Brain Tumor - Causes, Natural and Herbal Treatment

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What is it all about?

A brain tumor (intracranial neoplasia) can arise from the cells of the nervous system itself. Sometimes tumors of other organs also spread into the brain as metastases. Depending on the growth pattern of the cells, the tumors are more or less well-demarcated from the healthy brain tissue. The tumor tissue must be processed by a neuropathologist for the exact diagnosis. Surgical therapy alone is not sufficient for some tumors. Chemotherapy and/or radiation are then used here in addition. 


How does a brain tumor develop?

There are likely to be a number of factors involved in the development of a brain tumor. In addition to a possible disposition, there are also other, not exactly researched influences. For example, if a patient develops a tumor many years later after head radiation, there may be a connection. 

A brain tumor can also arise as a metastasis from an existing tumor focus, for example in breast cancer.




What do you think are the signs of a brain tumor?

As different as the growth pattern of the individual brain tumors is, so are the symptoms. They mainly depend on the location of the tumor. 

Possible symptoms can be:

  • A headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Changes in nature
  • Symptoms of paralysis
  • Epileptic seizures 
  • Visual disturbances
  • Speech disorders 



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Do you know how a brain tumor is diagnosed?

If a brain tumor is suspected, brain imaging must be initiated. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is suitable for the particularly precise imaging of the brain. It is supplemented by the administration of contrast media. The various functional areas and associated brain pathways can also be displayed with special sequences (functional MRI / tractography). In this way, the positional relationship of a tumor to important areas in the brain can be made visible.





What are the symptoms?

As with many diseases of the brain, the symptoms are less dependent on the type of tumor than on its location: depending on where the tumor spreads in the brain and which regions of the brain are affected, completely different symptoms can come to light.


Headache at night

There is often a headache that typically occurs during the night or in the early morning hours and improves spontaneously during the day. Over the course of days and weeks, this pain becomes increasingly severe, and medication often has no effect.

Important: headaches are extremely common and therefore no cause for alarm. If the pain is persistent and keeps recurring, it is advisable to see a doctor so that the causes can be clarified.


Paralysis and numbness

Initially, mild paralysis or numbness in a limited area of ​​the body can also be evidence of a tumor in the brain. Emerging speech disorders, which are slowly increasing, are just as typical as changes in personality: the latter can show up in more aggressive or distance-less behavior, in lack of drive or inexplicable mood swings.


Epileptic seizures

Epileptic seizures, especially in otherwise healthy older people, should always be clarified using imaging techniques, not least to rule out a brain tumor. Nausea and vomiting, especially in the early morning hours, can be the result of increased intracranial pressure caused by tumor growth.

Since there is little space in the bony skull to allow the brain to escape, the pressure in the system increases when space is taken up - as tumors are also called in technical jargon. However, these complaints are typical of more advanced stages.





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