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Herpes is a rather unpleasant viral disease, localized most often on the lips and genital areas. The appearance of small water bubbles is accompanied by inflammation (swelling of the sore spot), itching and burning. If the spread of the infection is not stopped in time, the virus can "creep" over a large area of ​​the skin.

Genital Herpes: Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment, and More


The disease is caused by a virus that lives in the body and manifests itself during a period of sharp decline in immunity. Most often, the factors provoking the occurrence of “fever” on the lips are: hypothermia or overheating, stress, SARS, hypovitaminosis and overwork. The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets and by contact.

With the advent of winter colds, exacerbation of herpes becomes more likely. Therefore, in the first place, one should pay close attention to measures to strengthen the body's defenses. As you know, garlic is a fairly effective means of activating the immune system.

Do not forget to add 2-3 cloves of garlic checked by centuries to your diet daily. It is not necessary to communicate with people, emitting a garlic flavor. If garlic cloves are swallowed like tablets without chewing, then there will be no characteristic smell of breathing, and garlic will perform its active work to improve the body. Having placed saucers with chopped garlic in the room, you will clear the air of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Inhaling garlic fumes rich in volatile compounds (essential oils and volatile), you improve the condition of the respiratory system and are engaged in the prevention of colds and viral diseases. Stay tuned and learn how to conquer herpes with garlic!!


Remède pour guerir l'hydrocèle testiculaire avec les plantes sans ...

The treatment we offer is an effective herbal treatment to fight against herpes. It works equally well against cold sores and against genital herpes. It is true that herpes can stay in a person's body for a lifetime. But this remedy will make you forget that you have herpes. With our remedy, repeat recurrences over the year are over. 

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Herpes can be treated with garlic

All About Garlic

Fresh raw garlic helps to cope with many germs, including the causative agents of herpes, the common cold, flu, chickenpox, skin diseases, diseases of the throat, cholera, fungi and worms.

You can use fresh garlic juice as an external remedy or take it inside (2-3 cloves, can be crushed, as an additive to salad, soup, etc.). Garlic also activates the immune system and helps the body cope with chronic and acute ailments. For this purpose, you can take garlic in any form, including in the form of preparations made from it.
Garlic also helps lower blood cholesterol levels. While doctors do not have full confidence that in this regard, the preparations are not inferior to fresh garlic. Despite the undoubted popularity of garlic, it is contraindicated for some people. About 5 percent of the population suffers from a liver disorder, in which some components of garlic cause nausea. As for the effect of garlic on the intestinal flora, medicine has not yet developed a consensus. However, it is logical to assume that due to the strong antibacterial action that garlic possesses, it is able to destroy part of the beneficial intestinal flora.

Therefore, along with garlic, it is recommended to use preparations with lactobacilli or eat yogurt, which also contains them. To protect the gastrointestinal tract, do not eat garlic on an empty stomach. After eating garlic, it is recommended to chew fresh parsley, which helps to reduce unpleasant odors.


8 Ways to Clear Up a Cold Sore in a Flash

The most important task is to prevent the spread of infection further and dry the existing focus. Garlic, in the role of a natural antibiotic, due to its antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, copes with this task as well as possible. Timely treatment started will help to quickly remove the inflammatory process and dry the vesicles, which will then be torn away in the form of a crust.

Traditional recipes for treating herpes with garlic

  1. The easiest way to treat a cold on the lips is to rub garlic juice into the affected area. The maximum effect is manifested if the disease is at the very beginning. To do this, one clove should be cleaned, cut in half, and grate with a half sore spot. With this procedure, the active components of garlic get on the herpes vesicles, showing their medicinal properties. A burning sensation and tingling in a sore spot suggests that the healing process has begun. This procedure should be carried out about 5-6 times a day, especially at night. After treatment before bedtime, after the juice on the lip has dried, natural bee honey mixed with apple cider vinegar is applied to the affected area (1: 1).
  1. Grate a clove of garlic, wrap it in gauze and attach to the wound. It is better to fix the product with a band-aid.
  1. Prepare the treatment mixture: 30 ml of natural yogurt, 2 garlic cloves crushed into a slurry in a mortar, and a teaspoon of instant coffee, flour and bee honey. Apply the resulting composition to areas affected by herpes. After the mixture dries and falls off, apply the next portion.
  1. Active ointment for herpes: a dessert spoon of honey, a tablespoon of wood ash or crushed activated charcoal (in the absence, you can just burn a few sheets of paper and use ashes), 3 garlic cloves chopped into gruel. Apply ointment several times a day. Honey, like garlic, copes well with infections, in addition, it softens the affected area, preventing it from cracking and bleeding (when there is a process of rejection of the dried crust).

