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Are you at risk for male menopause? Many health experts argue that there is no such thing. In that case, could you be experiencing it? How would you know? And what could be done about it?

It is sometimes equated to female menopause, but this is just one of the false myths associated with andropause. What is reality and what is fiction when we talk about this syndrome?

In this article these myths and truth will be delibated.

HOWEVER, here is africandoctor's solution to deal with the symptoms.


adrenopause remedy

Our herbal remedy is composed of the best herbs and plants that has properties to cure male infertility caused by azoospermia, oligospermia, adrenopause, teratospermia, testicular torsion and so on. One of the objective of this treatment is to increase the testosterone which is responsible for most of the activities accomplished in men. It has been used in Africa for several years now by those who know the secrets of plants. It has proven effective several time. Now, thanks to AfricanDoctor, you have the chance to try it. 


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What is reality and what is fiction when we talk about this syndrome?

It is sometimes equated to female menopause, but this is just one of the false myths associated with andropause .

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome or andropause (also known as late male hypogonadism) begins to manifest itself from the age of 40-45 years . The testicles reduce the production of hormones, but this process is slow, very gradual, so it often goes unnoticed by many men.

The body accuses it through a series of symptoms , some more striking than others, although not all men suffer from them (and they do not manifest themselves with the same intensity). Among them are:

-Decreased sexual desire
Erectile dysfunction .
-Reduction of the size of the testicles .
-Loss of muscle mass and strength.
-Alterations of memory and concentration.
-Increased fat in the abdominal area .


Rashes on glans — MediMetry - Consult Doctor Online

The syndrome may be mild in some cases, but it is real. However, many men deny it for lack of information and, sometimes, for the derogatory component that is still dealt with in some circles.

  • Sexual desire and erections decrease. True.

By lowering the amount of testosterone, libido, and the number of spontaneous erections (those that occur during sleep, for example), they are also reduced. In any case, it is a slow process; it does not happen overnight.

  • Every man over 40 years of age with sexual dysfunction and decreased desire suffers from andropause. False. 

Before stating anything, a patient with these symptoms should receive a specific evaluation to determine what is causing these conditions.

  • Any male with sexual dysfunction needs testosterone. False. 

As in the previous case, a diagnosis must first be carried out in order to establish the indicated treatment. Later, the specialist will say if the hormones are adequate or not.

  • There are factors that can accelerate andropause. True. 

Starting at age 30, normal aging in men causes a 1% drop in testosterone levels annually; This percentage gradually increases from the age of 45. However, those men with risk factors (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity ...), will probably notice a greater and more abrupt decrease in these levels.

  • Diet helps alleviate the effects of andropause. True. 

Following a healthy diet and leading a healthy lifestyle serves to maintain energy, muscle mass and strength. It also helps improve mood and rest better.

  • Strength decreases. True. 

Andropause usually produces a decrease in bone density (other factors, related to aging, also influence) and a reduction in muscle mass.

  • Body hair is moderated. True. 

By decreasing testosterone production, so does the amount of hair on the body.

  • Andropause is male menopause. False . 

In women, the decrease in fertility occurs in a shorter and more concentrated way, while the production of sperm in men decreases more gradually; therefore, their reproductive capacity gradually falls.

  • Emotional disturbances may appear. True. 

Low testosterone levels could alter mood, generally causing a feeling of sadness. Also, seeing yourself in the andropause process can cause a lack of self-confidence. In some cases, in addition, concentration problems have been diagnosed.

  • Breasts come out. False. 

Body fat increases with andropause and gynecomastia (sensation of increased sensitivity or inflammation in the mammary glands) can occur, but that does not mean that the breast grows like a woman's.

  • Sleep disorders occur. True.

Hormonal changes can affect sleep patterns (either with insomnia or with a continuous feeling of drowsiness), although it does not have to be severe. If this alteration continues over time, see a doctor.



benefits of tadasan | रोज़ाना ताड़ासन से ...
By doing Tadasana, breathing keeps you relaxed and it also provides strength to your feet. This asana can give the muscles the necessary stretch. To make this easy, first you stand up. Keep in mind that while doing this easy one should not bend the waist and neck. Now raise both your hands and slowly pull it inside. Do this easy for 2-4 minutes and then slowly exhale and return to normal.

Congruent pose

A la recherche de la congruence - Pour un management différent
Men having depression problems during andropause. This asana helps in reducing the mood swings caused by the problem of depression as well as hormonal changes. To perform the service, lie flat on your back. Keeping the legs connected, lift them upwards slowly. Support the elbows on the ground by holding the waist with both hands. Keep the portion of the legs above the waist straight. Keep your head on the ground. Stay in this position for at least one minute. The duration of doing this asana can be extended by practicing slowly.


Seated Yoga Pose: Sukhasana (Easy Pose) | Yoga + Meditation ...
One experiences physical and mental peace by practicing Sukhasana. This asana is performed before beginning yoga, so that the breathing process can be controlled. To do this asana, spread the mat on the ground. 

sit down by sitting on the floor.

- Keep the backbone straight.

-Close the eyes and take 3 deep breaths.

- Straighten the legs slowly and stand up.

Locust Pose (Salabhasana)

Locust Pose (Salabhasana) - Yoga Journal

First of all lie down on your stomach.

- Keep your palms under the thighs.

-Add the heels together.

-Breathing, move your feet as high as possible.

- Breathe slowly and then exhale slowly and keep this state.

-Leaving your breath, bring the feet down.

- Do this 3 to 5 times.

Apart from this, Warrior Pose, Standing Forward Bend and Vasisthasana are also beneficial in Male Menopause stage.

Chair pose

Chair Pose (Utkatasana) - Yoga Journal

-Stand with both legs folded and hands raised above the head.

- Turn your hips backward and bend your knees just like you are going to sit in a chair.

-Now tilt your elbows, tilt the upper arm slightly and straighten them above the head.


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