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A more well-known and understandable definition of the disease is dropsy of testicular membranes. But in official medicine, the pathology is called "hydrocele". The essence of this condition is that the lymphatic fluid undergoes a violation of the outflow, and the testicle shells serve as a reservoir for its accumulation. The condition can affect both segments of the paired organ simultaneously. This causes groin edema. The scrotum increases in size. Dropsy does not threaten the life of a man, does not carry a mortal danger. But the pathology is known for its many complications for the reproductive health of men. Given the range of probable negative outcomes, an adequate therapeutic approach is necessary, which is the competence of a urologist.

NOTHWITHSTANDING, the experts of africandoctor, have found the most effective mixture of african best plants to treat all stages of hydrocele.




Male infertility

Our products are natural and herbal. It comprises of both tisane and balm with no side effects, either on the body or on health. Our treatment is therefore not dangerous. So, You will be able to treat testicular hydrocele without operation and without fear of the appearance of side effects.The use of herbal products to treat testicular hydrocele usually gives excellent results and avoids surgery. Generally, with the exception of too late diagnosis, our natural treatment makes it possible to treat hydrocele easily. It therefore leaves no sequelae. This natural remedy is a natural secret for those who want a cure for the testicular hydrocele without surgery. Hence, the solution is often found in nature!
Duration of treatment
The duration of our natural treatment against testicular hydrocele varies from 1 to 2 months. This varies depending on the size of the hydrocele. This natural treatment is the secret to healing testicular hydrocele without surgery. However, our care is individualized. It will vary depending on your symptoms and expectations.

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In order to get rid of such an ailment as hydrocele, it is necessary to also be aware of  drug therapy. It includes a number of approaches, each of which can be introduced. In this section, we will tell you more about how to cure dropsy of the scrotum with medications.

First of all, give preference to antibiotic therapy .

 Since dropsy can be triggered by an infectious disease, it is quite possible that you will need to first eliminate the infection from the body.

Therefore, you need to stock up on antibacterial drugs. An antihistamine will not be amiss.

The next step in the treatment of dropsy is the ability to carry out treatment with drugs aimed at narrowing the blood vessels.

Unfortunately, it is the dilated vessels that provoke the swelling of the scrotum, as well as other consequences that affect the development of dropsy. You need to narrow the vessels, and then, you will achieve a result.

Drug therapy involves the use of various oils and ointments. 

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They help relieve swelling, pain, redness, itching, and swelling. However, all of the above drugs should be prescribed by your urologist, and not by yourself.

It is likely that the independent treatment prescribed by you, and the drugs themselves, can be harmful.

How is the treatment going?

Non-surgical treatment does not only mean taking medications orally, in the case where the situation does not change, you have to act more dramatically through sclerosis.

So, sclerosis is one of the most popular ways to solve the problem, but this technique does not always help to completely get rid of the disease. With the help of certain manipulations, which are carried out under local anesthesia, all the excess is pumped out into the cavity where the fluid has accumulated.


Also, in some cases, the operation simply cannot be performed . This usually happens for medical reasons or in the elderly. Then, periodic sclerosis becomes the solution. Once every six months, the patient visits a doctor and carries out the appropriate manipulations.

It must be understood that the operation nevertheless gives a more lasting effect, in addition, it allows you to once and for all get rid of both the disease and its consequences. In this case, the fluid is not just pumped out, but the channel leading to the pocket is sewn up, where the contents are accumulated.

That is, after such manipulation and passing the recovery course, the patient no longer waits for the dropsy to appear again and everything will happen again.

* :Hence, Sclerosis does not always help get rid of dropsy - the effect can last about six months, and then, if the channels are not sewn up, the fluid accumulates in the pockets again and requires either repeated sclerotherapy or surgery.


Hirudotherapy is not an exact science, but a centuries-old experience; so its not far from nature.  Many hirudotherapy rules do not conform to evidence-based medicine, but they do work. hirudotherapy can be used to treat serious diseases and can also be used for recovery, healing, rejuvenating procedures.

Hirudotherapy involves the use of leeches for medical therapy. From hirudin, the active principle in the salivary secretion of leeches that acts as a potent  anticoagulant.

HOWEVER, there are principles that governs the use of leech

The first principle

Wherever you put the leech - it's still useful (except where you don't have to put it if you don't have proper medical education). Do not place leeches in large veins, place them on thin skin, face, in body cavity.

Principle Two

There are certain points, areas that affect the whole body. Common action points: tailbone, navel, perineum, liver, pancreas, eyes on chakra. If we want to achieve maximum success in treating local processes, we work with the eyes, the general action zone.

The third principle

In addition to the usual, we can act directly on the patient locally. We put it where it hurts the most, or where there are major problems with hirudotherapy.

Can i put leech at home ?

 Of course you can, but the question is, who will put the leech? Hirudotherapist or yourself? What's the difference?

 The fact that only a doctor can put many leeches, combine them with various medications, put leeches in the mouth, nose, vagina. At the same time, doctors are aware of the potential risks and are prepared to resist them in the event of complications.


Anyone who has ever had dropsy of the testicle pain and discomfort knows how unpleasant it is. He is familiar with the sensation of an approaching exacerbation and the words of urologists. Medicine hasn’t come up with any other way. ” Medicine really did not come up with another way. But nature itself tells a person how to cure most urological diseases. These are medical leeches. At home, we recommend that you take a preventive course of hirudotherapy once every six months with the help of a specialist.


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