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Jangan Sampai Kelebihan atau Kekurangan Hormon Tiroid - Alodokter


To be clear, hyperthyroid disease or hyperthyroidism means the thyroid gland is overactive. It is characterized by hypermetabolism (increased metabolism) and high serum free thyroid hormone.

Reporting from Halodoc.com, the thyroid gland is an organ located in the front of the neck that produces hormones to control metabolism, breathing, heart rate, nervous system, body weight, body temperature, and many other functions in the body. 

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism are related to the effects of excess thyroid hormone.

The following symptoms for example, increased blood pressure, tremors, easy hunger, irregular heartbeat, nausea, and many more.




Are you a victim of hypethyroidism? You are experiencing uncontrollable weight loss? You are unable to carry on your activities normally? Try africandoctor's herbal tea. 





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​It is a natural, effective, and lasting remedy that w ill allow you to overcome hyperthyroidism. The herbal tea contains many active ingredients, in particular polyphenols, polysaccharides, mucilages, micronutrients, proteins and vitamins. Our natural remedy is made up of plants that regulates  the production of thyroid hormones. These plants are recognized as the most effective in the world for curing hyperthyroidism. They allow effective control of hyperthyroidism. These plants will also help your body adapt to stressful situations and also contribute to the health of the immune system. Our natural remedy is the quick fix for naturally curing hyperthyroidism. Finally, in addition to curing hyperthyroidism, the natural remedy is also very effective in treating menopausal disorders.

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Here are 5 natural ingredients that are believed to be able to overcome hyperthyroidism.



1. Lemon Balm


Lemon balm, also known as Melissa officinalis, is an herb that can help normalize overactive thyroid by reducing TSH levels. 

Even lemon balm is able to block the activity of antibodies that stimulate the thyroid gland and cause Graves' disease, which is a common form of hyperthyroidism.


2. Herbal Motherwort


Herbal Motherwort is a flowering herbal plant from the mint family. Herbal Motherwort is also known as Leonurus cardiaca. This plant acts as a natural beta-blocker and helps control tachycardia (high heart rate) and palpitations.


3. Broccoli

Benefits of Broccoli


Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that contains a substance known as isothiocyanate and goitrogen. Broccoli is believed to help keep the thyroid from producing too much hormone.

In addition to broccoli, some vegetables that have the possibility to help overcome hyperthyroidism include cauliflower, turnips, mustard greens, and kale.

4. Seaweed

Seaweed is a good source for iodine, an essential mineral for thyroid health.  Natural iodine in sea vegetables can normalize thyroid-related disorders such as obesity and lymphatic system congestion.

5. Berries

Berries are rich in vitamins and various antioxidant properties that can help reduce inflammation in the thyroid gland. You can eat various types of fruit such as blue berries, black berries, strawberries, cherries and others.



Dietary Changes That Can Help With Hyperthyroidism


Fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, lean proteins, and whole grains are essential for any balanced diet. For hyperthyroidism, Rizzo recommends the following:

Freshwater Salmon “Fish has healthy fats, which contribute to maintaining your weight,” says Rizzo. “This is vital for those with overactive thyroid, who tend to continually lose weight.” You may need to steer clear, though, of saltwater fish due to the excess iodine content that’s found in ocean waters. 

Lentils These are a good source of protein and fiber without the saturated fats found in meats.

Calcium-Rich Foods “If left untreated, hyperthyroidism can weaken the bones,” says Rizzo. “To counteract this, it’s necessary to get at least three servings of calcium per day.” Since dairy products contain iodine, you may want to focus on nondairy sources of calcium instead. 

Fortified foods are a good place to start, but you may also consider asking your doctor about calcium supplements if you’re getting less than the 1,000 milligram (mg) daily recommendation. The recommendation goes up to 1,200 mg per day for women over 51 and men over 71. 



Foods to Avoid or Cut Back on When You Have Hyperthyroidism


People with hyperthyroidism may need to consider avoiding certain foods — especially those that are high in iodine. Iodine is prevalent in American diets, thanks to processed foods and iodized salt. Since the thyroid takes up iodine easily, eating too much can make hyperthyroid symptoms worse. 

Your doctor may also recommend a temporary low iodine diet.  “Some patients may undergo radioactive iodine therapy and may be prescribed a low-iodine diet,” explains Rizzo. “This means they have to avoid iodized salt, cheese, milk, eggs, and saltwater fish.”

Still, this doesn’t mean you will necessarily have to avoid iodine forever. Your doctor is your best resource for determining whether you need to cut down on iodine-rich foods for your condition.



Would you like to discover the most effective natural method to eliminate hyperthyroidism without surgery, in a short time, safely and permanently!

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