedies for herpes is corn starch. Corn starch helps absorb excessive moisture from the skin. It helps to reduce chafing and itching. 


  • To dry herpes sores, apply a little corn starch directly to the infected area. 
  • Take a cotton ball and dip it in cornstarch. 
  • Gently dab on the sores.

8. Aloe Vera Gel

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel - 300 ml - MAK0046

Aloe vera is the best remedy with its natural healing properties. It can be effective for herpes. To relieve itching and redness, pure aloe vera gel should be used on wounds.


  • Otherwise, take a fresh aloe vera leaf. 
  • Cut into two halves. 
  • Apply one of the gelled parts directly on the infected area.

9. Epsom salt water

The Healing Power of an Epsom Salt Bath | White Water

Bathing with Epsom salt water is the best remedy to soothe the itching and pain of herpes.


  •  Add some Epsom salt to the hot water. 
  • Take a bath. 
  • This remedy makes the sores dry, thereby reducing the itching.

10. Black coffee 

Black Coffee and Black Tea: Know how to make these weight loss ...

Herpes virus not only infects genital parts, but also lips, mouth, etc. Black coffee is one of the best remedies to cure them. Blisters in the mouth cause severe pain. 


  • For quick treatment, prepare a black coffee. 
  • Let it cool down and take a sip. 
  • Hold in your mouth for some time. 
  • Move it to your lips too. 
  • For best results, repeat the process twice a day.

11. Herbal tea

Ginger Lemon Tea with Cinnamon - CDiabetes.com - Cardio and ...

Herbal tea is an effective solution to avoid any type of skin disease. For the treatment of pain and itching resulting from a herpes, herbal teas, such as lemon, ginger, cinnamon, and chamomile are very effective.

12. Manuka honey

Is Manuka Honey Really Better Than Normal Honey? | HuffPost ...

The manuka honey has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It helps in the rapid healing of herpes blisters and cold sores. You just need to apply some manuka honey directly to the infected area.

13. Natural oils

Organic jojoba oil, Organic jojoba seed oil, SANABIO GMBH, Germany

Natural oils are effective for relieving herpes pain and itching. Olive, jojoba, tea tree, vitamin E, camellias, and calendula oils are all known for fighting the virus. You just need to apply natural oil or a mixture of some oils on the infected area, gently. This will heal the infected skin.

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