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Diabetes erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction And Diabetes

By On 19/06/2020 at 13:18

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The link between erectile dysfunction and diabetes


Several studies have shown a close relationship between diabetes and erectile dysfunction. More than half of diabetics tend to develop erectile deficits in the 10 years following diagnosis to reach a prevalence of erection disorders of 95 percent when the patient reaches 70 years of age.

Diabetes, and in particular the presence in the blood of an excessive amount of glucose, causes damage to the small blood vessels. In fact, the excess sugar binds to the walls of the vessels making them less elastic and therefore preventing the natural extension necessary for the transport of adequate quantities of blood.

A lower blood flow into the penis means less turgidity and a reduced increase in size during an erection.

In addition, in diabetes the production of some vasodilating substances, such as nitric oxide (NO), is reduced.

Finally, according to recent research, the high correlation between diabetes and sexual deficits could also be due to hypogonadism, a dysfunction that causes low testosterone levels in the blood, with a decrease in sexual desire and the ability to get an erection.



Why does diabetes cause erectile dysfunction?

As we have seen, the penis is an eminently vascular structure, provided with a particularly rich microcirculation and a corresponding innervation. An equally extensive and equally essential capillary circle for organ function is in the kidney (the renal glomeruli) and in the retina.
Diabetes, or to put it better, the excess of glucose in the blood that is at the basis of its definition, damages the microvascular structures, in the kidney as in the retina, in the penis and in any other organ and tissue with various mechanisms, but above all with two modes. In fact, the excess glucose binds to the wall of the vessels and to the structural proteins of the tissues, making them less elastic and therefore preventing distensibility. In the penis this leads to a defect in dilation of the arteries and corpora cavernosa with consequent less blood flow and less turgidity. But even before this happens, a release defect occurs in the nerve endings and in the small vessels of the vasodilator substance par excellence, nitroxide, which, as we have said, is the basis of this process.
The knowledge acquired in recent years of the role played as a chemical mediator by nitroxide, has made it possible to develop drugs capable for the first time to correct erectile dysfunction with a physiological mechanism.





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Risk factors

The relationship between diabetes and erectile dysfunction is a binomial known for some time, confirmed by numerous epidemiological studies. It is precisely the statistical data that tell us that:

  • In diabetic patients, erectile deficit is three times more frequent than in the healthy control population. The prevalence of this disorder in the diabetic population varies from 30% to 60% of subjects and increases:
    • With aging :
    • In case of poor glycemic control expressed by high values ​​of glycated hemoglobin
    • As the duration of diabetic disease increases
    • In case of microvascular complications and neuropathy
    • In case of arterial hypertension associated with diabetes, and taking anti-hypertensive drugs ( beta blockers , methyldopa and in particular diuretics )
    • If the person is a smoker
    • With increasing alcohol consumption
    • In case of obesity associated with sedentary lifestyle
  • Diabetes and erectile dysfunction are so closely related that erection problems represent the onset symptom in 12% of male patients.






Treatment of diabetes 

5 Amazing Ayurvedic Remedies To Fight Diabetes - Arogyadham

Identify the causes of erectile dysfunction in the diabetic is the first step in establishing a suitable treatment to give a satisfactory sex life. For its part, therefore, the diabetic patient with erectile deficit should first seek medical attention, avoiding the spontaneous use of commonly used drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction .

Beyond the additional risks deriving from a possible supply through channels other than the pharmacy, considering that among diabetics , complications affecting the heart , liver and kidneys are common, which among other things require specific therapies with possible drug interaction, the drugs used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (such as Viagra , Cialis , or Levitra ) may be contraindicated in the presence of diabetes. We therefore recommend that you contact your doctor to determine the nature of this unpleasant sexual problem and remedy it through the numerous medical and pharmacological treatments available.





Prevention is possible

Keeping diabetes under control helps prevent all its complications, including erectile dysfunction. First we must act on lifestyles, on daily habits, starting from the table.

A diet low in fats , especially those of animal origin, and limited in rapidly absorbed sugars, serves to keep blood sugar controlled, also reducing the risk of erection problems.




Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction in diabetics

8 Natural Cures for Erectile Dysfunction | Everyday Health

  • Certain foods such as meat, white meats and some wheat products as a natural diet for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in diabetic patients help to stimulate the creation and increase of testosterone to assist the movement of spermatozoa. Turmeric has some aphrodisiac sediments ideal for the treatment of drawbacks that make ejaculation much faster. It is a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction in diabetics.
  • Some of the most effective home remedies derive from the properties that some pumpkin seeds have for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, in diabetics they strengthen the arteries, increase the blood flow and have properties like zinc, the latter is fundamental for sexual life in men, as a beneficial protein in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • Some carrots can help improve sexual behavior, so they can be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and as a natural remedy for the treatment of this disease in diabetics. If we mix carrots and honey, using it as a treatment for this pathology we increase sexual pleasure and naturally reduce the problems of erectile dysfunction in the long term.





How to manage impotence

As with other complications of diabetes, prevention is always the best cure for erectile dysfunction. Even this complication can and must be prevented with constant and flawless metabolic control as prescribed by specialists, avoiding all conditions that can facilitate the onset of complications.

Once diagnosed, erectile dysfunction in the diabetic is usually managed with drug therapy, which can only be prescribed by the specialist and tailored to the specific diabetic patient.

Despite the frequency with which it occurs in diabetics, erectile dysfunction is still a topic that most of the time patients and doctors do not speak serenely.

For all men with diabetes, however, it is advisable to make an effort and confide in the doctor or diabetologist. A sincere and open dialogue is essential to have all the necessary information on this complication, for an early diagnosis and to immediately adopt the appropriate remedies in case it has already occurred.



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