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How does varicocele affect sexuality ?

No partner wants to be at the receiving end of sexual boredom. Not only is it frustrating but also depressing and leaves your partner wanting, unfortunately varicocele does not GIVE YOU a choice. Usually, varicoceles are considered harmless, but seriously affect a man's fertility. The reason is because it lowers a man’s testosterone level which causes him to develop sexual problems, such as diminished sex drive, lower sperm production, and erectile dysfunction.

Are you scared, frightened or maybe feeling hopeless ? don’t be, African doctor has come to the rescue. Here is the best african remedy to repair varicocele once and for all without side effects.


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The only alternative known by popular medicine for varicocele is to go through surgery. But those surgeries have side effects and there is no guarantee that the varicocele won’t appear again. There may be damage to an artery during the operation and the surgery can also cause a hydrocele. So it is better to consider the pros and cons before you take a decision. Our tisane is made of African plants that have a lot of properties. One of the property is to tighten the veins and bring them to normal size. Our treatment is safe and free of side effects. In addition, it will promote quality sperm production. Our tisane has proven effective in many cases where the treatment was well followed.

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How to sleep comfortably with varicocele?

Place a small pillow or towel under your scrotum while sitting or lying down for the first few days during varicocele treatment recovery to minimize swelling. Make sure your scrotum is elevated enough so your testicles are at about the same level as the front of your thighs.

Traditional medicine for varicocele

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To begin with, you can often do special exercises that accelerate and normalize your blood flow. You will be able to take a hot relaxing bath, which disperses stagnation in the eggs.

More effective methods to get rid of varicose veins of the spermatic canal are:

  1. Poultices of crushed leaves and capers and a spoonful of cream. Stir in equal parts these ingredients, then grind the mixture by brand and apply to the eggs for 2 hours. Such a function must be repeated twice a week to complete the recovery from the disease.
  2. Bathroom with a decoction of oak, chestnut and oak. Take 0.5 kg of each component, mix and fill them with hot water. After that, put the pan on the fire and boil for half an hour. When the mixture is boiling, add 200 grams of chamomile, twine and oliginose to it. Boil broth for another 20 minutes, then pour into a jar and leave for 24 hours. Then the whole solution in the bath and take for 40 minutes, two or three times a day.
  3. Infusion of dried chestnut, oak and willow. Take one tablespoon of each component, and fill them with one liter of boiling water. Boil the resulting mixture for 30 minutes, then add to it another chamomile spoon uliginose Hypericum. Continue to boil for another 20 minutes, add 2 tablespoons of honey. Once a day, take 50 grams of tincture purchased 3 times, every day or increase the dose to 50 grams. The treatment course is 30 days, of which 10 - a break.

Home remedies

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Many folk remedies can improve the condition of the venous vessels, making them more elastic, thus preventing the development of varicocele. The most effective popular recipes:

  • Strawberry and birch leaves, dandelion roots, oat straw and sweet clover grass mixed in equal proportions, then one tablespoon of the mixture is poured into three glasses of boiling water. Wait half an hour, drain. Take a quarter cup just before meals for a month.
  • One teaspoon chestnut juice diluted in a tablespoon of water and taken twice daily. You can also buy a ready-made chestnut tincture at the pharmacy and take it as directed.
  • One tablespoon of finely crushed walnut leaves is poured into a glass of boiling water and allowed to stand for 15 minutes, after which to drink. This tea is recommended to drink four times a day.
  • Beat freshly squeezed juice, then mix 50 ml of juice with a glass of boiled milk (it does not have to be hot). Drink this mixture should be in the morning before eating for 2 months.
  • White acacia flowers are crushed in a muscular state, then salt is added, which should be 10 times less in weight than the flowers. The ingredients are mixed and left for half an hour. After that, you must take a gauze, put the mixture there and attach a testicle to the patient. Such a procedure should be performed once a day for one week, repeat the course in half a month.

To understand if you can play sports in varicocele, you should consult with your doctor. He needs to evaluate the degree of varicose veins and the possible adverse effects of physical exertion.


To Prevent varicocele constant sexual activity is required, you must also give up alcohol and smoking.

Therefore, it is not impossible to regain sexual pleasure with your partner and experience the joy of parenthood.

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