7 Ways to Treat Sinusitis Quickly and Effectively

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Sinusitis is a condition of tissue swelling that lines the sinuses. Healthy sinus conditions should be filled with air. However, when the sinus is blocked by fluid, it will be overgrown with germs that eventually cause infection. This is what is known as sinusitis (often abbreviated to sinus only). This infection can cause blockages and discomfort. Some of the following natural sinusitis medications are able to relieve symptoms.


Nos Produits

It helps the mucus to become liquid so that it can drain more quickly. This herbal tea also has antibacterial and antiviral properties to relieve symptoms of inflammation. As for him, the gas to be inhaled is very effective. So you can inhale the vapor of this mixture without fear. This will help you expectorate and reduce the accumulated secretions. The combined action of herbal tea and gas helps clear the sinuses and relieve pressure. This natural treatment is very effective and has already allowed the cure of many patients. This is the secret to curing sinusitis with herbs. This will prevent you from having to have surgery. However, in addition to the natural treatment, you will need to take certain precautions. Indeed, several foods are to be banned from your daily life (milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurts). But until this is done, it will be difficult for you to recover from your sinusitis. 

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7 herbal treatment for sinusitis


1. Apply Essential Oil

The first way you can try to treat sinusitis is with the help of essential oils. Inhalation of essential oils directly can help reduce sinus pressure on the nose.

Essential oils are highly recommended because they are made from herbal plants and natural ingredients.

One type of essential oil that is recommended by Medical News Today is menthol oil.

2. Meet the Body's Water Needs

Don't underestimate the importance of drinking enough water for your body! As you know, about 70 percent of the human body is water.

Therefore, a lack of body fluids can cause serious problems for dangerous diseases.

Meeting drinking water needs is also proven to be able to effectively reduce the effects of the sinus.

3. How to treat sinusitis with acupressure

Acupressure is one of the techniques of traditional Chinese medicine that is already very well known in the world of alternative medicine. The way it works is by pressing certain points on the body related to the perceived disease.

Acupressure by an expert has also been shown to help reduce symptoms of sinusitis significantly.

4. Use a Nasal Spray

One way to treat sinusitis which is pretty much chosen by people is the help of nasal spray.

The saline nasal spray is indeed one of its functions to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis. However, you can not carelessly use this nasal spray.

Because the drug is the same as other types of drugs that have their own dosage and usage rules. If you want to use sinusitis spray medicine, you should recommend the doctor!

5. How to treat sinusitis with nasal compresses

Want to treat sinusitis more easily? Try to simply compress the area around the nose with warm water. You only need to prepare warm water with a clean towel, after that you can directly compress your nose.

If you want more comfort, you can also add a mixture of spices such as ginger or turmeric to compressed water.

Don't forget to focus the compress on the nose, cheeks, and under eyes area.

6. Get enough rest

Basically, if you want to be healthy and fit it means you have to spend enough rest. Adequate rest is not only needed when you are sick but also when you are healthy. The reason is rest is the time when the body regenerates cells and replenishes energy reserves.

Without adequate rest, a healthy person will be sick and a sick person will not be healthy.

7. Elevate the position of the head during sleep

This simple method can also be practiced so that sinusitis can be cured soon. When sleeping, make sure the head position is higher than usual. Use a few extra pillows as support, but make sure the head is still comfortable. This is done to reduce the pressure around the sinuses so that it is not so painful.


Special recommendation for sinusitis


The natural cure that recommends emptying the sinuses can help you get rid of your sinusitis.


  1. Dried chamomile
  2. Towel
  3. That
  4. Container


  • The first thing to do first is to boil it by putting half a liter of water in an empty container.
  • Throw 3 tablespoons of dried chamomile in boiling water.
  • Then cover your head with a towel or a thick cloth and stop in the midst of the water. In the meantime, take your breath away from your mouth, not your mouth.
  • After stopping in this way for 5 minutes, take the same process again with a 30-minute break.
  • Take a 3-day break from the day the stream begins to arrive.
  • Continue this process until the sinusitis is completely dry.

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