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In Male Infertility

Male infertility boils down to problem with the genitals, which is the scrotum. So what's in the scrotum? Other than the testicle, we have the epididymis, spermatic cord, blood vessels and linnings. 

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  1. What is testicular atrophy?
  3. What causes testicular atrophy?
  4. Risk factors
  5. Symptoms and clinical presentation of testicular atrophy
  6. Which doctor treats testicular atrophy?
  7. Diagnosis of testicular atrophy
  8. Treatment regimen for testicular atrophy
  9. Possible complications
  10. Measures for the prevention of testicular atrophy
  11. Folk remedies



Testicular atrophy is an acquired pathology characterized by a decrease in the size of the genital organ and impaired reproductive function. Atrophic changes can only develop on the formed organ and do not belong to congenital pathologies of the development of the genitourinary system.

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What causes testicular atrophy?

  • Various injuries, as well as surgical operations in the testicles. It should be noted that the degenerative process does not develop immediately, but after A fairly long time.
  • Disruption of blood circulation in the testicles, in which the flow of arterial blood decreases, that is, oxygen and nutrients do not enter the tissue, as a result of which they atrophy
  • Neurological disorders that may occur due to damage to the seminal nerve or, for example, the lumbar spine
  • Orchitis (inflammation of the testicle), which often develops as a complication of various infectious diseases (for example, mumps or STIs) and usually affects only one testicle. Due to the inflammatory process in the parenchyma, a gradual sclerosis of tissues occurs, and after one or two decades, atrophy of the left or right testicle may develop. It should be noted that persistent lesion of the seminiferous tubules due to mumps is noted, as a rule, in patients who have had the disease in their teens or as adults.
  • Hydrocele (dropsy of the testicle)
  • Testicular torsion
  • Hormonal disorders that provoke the development of bilateral testicular atrophy
  • Taking steroids


Risk factors

The most common causes of testicular atrophy:

  • circulatory failure in the genital area, for example, with atherosclerosis;
  • inflammation of the testicle, which leads to deterioration of not only capillary blood supply, but also the conduction of nerve fibers;
  • neurological pathology with subsequent impossibility of neuroregulation;
  • genital surgery;
  • hydrocele and varicocele.


Symptoms and clinical presentation of testicular atrophy

  • The patient notices the change in the size and density of the testicles during palpation - these very symptoms often become the reason for seeking advice from an urologist andrologist. With atrophy of the right or left testicle, a decrease in size is observed on one side, with bilateral atrophy - on both.
  • Weakness, lethargy, decreased sex drive may be due to a decrease in the level of testosterone, which is produced mainly in the testes
  • Infertility


Which doctor treats testicular atrophy

Testicular atrophy is treated by the doctor who deals with the etiological disease of the patient. This may be an angiologist, rheumatologist, endocrinologist, neuropathologist.


Diagnosis of testicular atrophy

At the patient’s first visit, the doctor finds out his complaints and performs an examination of the external genitalia. In addition, tests are performed if there is a suspicion of testicular atrophy.


Diagnostic Methods

The most informative method for diagnosing testicular atrophy is a spermogram (analysis of ejaculate). In the presence of pathology, it shows a reduced volume of secreted seminal fluid and a small amount of sperm in it. This picture is observed both with bilateral testicular atrophy, and with unilateral, when the second testicle is fully preserved.


Treatment regimen for testicular atrophy

To date, treatment for testicular atrophy, which can completely eliminate the problem, does not exist. A certain therapeutic effect is provided by etiotropic treatment.


The main methods of treatment and contraindications

How to treat testicular atrophy depends on the cause of this pathology. In case of vascular disorders, drugs are prescribed that improve the blood supply to damaged tissues.To improve the function of neuroregulation, galantamine derivatives are used. When prescribing drugs containing this substance, its high allergenicity should be considered. In the presence of atherosclerotic plaques, it is recommended to take antiplatelet agents, for example, Cardiomagnyl.

To exclude possible complications in a healthy testicle, surgery is indicated (ectomy of the damaged organ).


Possible complications

In the absence of maintenance therapy, a healthy testicle performs a compensatory function, which leads to its hypertrophy. In the stage of decompensation, the likelihood of developing male infertility as a complication of testicular atrophy is high.



Measures for the prevention of testicular atrophy

Prevention of testicular atrophy is the emergency treatment of diseases that can cause genital tissue necrosis. This may be the result of uncontrolled administration of steroid group drugs.


Folk remedies

• Take 100 g of hop flowers, pour them with 2 cups boiling water. After 30 minutes, strain and drink 1/2 cup 2 times a day.

• Take in equal proportions black poplar buds, lingonberry leaves, St. John's wort grass, chamomile flowers and elderberry flowers. 2 tbsp. l chopped collection pour 500 ml of boiling water, leave for 24 hours. Take 2 tbsp. l 5 times a day.

• Take 1 tbsp. l bearberry leaves, corn stigmas, herbs with violet roots, green beans. 2 tbsp. l collection pour 1 liter of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes, then strain. Drink 2-3 tbsp. l 3 times a day.

• Take 2 tbsp. l calamus swamp root, peppermint leaves, rhubarb Tangut, yarrow, 3 tbsp. l flax seeds, wormwood herbs, hop hapiculture, 4 tbsp. l ivy-shaped budra herbs, rhizomes with licorice roots, 5 tbsp each. l leaves of wild strawberry, black nightshade fruit. 5 - b Art. l collection pour 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 1-2 hours, strain. Drink during the day.

• Take 1 tbsp. l fruits of anise, juniper and parsley, grass of a shepherd’s bag, roots of a stalnik and dandelion and bear berry leaves. 3 tbsp. l collection pour 500 ml of boiling water and insist 20-25 minutes, strain. Drink 1 glass in the morning and evening. In chronic epididymitis.

• Take 3 tbsp. l St. John's wort herbs, peppermint leaves, blackcurrant leaves, rose hips, thuja shoots, 4 tbsp. l lingonberry leaves, stigmas of corn, horsetail grass, 5 tbsp. l parsley herbs, wheatgrass rhizomes. 5 - b Art. l collection pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist 1–2 hours, strain. Drink during the day.

• Take 2 tbsp. l herbs of goose cinquefoil and celandine, birch leaves, juniper fruits and stalnik root. 4 tbsp. l collection pour 1 liter of boiling water, wait until it cools, and strain. Drink 3 times a day for 1 glass.

• Take 1 tbsp. l horsetail grass, tansy flowers, lingonberry leaves. 2 tbsp. l collection pour 300 ml of boiling water, insist 30 minutes, drain. Drink 1 glass in the morning (during breakfast) and in the evening.

• Take 1 tsp. nettle leaves, calamus rhizomes, peppermint leaves, 1 tbsp. l horsetail grass, black elderberry flowers, linden flowers, juniper fruits, rose hips. 2 tbsp. l pour 450 ml of boiling water into the mixture, leave for 15–20 minutes, strain. Drink 1 glass in the morning (during breakfast) and in the evening.

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