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How To Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

By On 17/06/2020 at 09:54

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Erectile dysfunction: why it happens and how to overcome it

Any man can survive this. Erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a partial or complete loss of the ability to get an erection and its long-term retention. It may be accompanied by decreased libido or premature or delayed ejaculation. And this happens more than once after a hard day.

Such deterioration lasts for at least three months.

You should not put a cross on yourself and think that you can live without sex, or run to look for a new relationship in the hope of stronger arousal.

After all, erectile dysfunction affects both physical and mental health, "wrote ex-head of the Ministry of Health Ulyana Suprun.  

Complete erectile dysfunction is quite rare - due to radical removal of the prostate. In most cases, it is a partial dysfunction.

Sexual arousal depends on the work of the brain, hormones, on what a person sees, hears, feels and smells, on the work of the heart, blood vessels and muscles.  Erections may worsen with age, but age is not the cause, and treatment for erectile dysfunction is possible at any age. 

What can cause erectile dysfunction

  Cardiovascular diseases.


 In order for the vessels to dilate, nitric oxide NO must be released, just as in the case of pressure regulation in other vessels. If this does not happen despite the stimuli, something in the vascular endothelium has gone wrong. In fact, erectile dysfunction is one of the first harbingers of cardiovascular disease.

▪️  Clinical depression. 

Clinical Depression: Symptoms, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment ...

Changes in libido and arousal are accompanied by depressive disorders in both women and men. And the less intense the sex life, the worse the erection and the ability to maintain it.

▪️  Enlarged prostate.

Enlarged Prostate means the same as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

 The prostate increases with age, but in some cases it significantly affects erections and urination. Prostate cancer is quite rare and it develops slowly, but this is no reason to ignore the discomfort - you need to see a urologist. Prostatitis - inflammation of the prostate - also causes erectile dysfunction, albeit temporary.

▪️  Overweight 

Disordered eating behaviors up for overweight young adults

(body mass index over 25) and type 2 diabetes contribute to both erection problems and cardiovascular disease. Type 2 diabetes triples the risk of erection problems. They are accompanied by atherosclerosis - the deposition of lipoproteins (fat carriers) in the walls of blood vessels, cells of the immune system and the maintenance of inflammation there, and hypertension - constant high blood pressure.

Herbal Tea For Erection Dysfunction 

Male infertility 2

The natural treatment that we offer to permanently cure sexual weakness is essentially composed of natural herbal teas. It is an effective, fast and lasting natural remedy which makes it possible to obtain and maintain an erection for a long time. Its effect is rapid and permanent, you only have to follow the treatment to end your sexual weakness. 

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How to deal with erectile dysfunction

Diagnose erectile dysfunction and find its cause.

Couples should consult a sexologist and / or sexologist for advice.

It is worth changing your lifestyle. Normalize weight, sleep, activity, nutrition, quit smoking, and drink only a little and sometimes. This alone will help many.

The first line of therapy to help immediately are phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors - that is, drug stimulation of nitric oxide formation in the lining of blood vessels. Such drugs include sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, avanafil. If they are prescribed correctly, then such therapy works.


To enjoy your sex life you should:

▪️ Take care of cardiovascular health. You can learn the key indicators: measure blood pressure, do a cardiogram, find out your cholesterol level, body mass index and waist circumference (visceral fat) - from your family doctor. Primary reform cares about sexual activity.

▪️ Be physically active. Two and a half hours a week should be spent on aerobic and strength exercises. Running and boxing train the heart. But a lot and often do not ride a bike. If you are a cyclist, and you feel that something went wrong, although slender, trained and tests are normal, then leave a two-wheeled friend.

▪️  Do not smoke or drink. Avoid hookahs too.

▪️  Consume alcohol in moderation, but it is better to quit.

7 foods that have the best effect on male strength

  1. Garlic

Raw Garlic Benefits, Uses, Interactions and Nutrition - Dr. Axe

Garlic has been shown to significantly increase testosterone levels, which are known to be the hormone of erection and libido. Garlic also has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive effect. Interestingly, garlic helps to increase the level of nitric oxide in the body. This compound is directly related to improving blood circulation in the genitals and, accordingly, to increase erections.

  1. Citrus

18 Different Types of Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits saturate the body with vitamin C, which has a positive effect on the condition of blood vessels, resulting in a decrease in blood pressure and increased blood flow to the genitals. Citrus is a source of quercetin, which increases the level of nitric oxide described above.

   3. Beet​

Beetroot: Power to the purple! - FitnessGenes®

Beetroot is a superfood in terms of natural nitrates. The more you eat foods rich in natural nitrates, the more nitric oxide is released into the bloodstream. Therefore, beets are one of the best products to enhance erections.

    4. Blueberries

Blueberries Nutrition - Why You Should Eat More Blueberries

These berries are incredibly useful for improving erections. Their antioxidant effect is simply amazing. Blueberries contain a huge amount of phenols and flavonoids, resveratrol, vitamin C. Therefore, it is not surprising that the use of blueberries leads to lower blood pressure, improved vascular condition, normalizes the vascular contractility.

   5. Greenery

Greenery Leaves Background – made-to-measure wall mural – Photowall

Everyone knows spinach, lettuce, parsley also contain large amounts of natural nitrates, which under the action of intestinal bacteria are converted into nitric oxide. It is known that nitric oxide increases blood flow in the genitals during sexual arousal.

    6. Garnet

100g high quality 100% nice rough natural wine red garnet healing ...

Pomegranate is one of the best fruits to enhance erections and increase testosterone levels. This is the so-called "natural Viagra" - with a mild and long-lasting effect. Pomegranate is an excellent fruit for normalizing hormonal health and increasing blood circulation. It has been scientifically proven that daily consumption of pomegranate juice lowers LDL-cholesterol and improves its excretion, increases the level of cells responsible for the normal state of the arterial wall, increases the level of nitrogen, which in turn lowers blood pressure.

Studies have shown that regular consumption of pomegranate juice increases testosterone levels by 24%.

    7. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds pack a healthy punch | American Heart Association

This product is actually a record holder for the content of trace elements that are most useful for men's health - zinc and magnesium. These elements are necessary for the synthesis of male sex hormones, especially for testosterone. Pumpkin seeds are a natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which in turn are associated with the synthesis of prostaglandins - hormone-like substances (play a key role in sexual arousal and improve erections).

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