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The treatment of epilepsy by
ancient physicians is a disease known as “ epilepticus .” It can be from birth and acquired. It happens from birth if the patient has both parents of syphilitic or alcoholic. If someone in the family was sick with this disease, then it can manifest itself by inheritance in the following generations: in the second, third, fourth ... But there are times when in previous generations no one was sick with epilepsy, parents are not syphilitic and not alcoholics, but a child born with epilepsy.
Acquired epilepsy is usually after a head injury or after nervous stress. It may be a consequence of severe infectious diseases. If during an attack to step on the little finger of the left hand, then the attack should quickly stop. This happens in most cases. If after an attack the patient does not remember anything - this is epilepsy. If after an attack the patient remembers everything that happened to him, then this is not epilepsy.
Abu Ali Ibn Sina believed that parsley, celery, garlic, horse beans, onions, milk, sweets, an abundance of fat in dishes, everything is coarse, radiant, astringent and cold, as well as everything sharp and caustic are harmful in epilepsy. Indigestion, indigestion, prolonged exposure to the sun, frequent copulation, excessive eating and drinking, pampering, immobility, lack of exercise, physical exercises on a full stomach, copulation on a full stomach worsen the condition of a patient with epilepsy.
Patients with epilepsy should not look at lightning and direct sunlight, come into contact with strong movement and loud sounds, drink wine, do not drink liquids immediately after emptying, refuse to wash with water, you can not drink a lot of water, work moderately. You can’t sleep for a long time.
All coarse and very nutritious meat, all fish should be avoided. Confine yourself to the meat of chickens, partridges, sparrows, larks, doves, goats, young gazelles and rabbits. You can also eat wild boar meat and goat meat. Refrain from all fruits and vegetables. You can not eat turnips, radishes, cabbage, carrots, mustard. You can eat smokey, chicory, lettuce, cilantro (little by little), beets, ruta, dill.
For the treatment of epilepsy, it is recommended:
Ginger. 2 g per reception with first courses. Mulberry. 1 glass of berries per day. Fruiting fruits with vinegar 3 g per day. Nightshade is black. Half a glass of ripe berries per day. Juniper is ordinary. 3 g of berries per day. Marjoram. Infusion (1 tbsp. L. Insist 1 hour in 2 glasses of boiling water) half a cup 4 times a day before meals. Hogweed. A decoction of the roots (1 tsp. Roots per 1 glass of water) for 1 tbsp. l 3 times a day. Lavender. Infusion of flowers (20 g per 2 cups boiling water) half a cup 4 times a day. Initial letter. Infusion of herbs (2 tbsp. L. Per 1 cup of boiling water) 3-4 times a day for 1 tbsp. l Hyssop. Infusion of herbs (1 tbsp. L. For 1 cup boiling water) half a cup 2 times a day for 20 minutes. before meals. Lunar is perennial. Infusion (4 tsp. Crushed seed per 1 cup of boiling water), 1 tbsp. l 4 times a day before meals.
Bury 1-2 drops in the nose at night:
a) basil juice;
b) beet juice.
In addition, catnip lemon, figs, chamomile (root), dodder, violet, morning glory, harmala, centaury small, peony evading, purifications caustic, mistletoe, lime blossom, colza, forest rank, swamp white, nettle, forget-me-not help with epilepsy , white stepworm, willow (leaf), cloves, meadow geranium, spring adonis, double love, almonds, tansy, bedstraws, rosemary, common wormwood, cyanosis, lily of the valley.
In folk medicine, there is an opinion that one of the causes of epilepsy is the evil eye. If a person falls ill as a result of the evil eye, then no herbs will help such a patient. It is necessary to find a person who knows how to remove the evil eye. Tibetan medicine cures acquired epilepsy 100%, epilepsy from birth - not always.

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