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13 Bedwetting Causes, Signs, Treatment & Cure

The bladder function has a storage phase and an emptying phase. Abnormalities in any of these stages can cause primary or secondary incontinence.

In the storage phase , the bladder acts as a reservoir for urine. Storage capacity is affected by bladder size and compliance. Storage capacity increases as the child grows older. Compliance can be reduced by repeated infections or by obstruction of outflow, resulting in hypertrophy of the bladder muscle.

In the emptying phase , the contraction of the bladder synchronizes with the opening of the bladder neck and the external urinary sphincter. If there is a dysfunction of coordination or in the sequence of emptying, incontinence may occur. There are several reasons for dysfunction. An example is bladder irritation, which can lead to irregular bladder contractions and asynchrony of the emptying sequence, leading to incontinence. Bladder irritation can result from a urinary tract infection (urinary tract infection) or any cause that compresses the bladder (eg, dilation of the rectum caused by constipation).

Among the natural remedies to solve childhood incontinence , we find many other natural products that we could incorporate into the child's eating routine. There are a number of products that will help you both retain and expel pee, forcing you to invest more effort in controlling your bowel movements.



Africandoctor offers you a very effective product with no side effects to cure bedwetting. The treatment that we offer you is a herbal tea, the secret of which we know to permanently cure bedwetting. It allows the child or the adult to feel free by waking up in the morning with the certainty of not having wet the bed.

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These are some of the most popular home remedies used to combat bedwetting:


Can't get your kids to focus on homework? Give them blueberry ...

They have astringent properties, so they are recommended to fight urinary and digestive infections , especially in their red variety. They are more sour than blue in color and contain more acidifying substances in the urine. The best way to give them to children is in juice and in the morning.

- Corn and anise 

Sweet corn - Vegetables

Corn whiskers increase the content of the bladder. Containing that amount of urine helps the little one to strengthen the urinary muscles and train the hold of the pee at night . We can give the little one an infusion made from corn and anise before each meal and half an hour before going to sleep. We will prepare it in half a liter of water, letting it rest for 15 minutes.

St. John's wort and Melissa 

Monograph: St. John's Wort - Natural Practitioner Magazine

They act as natural sedatives that help calm the little one, reducing the nerves that act on the bladder.


6 Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea - What Is Dandelion Good For?

It is a good stimulator of urine production, to the point that its common name in Catalan is pixallits (mea cama). A salad with leaves of the dandelion plant at dinner will help your child produce more pee, forcing him to exercise his potty training.


Cinnamon: Health benefits and nutrition

Chewing on a cinnamon stick before going to bed has an astringent effect on the urinary system.


How to Cook a Pumpkin (with Pictures) - Instructables

Its seeds exercise a diuretic function that increases urine production, while acting as sedatives to relax the little one.


Acorns and Oak trees - ITM

An infusion with a teaspoon of split oak bark taken 3 times a day can benefit the child due to the astringent properties of this plant.


Interesting facts about bearberries | Just Fun Facts

For adults an infusion of Bearberry, or two bearberry capsules before sleeping, can also help to improve the inconvenience of incontinence.

10 secrets of fennel

A little fennel sweetened with honey before bedtime contributes to fluid retention. You have to take a teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water before going to sleep.

Aside from herbs, you can also consider other natural remedies, including aromatherapy and homeopathy. However, to access these resources, it is best to check with your child's pediatrician first.

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TO GET MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PRODUCT CLICK HERE or contact us via call/WhatsApp: +22990431725. 
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