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Why does it occur and how do you treat it?

I am very sorry that the vast majority of people are convinced that they are necessarily dying of cancer. At the same time, the success of treatment for most types of cancer is still growing, and oncology has made tremendous progress over the last few decades. In addition, if you go for preventive check-ups at least once in a while, it is very likely that any disease will be caught at an early stage and the chances of cure are much higher again. 




What Are the Cancer Signs Symptoms, Tests, and Treatments ...

Cancer is cancer during which an uncontrolled growth of a certain population of cells in the human body occurs. This means that cancer can be caused by any group of cells - both relatively harmless cells (eg warts) and very dangerous cells, which can lead to serious health problems. In such cases, it is necessary to undergo cancer treatment using methods that kill proliferating cells.

Based on the tissue from which they originate, tumors can be divided into several basic groups:

  • Mesenchymal tumors (tumors of blood vessels, ligaments, fat cells, bone, cartilage, muscle cells, blood cells, etc.)
  • Epithelial tumors (urinary tract, mammary glands, membranes, etc.)
  • Neuroectodermal tumors (tumors of nerve nodes, skin, mucous membranes, etc.)
  • Mixed tumors (tumors arising from two different tissues)

Cancer is generally divided into malignant and non-malignant. A malignant tumor is more aggressive than a non-malignant one, it grows rapidly and spreads through the body by establishing distant deposits, so-called metastases.




Cancer development and immune defense - Radboudumc

Cancer is caused by the uncontrolled proliferation and division of cells, which, if not suppressed in time in the treatment of cancer, absorb and destroy the whole organism. Such cell growth occurs due to mutations or damage to those components of DNA that are responsible for regulating cell growth.

In this case, the cells completely absorb the organism, oppress other cells, and cause health problems. In cancer, they enter the bloodstream and use it to other parts of the body, where they establish daughter deposits, so-called metastases. Tumor cells continue to grow, draw nutrients from the body and, in the worst cases, eventually kill the whole organism.





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We offer here a mixture of seeds, roots, and bark from Africa which prevent and cure all kinds of cancer (breast cancer, cancer of the liver, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer uterus, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use of cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy.






One of the basic factors influencing human health is diet. Therefore, even in the case of cancer, a lot can be proven by its treatment. However, it is good not to limit the treatment to diet, but also to follow other important principles.


Anticancerogenic diet of Josef Zezulka

Josef Zezulka (1912–1992) lived a large part of his life in a Prague apartment on Jindřich Plachta Street, where he also received his patients and very successfully treated their serious diseases, with which Orthodox medicine could no longer cope. Among them was often cancer at a well-developed stage.

He treated cancer, like other diseases, with a bicistronic effect. So to give you an idea - the treatment took place by applying energy from his hands from a distance of about 5 cm and working with the patient's psyche. He was very concerned about the growing incidence of cancer.

He set up an anti-cancer diet, without which the chances of cure were very limited. Although diet does not cure itself, it prevents the growth of tumors and is an effective adjunct to treatment.

The following are prohibited in the anticancer diet :

  • Smoking .
  • Everything that is smoked (eg smoked meat, sausages, ham, smoked cheese, etc.).
  • All roasted , even  roasted decoctions (eg coffee, melta, cocoa, chocolate, etc.).
  • All fried .
  • Everything baked . What must be eaten as baked (eg bread), cut the crust. Other pastries required (eg buns) only pale, unbaked, and as little as possible.
  • Canned  benzoic acid .
  • Everything that contains tar (eg ointments).



Herbs and plants for the treatment of anti-cancer 

Many people assume that products are safe to use when marketed as natural or herbal.

Some herbal medicines might be safe. But others can have severe and dangerous side effects. And, they might interact with other cancer treatments you are having. We need more research into this.

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in America looked at how herbal medicines can change the way other drugs work. They suggest that the following herbal remedies can interact with cancer treatments:

  • Ginkgo

Ginkgo biloba : plantation de l'arbre, taille et entretien


  • Kava kava

Kava — Wikipedia


  • Grapefruit

The Health Benefits of Grapefruit | Humboldt International Food Broker



  • St John’s wort

St. John's Wort and Depression: In Depth | NCCIH




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