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Herbal Treatment For Increasing The Size Of The Penis

By On 20/07/2020 at 13:29

In Male Infertility

How can I increase penis size at home?

Measures to increase the number of male genitals have become increasingly popular every year. However, not every young man can afford an expensive procedure, so you need to look for ways to enlarge your penis online and from other sources. The most common reasons for increasing the size of the penis at home or in the clinic - dissatisfaction with a partner, psychological reasons. 


Is it possible to increase?

We will discuss whether to increase the house member. First, you need to decide your size, if the penis is 14-18 centimeters long and 3-4 centimeters in diameter, then the problem is psychological and should not be worried.

We will learn how to enlarge the penis at home if it was decided to firmly add a few centimeters:

  1. Surgical intervention (quite risky and also quite expensive), so it is better to choose one of the non-surgical methods).
  2. Extender (a special device for enlarging the penis).
  3. Pump (vacuum stretches the fabric).
  4. To enlarge the penis at home, spray or exfoliate (temporarily enlarge the penis).
  5. Massage and masturbation (very similar to each other's methods and based on heating and stretching the tissue structure).





Penis enlargement

The herbal treatment will enlarge your penis naturally, sustainably and simply by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone (hormone of virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics). Then trust us! This natural treatment is therefore the secret of many men to naturally enlarge their magic wand. It doesn't matter if you have a tiny penis, our natural treatment will make it grow and grow to your desired size.

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Do you know how to grow your penis at home?

Many men are very skeptical that it is possible to get members using the resources available at home. To refute this idea, it is necessary to study in more detail each way to grow a penis at home.

And then every young man, choosing the right ways to grow his penis at home, acts independently, following the recommendations.



This is a special ancient technique used in the Middle East. The most famous name is milking technology.

This means that it is a common massage technique that warms the tissues and makes them stretchy. The effect of manual masculinity, when properly performed, yields significant results and knows how to increase members with home appliances at home. To perform the manipulation, you must first buy a lubricant (preferably with a warming effect) and only then act.

There are several methods to increase penis size at home. The initiation of labeling should not have the male reproductive organ fully erected. For example, an erection should not exceed 60%. After a few months of intense exercise, the penis enlarges significantly during an erection.


Exercise to stretch the tissue of the penis

  1. Before enlarging the genitals at home, you need to warm up the member. This is done to increase the elasticity of the tissue. To do this, warm the salt a little and pour it into a woven bag, then add it to the genitals.
  2. After warming up, it is necessary to induce an erection, but it is not necessary to give full force but to excite about half. Be sure to use a special lubricant.
  3. Then you need to squeeze the base of the penis into your fingers and stretch it with your head as if stretching.
  4. It is not worth touching directly on the member's manager. In the first stage, you can start with forty stretches and increase their number to two hundred.



A very popular method of enlarging the penis at home that does not require any financial costs (probably used by most men). The main advantage of this method is not only to increase the size, but also to increase the potential.

Before you get your dick big at home, starting with the massage movements, you should warm up your penis. To do this, you need warm herbs and a soft towel.

Massage techniques for genital enlargement at home are divided into two areas - the effect on the body in an erogenous state and the effect on the relaxed member. All techniques are based on stretching.

To start the procedure, you need to irritate your body a little and then start to affect it. After reaching the palm of your hand, pull the penis away from you, then pull it in the opposite direction.

Such activities can be repeated in different directions. You can also stretch your body by turning them counterclockwise.


Ointments and gels to enhance masculinity

How else could you increase your cock at home? The pharmaceutical industry does not stand still and gives men more and more opportunities to become members.

The use of external means makes it possible to achieve a temporary result. The question immediately arises as to why the temporary effect? This is very easy, because after applying the gel to the penis, the blood heats up so that the blood radiates into the organ.

In addition, the active ingredients are combined to increase activity (most commonly glycine, arginine, ginseng and ginger). Therefore, it is recommended to use this home-based method of increasing membership just before sexual intercourse.

The duration of the measure is about three hours. As a result, a man achieves an incredible erection, increases to almost half a centimeter in size and increases sensitivity to orgasm.

For these purposes, Peruvian Maca or Thor hammer drops are perfect. Other equally effective tools include:

  • Lovelace Forte tops popularity;
  • M-16's spray is known to everyone;
  • well-behaved (but no less effective) Tongkat Ali Platinum;
  • as well as just the momentum of Erogan and Sil Maral.



As it turned out, you still get pleasure. Masturbation is very similar to massage techniques and wrapping. After all, it is also based on heating and stretching the tissue.

Before enlarging the penis at home, it is recommended to apply lubricant to the body and start masturbating. Then, when a complete erection comes, exercise from the bottom up, close the penis slightly and tighten. You can also lightly squeeze the area near your head, which will increase blood flow.


Pumps for adding centimeters 

This is a special device that puts pressure around the penis, thereby increasing blood flow. Consequently, the body becomes stronger due to better blood flow.

Regular application of this method can enlarge the penis at home by 2-3 centimeters in a few months and make the penis thicker.

Extension of a house member: video, use of a pump.



Herbs to increase the size of the penis 

  1. Thyme It improves the condition of the body as a whole and the genitourinary system separately. Inflorescence leaves and stems are used to make healing substances, the roots are not suitable for this purpose. The basic recipe recommends pouring 100 g of thyme into a glass of boiling water. I apply it, cool and drain the liquid in half a glass twice a day.​

     2.  Wormwood. The component composition of the plant inhibits the development of inflammation and has a stimulating effect on the functionality of the circulatory               system, which contributes to its increase. To make the broth, take 5 g of wormwood and pour 1 l of cold water. Boil for 10 minutes, cool, decant and take a glass                     daily. This treatment emphasizes the blood vessels, which results in the penis being stretched and filled with blood.

    3.  Garlic It is considered a recognized aphrodisiac product that is able to increase male libido. In addition, it can be used to effectively grow members at home. The                     product is best used  in the form of a tincture - chopped garlic (10 cloves), pour 0.5 liters of alcohol and mix thoroughly. The mixture is infused for 10 days and 20               drops per month are taken daily4

    4.   Aloe juice A powerful stimulant with a biological process that has a beneficial effect on the body's systems. Enlarging tinctures to enlarge the penis is not too                           complicated. In a suitable container, it is necessary to pour 0.5 liters of high-quality vodka and add a few tablespoons of honey and crushed aloe leaves (500 g). The              tincture is sent to a cool place  for weeks. The finished product is used one hour before a meal 3-4 times a day.





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We deliver our products worldwide

For more information or to place an order please kindly contact this number +22990431725 call/WhatsApp



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