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Traditional medicine for hydrocele - an alternative to surgical intervention

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Modern treatment for dropsy of the testicle is carried out surgically. During the operation, which takes place under anesthesia, the surgeon makes an incision in the scrotum and pumps out the fluid that has accumulated in it. During the procedure, the doctor eliminates the cause of the pathology.After surgery, the patient has to wear supportive underwear, often antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. Such therapy gives a positive result and allows the patient to forget about hydrocele forever. But surgery is not the only way to treat scrotal edema.If a man suffers dropsy in its early stage, it is successfully treated with alternative methods, which our great-grandfathers used. However, you need to understand that treatment with folk remedies will not bring success and will not save a person from dropsy, if carried out without supervision from a medical or traditionl doctor. Self-medication in the case of hydrocele is unacceptable under any conditions, since it can lead to serious health problems.



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Our products are natural and herbal and herbal. So our herbal teas have no side effects, either on the body or on health. Our treatment is therefore not dangerous. So, You will be able to treat testicular hydrocele without operation and without fear of the appearance of side effects.The use of herbal products to treat testicular hydrocele usually gives excellent results and avoids surgery. Generally, with the exception of too late diagnosis, our natural treatment makes it possible to treat hydrocele easily. It therefore leaves no sequelae. This natural remedy is a natural secret for those who want a cure for the testicular hydrocele without surgery. So the solution is often found in nature!
Duration of treatment
The duration of our natural treatment against testicular hydrocele varies from 1 to 2 months. This varies depending on the size of the hydrocele. This natural treatment is the secret to healing testicular hydrocele without surgery. However, our care is individualized. It will vary depending on your symptoms and expectations.

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Peas for swelling of the scrotum

Cooking With Legumes: Dried Peas - Dr. Weil's Healthy Kitchen

When treating dropsy of the testicle with folk remedies, a pea compress proved to be quite good. To prepare a healing compress you will need:

  • dry peas - 50 g;
  • water - 500 ml;
  • a small piece of clean cotton



  • Peas must be placed at the bottom of the pan, pour cold water and leave to swell for 1 hour. 
  • After that, put the pot on the stove, bring the peas to a boil, reduce the heat and cook for about a quarter of an hour. 
  • When the pea broth cools down slightly, moisten the tissue in it and attach to the swollen scrotum for 15-20 minutes. Such a compress quickly removes puffiness from the testicles. 
  • Do the procedure 1-2 times a day until complete recovery. Pea broth can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days, before use it must be heated to body temperature. 

If within 2-3 days there is no improvement or the scrotum increases in size even more, then the patient should abandon this method of treatment and consult a doctor.



Parsley Benefits, Nutrition Facts, Uses and Recipes - Dr. Axe

Since ancient times, the treatment of hydrocele by folk methods was carried out using ordinary parsley. Male representatives who want to use this method of getting rid of dropsy of the testicles need to prepare:

  • parsley leaves - 800 g;
  • fresh unpasteurized milk - 1 l.



  • The washed leaves are laid on the bottom of the pan, pour milk on top of them. 
  • The pan is put in the oven, where the milk should be browned (but not boiled) for 3-4 hours. 
  • When the milk becomes 2 times less than the original volume, the dishes are removed from the oven, its contents are cooled and filtered. 
  • The man must drink the received medicine 15-30 ml every 60 minutes. 
  • The prepared portion should be enough for 1 day of treatment. The next day, prepare the medicine again. 

According to folk healers, the infusion of parsley in milk helps get rid of hydrocele even in the most severe cases.


Getting rid of dropsy of the testicle with herbs

Melilot Banque d'images et photos libres de droit - iStock

Dropsy of the testicle in men can be cured with the help of an infusion of medicinal herbs. For its preparation, it is necessary to mix in equal proportions the dried flowers of medicinal melilot and the grass of coltsfoot. For one serving, you need to take a tablespoon of a mixture of these herbs, pour it with a glass of boiling water, cover and insist for half an hour. When the herbal mixture is infused, it must be filtered through a dense gauze and the resulting liquid taken orally 60 ml (4 full tablespoons) up to 5 times a day. Both components of the herbal infusion have anti-edematous properties, and, complementing each other, they contribute to the successful removal of excess fluid from the male scrotum. The course of treatment for clover and coltsfoot should continue until complete recovery.



Cómo hacer una crema de caléndula casera de forma fácil paso a paso

For the treatment of hydrocele with folk remedies, medicines made from calendula ointment and baby cream, taken in a ratio of 1: 1, are suitable. Every two nights, a mixture of two components should be applied liberally to a swollen scrotum every night, cover with a piece of a sterile bandage folded in several layers, and then wear tight underwear made from natural fabric. The procedure must be repeated daily until the dropsy completely disappears.


Burlap grass


To get rid of hydrocele, men use the following method: they take 1 liter of high-quality white wine, pour 100 g of common burlap grass into it, boil it for five minutes, let it cool to room temperature and filter it through a thick sieve. Gauze, folded in several layers, moistened in a wine infusion and applied to the sore spot for half an hour. The number of procedures is 1-2 times a day. Compresses help remove excess fluid from the testicles.





The initial stage of testicular dropsy is successfully cured by the flowers of chamomile. Best for this purpose are fresh plant flowers. Of these, it is necessary to make gruel by passing them through a meat grinder. Shredded chamomile wrapped in gauze is applied to the swollen testicles for 20 minutes. The procedure should be repeated 2-3 times a day. Usually, such folk treatment manages to completely get rid of small dropsy in 10 days.



Treatment of the disease with vegetable juices


As traditional methods of treating dropsy of the testicle, you can use fresh juice of some vegetables.Fresh squeezed pumpkin juice will help cope with this unpleasant male disease. With edema in the scrotum zone, you need to drink half a glass of pumpkin juice daily. Pumpkin perfectly removes excess water from the body, and with its regular use, dropsy will gradually pass. Also, with hydrocele, it will be useful for men to include in their diet various dishes from this healthy vegetable.



Onions will help to forget about dropsy of testicles. Before going to bed, you need to cut 2 medium onions into cubes and sprinkle them with sugar on top. Overnight, the onion will let in liquid, which in the morning needs to be drained into a clean container. Take 2 tablespoons onion juice every morning. Treatment should continue until the scrotal edema disappears completely.



Freshly squeezed black radish juice with the addition of honey has proven itself in the fight against hydrocele. In the first days of treatment, you need to drink 75-85 ml of juice per day, dividing this volume by 3 times. Gradually, the daily dose of black radish juice must be increased to 400 ml, drinking it, as before, for 3 doses. Black radish has an acute taste, so it is contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Such patients need to choose other methods of treatment.



With dropsy of testicles, it is good to eat grapes. In order for this delicacy to help remove the fluid accumulated in the scrotum, it is necessary to eat 10 large grape berries every morning and after that try to eat nothing for several hours. In order for the treatment of hydrocele with grapes to give a positive result, it must be continued for a long time (up to one month).



During the entire period of treatment of dropsy of the testicle, a man needs to adhere to a vegetarian diet, eat as much raw cabbage, cucumbers, watercress, eggplant, parsnip as possible. Instead of tea, it is useful to drink a decoction made from watermelon peels. It has a diuretic effect and effectively removes excess water from the scrotum. IF YOU ARE A SUFFERER, AND INTERESTED IN GOING THROUGH THIS NATURAL TREATMENT YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!!!

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