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For any disease, doctors insist on reviewing the diet of the patient - to increase the effectiveness of therapy, accelerate recovery and prevent exacerbation.


BEFORE WE LOOK AT THE FOOD MENU FOR A PROSTATITIS PATIENT, Check out this herbal tea. After 25 years of research, the experts of AFRICANDOCTOR have produced with care the best home remedy to cure PROSTATITIS.



This natural remedy to permanently and quickly cure prostatitis that we offer is composed of two elements: a herbal tea and an ointment. The herbal tea is made up of plants that have anti-inflammatory, astringent, antibacterial and calming properties. It works in particular by reducing the swelling of the prostate gland and providing immense relief. This natural remedy also contains several natural anti-inflammatory compounds that inhibit the inflammatory process that triggers inflammation and pain in the prostate gland. It also helps relieve urinary symptoms, including those caused by an enlarged prostate without having to have an operation. The natural remedy also helps cure urination difficulties and it restores sexual balance. So this is the secret to cure prostatitis by plants. Your health, our priority!!!

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  • sugar

sugar loads the insulin apparatus, which indirectly tests the hormonal system for strength. Plus sugar is a direct antagonist of testosterone.


  • Sausage, salt, pickles and smoked meats

These products are irritating to the prostate. They also lead to fluid retention in the body, which increases the swelling of this organ and impairs its blood supply. 

  • Sweet starchy fruits, cereals, bell peppers, eggplant and tomatoes

Puffiness is also provoked by sweet starchy fruits, cereals, bell peppers, eggplant and tomatoes - try not to eat them in the afternoon, and even more so at night.

  • Avoid smoking

If you smoke, try to part with cigarettes : smoking worsens the venous outflow.


  • Exclude pork

Lamb, pork, lard, fat beef contain refractory fats, which worsen the condition of blood vessels. That is, blood circulation is impaired, and a diseased organ needs excellent blood supply.



  • Forget about cabbage

And also about bread on yeast. White cabbage, all legumes, industrial baking and yeast bread cause bloating, which causes the nearby prostate to constrict. Bakery products have another dangerous property: the yeast in them can disrupt the intestinal microflora, which means lower immunity. Fermentation and bloating are also caused by fruits eaten immediately after eating. Therefore, it is worth eating fruit between meals or to allocate a separate meal for them (for example, lunch).


  • Dispense with cocoa

And also without horseradish, radish, sorrel and mustard - due to irritating substances-irritants in the composition.


  • Without whole milk

This drink contains a pro-inflammatory agent - milk protein casein. In addition, during lactation, the level of female hormone, estrogen, increases in cow's milk.
Also, do not get carried away with mushrooms and broths and eat red meat no more than 2 times a week: extractive substances in these products also have pro-inflammatory properties, but also annoying. Sharp seasonings also irritate the tender gland (since their decay products come out unchanged) - do not get carried away with them.

  • Reduce your coffee

The abundance of strong coffee and tea during the day tends to dehydrate the body, thereby thickening the blood. With normal blood supply in the affected prostate, everything is not smooth, and thick blood will only aggravate the problem.




  • Sea fish

Unsaturated omega-3,6,9 fatty acids in it contribute to the production of male hormones in the proper amount, and also increase local immunity in the prostate gland.



  • Pumpkin and beetroot

And also - carrots, apricots, cherry plum, apricot and cold pressed vegetable oils. These foods are rich in antioxidants: they reduce oxidation and inflammation.

  • Currant

Still sea buckthorn, lingonberries, cranberries, citrus fruits. These products due to vitamin C and B vitamins enhance cellular immunity. In addition, it is the berries that have a pronounced bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect.


  • Honey

Plus raw pumpkin seeds, nut kernels, scallops and oysters. They are rich in zinc and selenium - minerals that improve the function of the prostate gland.


  •  White meat and eggs

Plus fish and cottage cheese. These are sources of easily digestible protein - without it, the process of regenerating prostate tissue will be difficult.





  • Vegetables and exercise

Two or three plates of vegetables a day, daily walks and jogging are excellent prevention for the digestive tract: constipation, due to pressure on the prostate, worsen its condition.


  • Sex is limited

Optimal - 2-3 times a week: with such a disease, sex less often or more often equally fraught with hormonal imbalance. And refuse about interrupted sexual intercourse - it disrupts the natural functioning of the prostate gland.


  • Teeth in time

Also keep an eye on bowel health. The circulatory system is closed, because an infection from any organ can "relocate" to the prostate gland.

  • No wintering

As well as baths, saunas and ice pouring - in all cases there is a spasm of blood vessels, which disrupts the blood supply to the prostate. But a contrast shower, on the contrary, improves blood circulation, because due to the short duration of exposure to extreme temperatures it tones the vascular system.


  • Drink plenty of water

Drink at least two liters of water per day (during the day in small sips) - this will improve the drainage of the gland and reduce the concentration of pathogenic microorganisms in the genitourinary system.


In addition, massage the prostate to improve its condition!!!


To get this product for prostatitis, click here or contact our experts on OR CALL/WHATSAPP: +229 90431725

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