LEUKOSPERMIA: symptoms, causes and natural treatment

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White blood cells are our helpers and defenders of the body. Their large clusters indicate a serious problem that should be resolved as soon as possible. When an excessive amount of white blood cells is in the semen, they talk about leukospermia.




Leukocytospermia or Pyospermia - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Leukospermia also known as Leukocytospermia or pyospermia is a condition in which there is an unusually high number of white blood cells in the semen, which weakens the sperm and can damage its genetic material.

Leukospermia is diagnosed if the semen contains up to a million white blood cells in 1 ml. This condition is asymptomatic, that is, there are no characteristic expressed symptoms indicating leukospermia.White blood cells protect the body from infection, therefore, at a high concentration they can indicate the presence of inflammatory processes or infections in the genitourinary and reproductive system. White blood cells fight infection by releasing oxygen free radicals. Along with the destruction of the foci of inflammation, oxygen destroys the sperm membrane, causing an oxidative process, as a result of which DNA in the head can be damaged. In addition, a high white blood cell count slows down the movement of sperm. 

These factors negatively affect fertility, reduce the likelihood of conception and successful development of the embryo, especially in the early stages. When planning pregnancy, if conception does not occur for a long time, it is recommended to undergo a comprehensive examination, including leukospermia. But the diagnosis is not a reason to immediately think about assisted reproductive technologies, it is enough to carefully treat and plan a pregnancy in a natural way. However, if the artificial insemination procedure has already been planned, and pathology is found in the preparation process, it is recommended to undergo antibacterial treatment and only if it is successful, resort to IVF or ICSI.



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There are no characteristic signs of leukospermia. This diagnosis can be assumed after the spermogram, if 3-5 leukocytes or more are found in the field of view in the test material. Although these indicators are not a standard, in different sources the number of acceptable white blood cells varies up to 12 white blood cells.

After a negative spermogram, the diagnosis is confirmed by other studies. At the same time, they look for the source of infection, find out the causes of inflammation.




The causes of leukospermia can be caused by external and internal factors. 

External causes include the use of;

  • tobacco,
  • alcohol,
  • light narcotic substances and
  • prolonged abstinence, which causes sperm stagnation.

Of the internal factors;

  • systemic pathologies,
  • genitourinary infections,
  • autoimmune diseases, and
  • varicocele can be noted.

Practice shows that it is infections (chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma) that become the causes of pathology. If the diagnosis is confirmed, then it is recommended that both partners undergo treatment and for the time of recovery refrain from sexual intercourse.




Leukocytospermia or Pyospermia - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Pathology is detected during a comprehensive examination using various diagnostic techniques. First of all, you need to pass a spermogram - this is the main analysis in the treatment of male infertility. It consists in the study of sperm according to macro and micro indicators. Color, viscosity, concentration, motility, sperm morphology, etc. are evaluated. In our laboratory, this analysis can be performed for 1,500 rubles. A comprehensive spermogram also includes an MAP test for the presence of immune and autoimmune diseases and a study of sperm morphology according to Kruger’s strict criteria. This study can be performed for 3500₽.

In addition, PCR diagnostics, bacteriological analyzes of sperm and urine, and sperm culture on microflora are prescribed. Normally, the result of the study should be negative, that is, there should be no colonies of pathogenic bacteria. But if they are found, the specialist prescribes antibacterial treatment with drugs, to which this infection is sensitive.

If after a course of antibacterial treatment a high level of leukocytes persists, it is recommended to undergo additional studies for hidden infections. It is sometimes recommended that a transrectal examination of the prostate be performed to detect abnormalities.

2-3 months after the therapy, it is recommended to make a control spermogram. If the treatment was prescribed correctly, the leukocyte count will decrease, and sperm motility will return to normal.


In summary the following tests are perfromed;

  • Spermogram
  • Back sowing of urethral secretion, prostate gland
  • Bacteriological tests of urine, sperm
  • ELISA - detection of antibodies to sperm
  • PCR smear by PCR
  • Hormone test
  • Ultrasound scan


All necessary tests are prescribed by a urologist or andrologist.

If after the detection of leukocytes all the tests were carried out, but the focus of inflammation and infection were not found, then contact another laboratory. Sometimes immature and absolutely healthy spermatozoa are mistaken for white blood cells.




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Leukospermia itself is not treated. They treat the cause of leukospermia - an infectious disease that causes inflammation.

  • The main treatment is with antibiotics. In some cases, antiviral drugs are sufficient, but more often these drugs are combined
  • Antibiotics are selected based on the individual reactions of the patient. Basically prescribe several drugs at once
  • Sometimes the pathogen may not respond to the drug, due to the fact that an addiction to the antibiotic has developed. This moment needs to be controlled
  • During the treatment of leukospermia, doctors prescribe a diet in which it is important to consume foods containing zinc.
  • The next step is to increase immunity
  • Improve spermatogenesis



How to improve spermogram?

Sperm quality is affected not only by the presence of infections and the inflammatory process. Spermatogenesis is greatly influenced by:

  • food culture - you need to eat fully, moderately, balanced with maximum benefits for the body. You need to consume a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals
  • daily routine - you need to sleep 8 hours
  • constant stress
  • physical activity should be moderate. Professional sports sometimes bring negative consequences, as well as a complete lack of physical activity
  • testicular temperature - if the scrotum overheats, for example, in tight jeans, with a long sitting position, then the quality of sperm decreases
  • bad habits - alcohol, drugs, smoking reduce sperm quality, increase the risks of developing pathologies during pregnancy
  • regular, without fanaticism, sex is necessary for male health

Monitoring all of these items can significantly improve sperm quality. A spermogram can be normalized if:

  • stick to a healthy lifestyle
  • eat fully, excluding any synthetic and harmful additives from the diet
  • eliminate bad habits
  • and most importantly, take the necessary medications prescribed by your doctor


Leukospermia treatment: tips and reviews

  • It is impossible to treat leukospermia on your own, since the inflammatory process can become chronic, lead to fetal pathologies, complete infertility
  • If you passed a spermogram, and it showed poor results - do not despair. Re-submit, also prepare responsibly. It is possible that there was simply a malfunction in the body or laboratory
  • With modern drugs, most of the causes of leukospermia are treated very successfully. It is only necessary to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations, be patient, faith and not quit treatment until full recovery



Homeopathy For Leukospermia

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Homeopathic remedies are usually aimed at increasing the resistance of the body as a whole, and not only on the treatment of any one organ. To improve the quality of sperm use:

  • Tribulus terrestris 
  • Oncorhynchus Tschawytscha 
  • Medorrhinum
  • Yohimbinum


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