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DIABETES: Eat raisins instead of sugar!

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A well-known and popular delicacy is raisins, a dried version of sweet grapes. Its advantage is that it can be used all year round and is not only delicious in cakes but also excellent for sweetening, a natural way to replace refined sugar. However, caution does not hurt!

What you need to know about raisins

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For example, before use, always check that our raisins are not sulfurized! Unfortunately, for unsatisfactory shelf life, some unscrupulous producers and traders sulfur raisins, and this is detrimental to health. Therefore, as a precaution, wash the raisins thoroughly in warm water and then soak them a little! Raisins are perhaps the most popular dried fruit. It is great to pinch, delicious when mixed with nuts, excellent for cakes, muesli, and fruit yogurt. Delicious snack mixed with salted seeds

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Varieties of raisins

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There are several varieties (white, light brown, red and dark in color), those from darker-skinned grapes are healthier. It’s good to know that the fewer raisin seeds, the more expensive!

Ideas for using raisins

Raisins in unopened packaging can be stored in a dry, cool place for up to a year. But once opened, store in a refrigerator or store in a tightly closed glass container. Raisins can easily dry out in the air and even become wormy, so they should be discarded. Before placing the raisins in the cake, roll them in flour so that they do not sink to the bottom of the dough. Raisins will be much tastier if we soak them in rum or wine for a day before use and do so for sweets.

A lesser-known property of raisins

It is believed that its regular consumption - due to its potassium content - prevents the formation of small wrinkles and magpies. However, diabetic patients consume with caution!) The raisins excellent source of iron for dieters! American studies show that consuming raisins is good for teeth and gums. It also contains bactericidal, antiviral, and even anti-inflammatory substances.

Curiosities about raisins

16 Benefits Of Raisins (Kishmish) When Consumed Daily | Indian ...
raisin is the most common of dried fruit. The rich seedless fruits texture of raisins makes the pasta, cereals consumption in fiber enjoyable, helping in the transition to a healthy diet.

The dried grapes have been grown in 2000 BC in Persia and Egypt. Dried grapes are also mentioned in the Bible, and David, between 1110 and 1070 BC, was given a hundred raisin cakes, among other things. The ancient Greeks and Romans decorated their temples with raisins and handed out their precious delicacies as a prize at sporting events.

Known varieties of raisin grapes include pale yellow, seedless, large-seeded and tiny, black, seedless. Natural raisins are "made" by leaving the ripe grapes on the stalk, dried, and dried until they turn grayish-black or greyish-brown. The skin remains rather thick. The light-colored golden enamel used mainly for making cakes is obtained by the grains are dipped in alkali, placed in sulfur smoke for 2 to 4 hours, and then dried. The raisins, which have been bleached with sulfur only, are prepared in the same way as the golden raisins, then put for 3-4 hours a day, and finally dried in the shade for several weeks. 



Can they help regulate blood sugar?

Can People with Diabetes Eat Raisins?

Eating raisins may also help to regulate glycemic control after meals.

In one study trusted Source, researchers evaluated 10 healthy participants — four males and six females — to see how raisins affected glycemic control.

Participants consumed four breakfast meals over a 2- to 8-week period. Researchers monitored their glucose and insulin levels over a 2-hour period after each meal.

They had two breakfast meals of white bread and two breakfast meals of raisins.

Researchers found that after consuming the raisin meals, participants had significantly lower glucose and insulin responses compared to after eating the white bread.

These findings have led researchers to conclude that raisins may have a positive effect on glycemic response.



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