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What is benign prostate enlargement?

It is the enlargement of the prostate (scar) due to hormonal and various factors in men with age. The prostate gland normally produces fluid that allows the seed cells (sperm) in the man to mobilize for reproduction, and is located between the bladder and the urinary tract that expels urine. 

What are the types of prostate adenoma?

There are two types of enlargement of the prostate gland;

1. Benign growth

2. Malignant growth called prostate cancer

In the  case of benign prostate enlargement , the passage channel from the bladder to the urinary tract narrows, so the urine in the bladder cannot be emptied completely and in sufficient time. If a large amount of urine remains in the urinary bladder, this urine may leak back into the kidneys and disrupt the kidney's blood purification function.

HOWEVER, the experts of africandoctor have discovered the medicinal plants to help with this disease. 


We have plants suitable and ideal for the healing of prostate adenoma, which has been made availabe in a tea form. They are used to slow the growth of the prostate, reducing the "fuel" of the prostate cells: the cells of the enlarged prostate and the prostate work with the same factors and use the same "fuel".

These plants are also effective when the volume of the prostate is visible, above 40 m. Obtaining their relaxation and favoring the opening of the funnel of the bladder neck and the prostatic urethra. They thus improve emptying of the bladder. These plants are the first phytotherapeutic approach to reduce the frequency of urination and improve spraying.

Advantage of this natural remedy :

  • relieves inflammation and pain
  • normalizes urination and erection 
  • fixes the result reliably and for a long time
  • valid at any age and at any stage

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Some symptoms of prostate adenoma

Benign prostatic hyperplasia - Wikipedia

- frequent urination,

- Dropping after urinating,

- Decrease in urine pressure,

- Thin urination

- Not being able to drain urine completely,

-Frequent urination at night,

- Forked urination,

- Straining complaints appear to urinate


 DWARF PALM (Saw Palmetto)

Feuilles De Palmier Frondes - Photo gratuite sur Pixabay

Saw palmetto, the fruit of a dwarf palm species; Thanks to the natural ingredients it contains, it prevents prostate enlargement and fights against prostate cancer. This fruit of North American origin increases the quality of life for men by 50 percent. Various researches; It also scientifically reveals that saw palmetto increases the ability to kill bacteria and can be easily used in the treatment of urinary tract infections. Saw palmetto; It combats the disease by changing the genes that contribute to the development of prostate cancer. Scientific findings; It shows that saw palmetto has a suppressive effect on prostate cancer cells. It can be taken with nettle and pumpkin seeds. It is available on the market as a herbal capsule.

Dead nettle

Dead Nettle Weed Meadow Purple - Free photo on Pixabay

 A very good blood purifier and stinging nettle used in the proliferation of cancer cells have shown successful results in stopping prostate enlargement. Stinging nettle,  ısırgangil on  (Urticaceae) of the family  unless Urtica  terms between May and August,  the flowers  opened,  an annual  or  perennial  one evcikli  herbaceous  plant  species  common name.

Traditional and current use of the nettle plant;  

  • It is used due to its diuretic  effect
  • due to its aboveground parts (herba),  flavonoid  compounds, mineral substances and  carotenoid compounds such as  lutein. 
  • Due to its diuretic effect; It is included in the composition of slimming teas, teas and herbal remedies for washing the urinary tract and draining rheumatic edema. 

A cup of brewed from dried green leaves is put in water between 5-7 g nettle leaves and brewed and drunk for 8-10 minutes. It is recommended to drink after meals.


100+ Free Cyclamen & Flower Images - Pixabay

It is an unrecognized plant and is imported from European countries. You can recognize these medicinal and harmless types of fuel oil as it has small flowers and flower colors are reddish-light pink or whitish. Medicinal species can be used by collecting the entire plant, including stems, leaves and flowers. Small flowering fuel.

It has been recognized as an effective plant used in prostate diseases (prostate inflammation, enlarged prostate) and has shown real success. In a very short time, it has begun to be recognized rapidly, helping many people in all European countries and many other countries. When treatment with tea prepared with small-flowered fuel is started, a person will experience relaxation and comfort as opposed to troubles. With this effect, there is a marked decrease in the need to go to the toilet, which is very frequent at night. Tea cure can be used effectively against urinary bladder diseases. It is stated that a patient who has had prostate surgery three times (found to have cancer) is not at all good, but it is recommended to drink fuel oil tea and this person has gained health.

Warning: 2-3 days break after 2 weeks of cure with small flowered fuel is required. In the treatment methods applied without interruption, some people have constipation. There is no other known side effect.

Finely chopped and dried half teaspoon small-flowered fuel oil, 1 cup boiling water with boiled (not boiled). The mouth of the water glass is closed and left to infuse for about 10 minutes, after which time it is filtered. Newly brewed tea is prepared by drinking only 1 glass twice a day, half an hour before dinner, on an empty stomach in the morning. It may be necessary to drink this tea for a long time so that the disease can be completely cured. The recommended curing period is 2 weeks. It is necessary to take a break of 2-3 days after a 2-week cycle.


Lycopene; It is found in foods such as tomatoes, watermelons and pink grapefruit. Researches done; indicates that lycopene intake lowers the risk of cancer. In addition, scientific findings; reveals that lycopene treats prostate cancer by decreasing PSA (an enzyme produced by cells of the prostate and found in the seminal fluid at high levels). In men, it stops metastasis. Lycopene or phytosterols alone; It balances PSA values by blocking the development of cancer like antioxidants.


A fairly effective treatment of prostate adenoma with folk methods using walnuts. To do this, prepare 1 tablespoon of kernels, add 1 tablespoon of peeled pumpkin seeds. Grind the mixture in a coffee grinder, then add 1 tablespoon of honey. The resulting mixture should be drunk with tea 3 times a day.

Another recipe is to cook 2 tablespoons of walnut partitions, pour 1.5 cups of boiling water into them, hold the mixture for 20 minutes over low heat and insist for 1-2 hours. The infusion is recommended to drink 3 times a day for 100 milliliters.


ADD this to you daily menu

BREAKFAST:  1 slice of low-fat cheese.
5 green olives.
2 slices of whole grain bread.
Dried tomatoes (with 1 teaspoon of olive oil).
4 dried apricots or 2 dried figs.

LUNCH:  8 tablespoons of vegetable food
4 tablespoons of bulgur pilaf.
1 cup of home yogurt or unsalted buttermilk.
Plenty of salad (1 teaspoon of olive oil)
1 cup of low-fat milk or 1 can of probiotic yogurt, 1 serving of fruit.

EVENING:  1 serving of steamed or grilled fish (200 grams).
2 slices of whole grain bread.
Plenty of salad (1 teaspoon of olive oil).

15 nuts or 3 whole walnuts, 1 serving of fruit.


  • Attention should be paid to fluid consumption hours
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages
  • Adequate and balanced nutrition should be taken care of
  • Whole grains should be preferred over refined grains.
  • Daily fruit and vegetable consumption should be increased
  • Care should be taken to eat tomatoes
  • Soy products can be included in the diet

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