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Squats - the best exercises for prostatitis ➤ 10/04/2020 I cured my husband prostatitis folk remedies 20/29 If the underlying inammatory disease (and not the bacterial) is at the heart of the disease, it is possible that the blood supply to the muscles surrounding the prostate gland is impaired. To restore blood circulation there is no better and more eective exercise than squats. To begin with, you should pass the test and try to sit down with straight arms raised above the head. Squats should be deep, that is, the pelvis should not be held at or above the knees. Performing this exercise at least 100 times indicates a good potential for the treatment of prostatitis. Leg pain is a sign of muscle weakness and insucient blood supply to the pelvic organs and the prostate as well. No need to do a hundredfold squats daily, enough and 3 times a week. The simpler option is to do 3 sets in a row, 50 times, with a break of 3 minutes between sets. It is necessary to strive for the treasured gure of "one hundred", complementing squats with other exercises: Performing “scissors” sitting on the oor and leaning with your hands a little behind the back (20 times with each foot); Raising straight legs in the supine position (20 times). The complex of these exercises in combination with squats will help get rid of prostatitis without medication. Other exercises to treat prostatitis ➤ 10/04/2020 I cured my husband prostatitis folk remedies 21/29 Exercise 1. Lie on your back, put your legs bent over so that the knees are near your face. Grasp your legs with your hands, and in this position you need to lie down for 3 to 20 minutes. This is a very eective exercise and helps even with exacerbation of prostatitis, but patience is needed. The eect is better, the longer you lie so, but no more than 20 minutes. Exercise 2. In the morning, when you wake up, rst do a massage of the perineum for ve minutes. This massage will save you from stagnation of the prostate gland. Before eating, do another exercise: standing at full height, legs together, squat for one third and in this position alternately move your knees forward, rst left, then right. Continue to do so for ve minutes. In the evening, the exercise can be repeated. The rst time, of course, will be dicult, but with time you will get used to it. And you denitely will not need to be afraid of prostatitis if you like to walk. The most affordable exercise Walking 2-3 hours a week reduces the risk of prostate enlargement (BPH) by 5-25%, and also by 31% reduces the chance of experiencing severe nocturia (the prevalence of nighttime diuresis over daytime). (one)

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