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How to Feed Against Prostate Growth?

Prostate enlargement, a fearful dream of men after age 40, is a disease that lowers the quality of life. However, thanks to the number of nutrients added to the daily diet, the protection shield of the body can be kept at the highest level against prostate enlargement and inflammation. Supplemented with nutrients that strengthen the immune system, the nutrition program prevents prostate enlargement and inflammation.

Prostate adenoma treatment will be more effective if you follow a special diet and adjust your normal lifestyle. Timely diagnosis of prostate adenoma, failure of bad habits, as well as moderate exercise, prostate BPH diet and adequate treatment guarantee accelerated recovery.


We have plants suitable and ideal for the healing of prostate adenoma, which has been made availabe in a tea form. They are used to slow the growth of the prostate, reducing the "fuel" of the prostate cells: the cells of the enlarged prostate and the prostate work with the same factors and use the same "fuel".

These plants are also effective when the volume of the prostate is visible, above 40 m. Obtaining their relaxation and favoring the opening of the funnel of the bladder neck and the prostatic urethra. They thus improve emptying of the bladder. These plants are the first phytotherapeutic approach to reduce the frequency of urination and improve spraying.

Advantage of this natural remedy :

  • relieves inflammation and pain
  • normalizes urination and erection 
  • fixes the result reliably and for a long time
  • valid at any age and at any stage

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10 tips to protect prostate health

1- Revive your plate with colorful vegetables:

The power, beauty and benefits of colorful vegetables | Everyday Power

The benefits of vegetables do not end with counting. The antioxidants contained in the vegetables protect the prostate health and prevent inflammation that may occur after prostate enlargement. Take care to eat at least 4 servings of raw or lightly boiled vegetables a day. Always choose seasonal vegetables in vegetable consumption. Take care to eat raw and lightly boiled vegetables by washing them thoroughly in 1 spoonful of apple cider vinegar.

2- Natural nipple medicine: 

Vitamin C and bioflavonoids: Powerful eye antioxidants

Vitamin C, which we apply whenever we have a cold or flu, is also of great importance in the prevention of prostate disease. It is one of the most important support elements working against prostate enlargement. 1 fresh red capia pepper or 2-3 green peppers per day, 1 serving of dark green leafy vegetables, 1 cup of rose hip tea, 1-2 bowls of orange-red fruits in season will protect you against prostate diseases.

3- Focus on herbal foods instead of animal foods: 

Herbs and Spices in Thai Cooking

A diet low in animal fat has been shown to help prevent prostate enlargement. For this reason, prefer foods of vegetable origin more than foods of animal origin. Avoid consuming more than 2 - 3 servings of full-fat dairy products and more than 5 servings of red meat per week.

4- Protect with minerals:

When planning your diet, always add nutrients such as zinc-rich chickpeas, green lentils, pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds, spinach, mushrooms and selenium-rich brazil, pumpkin seeds, eggs, oat bran, spinach, green lentils.

5- Benefit from the power of antioxidants:

Antioxidants: what they are and why they are good for your health ...

Grated green apple or tomato juice with its peel adds health to your health. Especially lycopene in tomato has prostate cancer preventing feature. Therefore, give plenty of space to these two foods in your daily life. Take care to eat at least one medium-sized apple and 1 glass of fresh tomato juice a day.

6- Immunity to prostate first:  

Berries and Nondairy Plain Yogurt

One of the most important measures to be taken against diseases is to keep the immune system strong. The stronger your immune system, the less likely the disease will occur. Strengthen your immunity to prostatitis and prostate cancer by adding black radish and dandelion herb, virgin mary thistle and 1 teaspoon of powdered turmeric salad or yogurt.

7- Onion and garlic

Sales Review: Onions/Garlic

The smell is of great benefit: Don't miss the onion and garlic from your table.

8- If there is no fish, omega-3 support:  

Should We Add Coconut Oil or Fish Oil to Our Dogs' Meals? | Keep ...

Eat medium-sized steamed/grilled or baked seasonal fish twice a week if possible. If it is not possible, take the daily 1000 mg omega-3 oil supplement recommended by your doctor and dietitian and take care to drink it with a dessert spoon a day. Prefer the liquid form of the omega-3 oil supplement instead of the capsule form.

9- Avoid refined grains:

Refined Grains – Werk Press

Avoid refined grains which are fibrous and nourishing parts, from white flour, rice, pasta pastries as much as possible. prefer buckwheat, wheat germ and bulgur with high nutritional value.


AFRICANDOCTOR'S experts have done extensive research for 25 years to offer you the best solution in the world to reduce your enlarged prostate gland.

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