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Chronic Prostatitis - Harvard Health

How to cure prostatitis folk remedies, is it really possible to do this?

Reluctance to see a doctor among men is common, especially if the disease concerns the intimate sphere. However, despite the fact that folk remedies for prostatitis in men can be very effective, they should be considered as an addition to the scheme prescribed by the urologist, and not the main treatment. Infectious pathology is treated only with antibacterial drugs, and to guarantee the result, it is advisable to take an analysis for the pathogen, depending on the results of which the doctor will select the most effective medication (or several). And the rejection of traditional therapy at the beginning of the disease, with the hope of healing with "natural" medicines, often leads to the transition of prostatitis to the chronic stage and the development of complications. Most men note a decrease in the severity of symptoms of prostatitis with a combination of traditional medicine and traditional treatment. In addition, natural remedies are considered effective during remission of the disease, as the prevention of exacerbation. 

NONTHELESS, the experts of africandoctor.net have discovered the PERFECT mixture of plants to help fight against prostatitis WITHOUT SIDE EFFECT and POSITIVE RESULT.


This natural remedy to permanently and quickly cure prostatitis that we offer is composed of two elements: a herbal tea and an ointment. The herbal tea is made up of plants that have anti-inflammatory, astringent, antibacterial and calming properties. It works in particular by reducing the swelling of the prostate gland and providing immense relief. This natural remedy also contains several natural anti-inflammatory compounds that inhibit the inflammatory process that triggers inflammation and pain in the prostate gland. It also helps relieve urinary symptoms, including those caused by an enlarged prostate without having to have an operation. The natural remedy also helps cure urination difficulties and it restores sexual balance. So this is the secret to cure prostatitis by plants. Your health, our priority!!!

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Roman, 35 years old:

“Because of sedentary work, chronic prostatitis has earned, the doctor advised to put leeches. At first I doubted for a long time, as it were, a folk method, but decided to try it - it was a little disgusting, but nothing more. After two sessions, my health improved, the doctor says we must continue. "

Igor, 48 years old:

“When the next exacerbation of prostatitis began, I read about pumpkin seed oil. I began to drink it every morning and did set of tampons. And a friend advised the drug me to add Predstanol, a doctor prescribed the natural product for him. Swelling has become less, almost no pain. "

Pavel, 43 years old: “After hypothermia, a cough began, and the prostate became inflamed. The urologist prescribed a course of antibiotics, and I added candles with propolis - I don’t know what worked, but it became easier in just a few days. In any case, I continue to be treated, the matter needs to be completed. ”

Denis, 54 years old: “For a long time I had chronic prostatitis, was treated by a doctor. After the last course I began to eat garlic on the teeth, sometimes several a day, for the prevention I occasionally use Saki mud . Also from time to time I drink Prostodin drops in courses. The last two years, the prostate does not bother. " 


Anton, 39 years old: “When I encountered problems with urination, I suspected prostatitis. A friend advised me to drink onion juice - he says it helps. And, apparently, it did but my stomach is weak - problems started right away: nausea, burning sensation. In general, I turned to a urologist, he prescribed pills - I’m starting treatment.

Tips for relieving BPH symptoms

Four simple steps can help relieve some of the symptoms of BPH:

  1. Reduce stress by exercising regularly and practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation.
  2. When you go to the bathroom, take the time to empty your bladder completely to reduce the need for subsequent trips to the toilet.
  3. Talk with your doctor about all prescription and over-the-counter medications you're taking; some may contribute to the problem. 
  4. Avoid drinking fluids in the evening, particularly caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. Both can affect the muscle tone of the bladder and stimulate the kidneys to produce urine, leading to nighttime urination.

To get this product for prostatitis, click here or contact our experts on OR CALL/WHATSAPP: +229 90431725

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