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How To Restore Prostatitis - Exercises and Folk home Remedies

By On 17/06/2020 at 13:29

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All the most important and useful in the treatment of prostatitis folk remedies and methods at home



The sedentary lifestyle of the majority of people is the difference between the modern age. These are some explanations for the fact that prostatitis is widespread in our time.

But he has been ill in the past. There are still folk remedies for treating this disease.

In detail about the prostate in men, folk remedies talk here.

What is this disease and what are its symptoms?

Prostatitis is an inflammation of a specific male gland - the prostate, also known as the "second heart of a man".

Inflammation of the prostate gland is divided into types: acute and chronic; bacterial, non-bacterial.

The bacterium is treated mainly with antibiotics and other methods of traditional medicine.

Non-bacterial prostatitis - a complex of organ disorders not always of homogeneous origin Practice has shown that the treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies is possible and effective.

More about the symptoms of prostatitis in men and its treatment with folk remedies.

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Treatment of prostatitis folk remedies at home

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, which is due to a violation of the microcirculation of blood in the muscles of the pelvis and pelvic floor or an infectious process in its tissues. It is accompanied by dysuria, pain during urination and ejaculation, a significant deterioration in the quality of life of men.

Inadequate or improper treatment leads to frequent attacks, the disease becomes chronic. In addition to conservative therapy, there are many folk remedies that have been tested by patients with prostatitis and have received excellent reviews.

Squats - the best exercises for prostatitis

If the basis of this disease is an inflammatory process (not bacterial), it is quite possible that the blood supply to the muscles around the prostate gland is disrupted. There is no better or more effective exercise than squats to restore blood circulation. First, you must pass the test and try to sit with your arms straight above your head.

The squat should be deep, which means that the pelvis cannot be held at or above the knees. Performing this exercise at least 100 times shows good potential for treating prostatitis. Leg pain is a sign of muscle weakness and insufficient blood supply to the pelvic organs and prostate.

It is not necessary to perform a hundred times a day, enough and 3 times a week. The easiest option is to do 3 consecutive sets, 50 times, with a break of 3 minutes between sets.

We need to strive for the cherished figure "hundred", complementing squats with other exercises:

Perform "scissors", sitting on the floor and slightly tilted arms behind his back (20 times with each leg);

Raise your straight legs to the slope position (20 times).

A complex of these exercises in combination with squats will help get rid of prostatitis without medication.

Treatment of prostatitis tea with honey

The best drink for your enlarged prostate

Chronic prostatitis with unstable results from treatment with antibiotics and herbal infusions is susceptible to medotherapy. Before starting, you must take into account the individual characteristics of the body - allergy to bee products, the presence or absence of diabetes, as these conditions are absolute contraindications. Honey will need a lot, at least 10 kg. It should be natural, linden, or flower.

During the day it should be eaten with tea about 100-200 g, using sugar instead of daily. After a short time, urination improves, the pain disappears, other indicators return to normal. After a complete cure for prevention, it is recommended to use honey monthly in small meals.

Treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds

How to use pumpkin seeds for treatment. The benefits of pumpkin ...

Pumpkin seeds have long been used by healers in the treatment of prostatitis. They are a good and very affordable folk remedy for treating this disease. Because these seeds contain a lot of zinc, which is necessary for every person of all ages, they quickly cure prostatitis. You only need to eat 30 seeds a day before meals. This is just the daily proportion of zinc for the body.

Method 2. Peel a pound of pumpkin seeds and turn a meat grinder. The seeds should not be fried, otherwise there will be no therapeutic effect! And add 200 grams of honey. Stir the solution and make balls the size of a hazelnut or slightly larger. They should be stored in the refrigerator, but 10 can be placed in advance to reach room temperature.

Eat should be a ball for half an hour before meals 1-2 times a day. In this case, the ball cannot be swallowed quickly, chewed and sucked for two to three minutes. This popular treatment for prostatitis has a very strong therapeutic effect, so one course per year will be quite sufficient.

The most effective folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis


How to use pumpkin seeds for treatment. The benefits of pumpkin ...

Folk methods of treating prostatitis involve the use of juice, pumpkin oil and pumpkin seeds.

The juice is squeezed from the pulp, drink a glass a day for three weeks.

The seeds should be fresh, not fried. They are peeled, but the green shell must remain. The course of treatment for at least one month.

Pumpkin seeds heal the prostate because of the zinc they contain. In addition, pumpkin seeds consist of fats saturated with fatty acids, a third of proteins with a full set of amino acids needed by humans.


In late April, at the beginning of the movement of the juices, before the rupture of the buds, we collect a folk remedy for prostatitis in men, the bark of the aspen is three to five mm thick. We do it with cut circular cuts on the trunk so as not to damage the tree (one degree from the other about a decimeter). It dries without light.

Onions and flakes

Oven Dried Onion / Garlic Flakes | Recipe | Flake recipes ...

Treatment of prostatitis in men with folk remedies using onions: help green feathers, bulbs, and seeds.

  • Eat turnips from onions for a dream that comes fresh or stewed on a pair of potatoes.
  • Seeds mixed with honey in equal parts, eat 1 teaspoon three times a day.


7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Garlic - NDTV Food

  • Eat a few cloves of garlic a day.
  • Making a salad of garlic, spinach, parsley.
  • We make a cocktail of garlic, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and honey. Keep in the dark for two weeks. Drink a day for 3 tbsp. spoon.

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