Remember that the sooner you react to a cold sore, the less likely it is to appear “in full glory” and over a large area of ​​the skin. Never peel off a drying crust, it is better to lubricate it with bitter almond oil, sea buckthorn oil, honey or emollient cream (preferably for children with the addition of chamomile or calendula). With the appearance of herpes, the body signals a decrease in immunity, so take measures to strengthen it.

The treatment of herpes with garlic is effective due to the antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. A topical vegetable does not allow further spread of the infection in the body.


Home therapy, begun on time, helps to eliminate the inflammatory process, dry the vesicles, speedy formation and loss of crusts on the affected area of ​​the body. The product contains vitamins C, B5, B3, B6, B1, B9 and other useful substances (phosphorus, potassium, etc.). When the product is regularly added to the diet, immunity increases, which blocks the virus.

When creating medicinal mixtures with the addition of a vegetable, the effect of therapy increases.

For the treatment of genital herpes, baths with garlic infusion are often taken. To do this, you need a chopped head of sharp vegetable and 1 liter of boiling water. The solution is infused for 4-5 hours. Then it is filtered through gauze. The resulting liquid is added to the bath with warm water. Do the procedure for at least 15 minutes.


Marina, 35 years old, Saratov: “Effectively rub the manifestations of the common cold with a clove of garlic. At first it burns, but for the sake of the result you can tolerate. After 2-3 days, herpes disappears completely. "

Natalia, 28 years old, Asha: “Garlic is the most effective way to get rid of herpes. Especially if you use it in combination with other products. First, I burn the rashes with vegetables, then I rub my lip with honey to get rid of the discomfort. "

General Benefit Garlic 

8 benefits of eating one garlic daily

By including garlic in your diet, you can get rid of the following problems:

1. Acne (acne).  To keep the skin healthy and beautiful, it is recommended to mix in equal proportions the juice of a pair of garlic cloves and white vinegar. This mixture should be used to treat problem areas several times a day with a cotton swab.

2. Herpes.  It is enough to treat the ulcer with a cut clove of garlic to accelerate its healing and prevent the development of infection.

3. Hair loss.  Bald patches should be treated with garlic oil, it is necessary to apply a small amount to the problem area, cover with a plastic bag and leave overnight, and rinse off the oil in the morning. Repeat the procedure for several weeks.

4. Psoriasis Inflamed skin is also recommended to be treated with a small amount of garlic oil.

5. Fungal disease.  Usually this problem occurs on the feet and in order to get rid of it, you need to grind a few garlic cloves, apply the resulting mass to the skin and leave it overnight under a tight bandage. Wash off the rest of the mixture in the morning and treat the skin with garlic oil. The procedure is recommended to be repeated until complete cure.

6. Premature aging.  To establish the production of elastin and collagen, it is enough to eat just a couple of cloves of fresh garlic per day.

7. Toothache.  Regular consumption of fresh garlic prevents gum disease, tooth decay, and reduces pain if the teeth are already damaged.

8. Ear pain.  To reduce pain, just mix the garlic with olive oil and drip the ears with this mixture.

9. Pressure surges.  With increased pressure, garlic should be included in the diet (at least four cloves per day), since it dilates blood vessels, eliminates headache and reduces the burden on the heart. But in the presence of this problem, it is important to consult a specialist, since garlic treatment cannot be used as the only therapy.

10. Violations of the digestive tract.  Garlic has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, its components soothe the intestines and mucous membranes, and prevent bloating.

11. Impaired memory.  The brain is disturbed due to a chemical oxidation reaction, and garlic contains components that prevent the aging of the brain, improve its performance, as well as memory.

12. Asthma.  The use of garlic prevents asthma attacks, it is recommended to mix chopped garlic with malt vinegar and take it every day before bedtime. You can also add three boiled cloves of garlic in a glass of milk.

13. Weak immunity.  The use of fresh garlic is especially useful for those who often suffer from colds and viral diseases, since it contains allicin, a chemical component that has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

14. Excess weight.  The use of garlic allows you to activate the production of enzymes in the body that destroy excess body fat.

15. Oncology.  If you regularly consume fresh garlic, this will significantly reduce the risk of getting cancer, especially of the breast and gastrointestinal tract.

Despite the mass of healing properties, garlic, like any other product, has certain  contraindications . So, it is not recommended to use it for women during the period of bearing a child or lactation, for children under the age of seven, as well as for people preparing for surgery.


Garlic allows you to get rid of many diseases, because it contains substances that have antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal and bactericidal properties. In addition, it is an excellent antioxidant that minimizes the damage caused by free radicals. Daily use of even a single clove of fresh garlic can slow down aging.

Remember that in the process of heat treatment, garlic loses its healing properties, therefore fresh garlic, which can be added as a seasoning to meat and lean dishes, is the most beneficial for health.


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