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SURPRISING NATURAL SOLUTION for HYDROCELE : CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE (diet, underwears and physical activities)

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Are you suffering from dropsy of the testicle ? Your testicles are swollen and you don’t know how to go about ? Your personal life is distrupted and you don’t see a way out ? Have you consulted your doctor ? if you haven’t, do it. Your doctor is the closest friend you need at this point, to best monitor the progress or healing of the disease. What is more interesting is that nature can become your best friend and companion ? Do you want to discover how ?

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Hydrocele which is one of the male infertility diseases today, has shatterd lives. Furthermore,  newborns are also at risk of developing this pathology.

Hopefuly, the experts of africandoctor have discovered the best mixture of african plants to help in the treatment of this dreadful disease. The trick is not to panic !!!!!

Africandoctor’s natural remedy for hydrocele

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As we know this disease occurs in both male children and adult men or adolescents. If you have a hydrocele, don't panic anymore. We have a special herbal remedy that will get rid of hydrocele. Indeed, our tisane will stimulate the movement of fluids in your body to resolve the blockage and allow the liquid to be drawn into the body. It will also relax your muscles to resolve sensitivity. Before thinking about having an operation give our natural remedy a chance!!

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Lifestyle for such a disease

5 mistakes that will sabotage a healthy diet - Harvard Health

Is it possible to prevent or treat this pathology with just lifestyle changes ? is it not too late ?

Treatment of testicular dropsy with changes in lifestyle implies that in addition to folk remedies as well as medical treatment, you must change your lifestyle and trust in this changes and what ever treatment you have chosen. Very often, stress, an incorrectly drawn daily routine, affects and weakens the body, making it a target for the development of the disease.


Find your daily routine, namely :

  • morning rise and going to bed: Getting enough sleep will help you recover.
  • Review your diet : It should be balanced and healthy, free from excess fats and harmful substances. Add to your diet foods like, apple, oranges, grapes, strawberry, papaya pineapple, watermelon, tomato, lettuce, catalina,chamomile tea, pumpkin juice.  Avoid foods like ; pickles, all hot and spicy foods, burger, cheese burger, …

Brave Person String Jock - South Pacific Underwear

  • Wear comfortable underwear or even a suspension:They will help you get rid of discomfort at first and prevent the development of the disease.
  • Particular attention must be paid to physical activity :  You should forget about heavy sports or athletics for a while, long walks and do yoga in the fresh air will be a great addition to treatment methods.


What will happen to dropsy of the testicle if this disease is not treated?

The error some men make is that they expect the hydrocele to leave their body on its own, which is almost impossible. Do not expect the hydrocele to leave your body on its own.

Cases of self-healing without any action are very rare, therefore, do not have high hopes for this.

However, very often hydrocele is an age-related change in the scrotum, when, due to increased growth, a similar incident occurs in the body. 


Can dropsy of the testicle pass by itself?

As a rule, spontaneous dropsy of the testicle occurs in adolescents aged 15 to 18 years.

But if your age is older, or if you do not want to risk the health of the child and wait for the problem to resolve itself, then start acting now.

Reason to see a doctor

​​When To See A Doctor For Back Pain - Pain Doctor

It is very important for a man to know that when certain symptoms appear, it is better to consult a doctor. Well, what is the cause of dropsy? In fact, it is not difficult to independently detect this disease at home. First of all, carefully monitor whether the scrotum has changed in color, size, and also, the structure of the skin .
If you see a slight reddening, swelling, or veins appear very strongly, this is an alarming bell because it is possible that a hydrocele develops in the body.

Also, during physical exertion, having sex, as well as in a dream, you may be overcome by a feeling of itching, burning, heaviness, and even pain in the inguinal region. This also indicates the development of the disease.

If you feel the swelling of the penis and scrotum, this is already the basis and a sign of hydrocele .

Problems with urination, pain and pain also aggravate your situation and indicates that it is necessary to intervene with a specialist who can treat dropsy of the testicle without surgery.


Thus, treatment of testicular hydrocele without surgery is possible. You can get rid of the disease yourself, and for this you do not need to apply any special measures of influence.

All you need to know is that this disease is treated at home, but only if you give it due attention.
Only in your hands is your health, therefore, strive to carry out the treatment properly.

Surgery sometimes becomes one of the most effective procedures in getting rid of complex diseases.

  • Swelling of the genital area: Sometimes edema occurs, and then disappears for no particular reason. If we are talking about dropsy, then the problem will manifest itself at night. During the day, fluid is distributed throughout the abdominal cavity, releasing channels. Therefore, an increase may not be observed for some time, but later it appears again.
  • Pain: In the scrotum, pain appears, which are expressed slightly. Rather, severe discomfort is characteristic, especially when you click on a problem area.
  • Often, dropsy is accompanied by an inflammatory proces: It is characterized by the presence of severe redness. When the skin and internal cavities become inflamed, the pain becomes more distinct and brings a lot of discomfort. Inflammatory processes with dropsy should be removed, this requires a visit to a doctor and the appointment of adequate therapy.
  • If the dropsy is not red, but it hurts a lot, we can talk about an injury that was previously received . Because of this, fluid accumulation and edema occurred.
  • If dropsy is accompanied by fever, we are talking about the development of concomitant infection . In this case, there is a feeling of heaviness in the groin.

Diagnosis begins with a visit to a urologist. He will conduct an external examination of the genitals, compare the symptoms, determine the exact location of the problem and the nature of its development. Diaphanoscopy, which is a painless procedure, will also be prescribed.

As part of its implementation, the organs are illuminated with a special device, with which it is possible to extract light with the necessary indicators.

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