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You were having a good sexual relationship with your partner before this disease manifested ? you are looking for a natural solution so things can go back to the way they were ? You have come to the right place, not only can this remedy treat hydrocele but it is more affordable than surgery. Do you know what is more interesting ? it has no side effect except you have some allergies. So its best to take this remedy under the supervision of your doctor and our experts.



Male infertility

This natural remedy for testicular hydrocele is effective, quick, long-lasting and above all it will save you from having an operation. It is without a doubt the quick fix for curing testicular hydrocele. Our products are natural and herbal and herbal. So our herbal teas have no side effects, either on the body or on health. Our treatment is therefore not dangerous. So, You will be able to treat testicular hydrocele without operation and without fear of the appearance of side effects.

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After the husband is diagnosed with hydrocele, there is always a negative impact on the sexual relationship, this is why it is necessary to treat on time through natural or surgical method. If it is not treated early, over time testicular hypotrophy will occur with all the ensuing consequences - a decrease in the formation of high-quality sperm, a decrease in the amount of testosterone in the blood, which will inhibit both desire and the ability of sexual activity. Therefore, an operation prescribed by a doctor must be done. After the operation, sex will be prohibited for 2-3 weeks, then you will return to your previous sex life. Are you can go through physiotherapy, after which your sex life regains its energy.

If you have been operated on for dropsy of the testicle, then within 2-3 weeks after the operation, you can have sex. The consequences of the operation can affect your potency both positively and negatively. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the operation transferred will have a positive or no effect on the level of your erection. The positive effect will be explained by an increase in your self-esteem, because you no longer have a cosmetic defect - dropsy of the testicle. Add the stress of surgery and hospital stay, and then return to normal life. Forced sexual abstinence for 2-3 weeks. All these factors without the participation of your consciousness will lead to exacerbation of sexual desire and increased excitement during intercourse.

In the event of postoperative complications, the effect of surgery on erectile function may be negative. Inflammation in the area of ​​surgical intervention will cause pain, an increase in body temperature, the occurrence of infiltrate in the scrotum, impaired wound healing. Swelling of the scrotum, the use of compresses will complicate sexual function. Inflammation mediators are released from the focus of inflammation, which inhibit sex drive. For these reasons, sexual desire and erectile function within one to two months after surgery (in the case of postoperative complications) may be reduced. The answer to this is the treatment of postoperative complications, the implementation of the doctor's prescriptions. After the disappearance of inflammation, you will have sex, as before.



Bilateral hydrocele in men is not more than 10% of all cases of hydrocele. Etiological factors of hydrocele are trauma to the scrotum, orchitis, epididymitis, seminoma (testicular tumor), side effects of radiation therapy, elephantiasis, specific infection (gonorrhea, tuberculosis, chlamydia) or viral infection - acute viral mumps. With heart and kidney failure, an edema of the whole body occurs - anasarca. Including swelling and scrotum, there is a bilateral hydrocele. Bilateral hydrocele occurs with lower vena cava syndrome. Bilateral hydrocele can be from the moment of birth. So it arose as a result of violations of embryonic development. Bilateral hydrocele is less common than unilateral (right-handed, left-handed). The scrotum is enlarged, sometimes it can be tense, often with a bluish tinge. In this case, the inguinal canal is of a normal size. The differential diagnosis between congenital dropsy of the testis and congenital inguinal hernia in newborns is difficult. Unlike inguinal hernia, a hydrocele does not adjust.

Hydrocele on the right in men is more common than left-sided or bilateral. Bilateral hydrocele is often, with testicular damage, as a rule, asymmetrically. Hydrocele is congenital and acquired. 

Congenital hydrocele occurs at birth or after some time, and is also characterized by an increase in the size of the scrotum. The etiology of congenital hydrocele is the preservation of the vaginal process of the peritoneum after birth. Congenital hydrocele is not a severe malformation and in most cases passes on its own. Surgical treatment is required only when, after a year of life, the hydrocele remains. Congenital hydrocele of the left testicle is less common than the right. It  is associated with the non-closure of the vaginal process of the peritoneum and, according to whether its base is overgrown or not, congenital dropsy of the testicle is communicating and not communicating with the abdominal cavity. Dropsy is noted at birth, but can occur during the perinatal period. Clinically, dropsy is manifested by an increase in one or both halves of the scrotum. Dropsy does not hurt the child. If dropsy is communicating, then it changes its size. In the afternoon, when the child screams, strains, rises, dropsy increases. At night, at rest, the dropsy content leaves. Palpation of the dropsy is defined as a swelling of medium density surrounding the testicle. Unlike inguinal hernia, dropsy cannot be corrected, it is seen through through the beam of the flashlight,

Acquired hydrocele can be in children and adults. Acquired hydrocele is idiopathic (for unknown reasons), post-traumatic, inflammatory - with tuberculosis, filariasis.

Hydrocele is classified as communicating when fluid flows from the peritoneum and not communicating when fluid is produced by the mesothelium of the vaginal membrane. Communicating hydrocele on both sides changes its volume. During shouting, stress and increased activity, the hydrocele grows during the day, and decreases at night. With a communicating hydrocele, careful monitoring of the child is necessary, since a restrained inguinal hernia can occur. Hydrocele in adults is often not reported.

Right-sided hydrocele is to increase the scrotum in the shape of a pear, which is located with the base down, the top of the pear starts from the superficial inguinal ring. Sometimes hydrocele reaches 15-20 cm. In this case, the penis is not visible, problems with personal hygiene, appearance, and sexual life.

Left-sided hydrocele has a smooth surface and a dense-elastic consistency, not painful on palpation. There is cerebrospinal fluid between the testicle shells, so its fluctuations spread to any other point - a positive symptom of fluctuations. The skin of the scrotum is folded. A dense testicle is determined in the lower pole of dropsy or is not palpated at all. When scanned, the rays of the flashlight pass through the scrotum.

The hydrocele of the right testicle must be differentiated with inguinal-scrotal hernia, testicular tumor, acute orchoepididymitis, varicocele, cyst of the epididymis (spermatocele). To distinguish, use palpation, ultrasound.

Forms of hydrocele. Hydrocele (dropsy of the testicle) is divided into congenital and acquired.

Congenital hydrocele is divided into communicating edema of the testicle and spermatic cord, communicating edema of the spermatic cord, isolated edema of the testicle, isolated cyst of the spermatic cord.

Acquired hydrocele is divided into post-traumatic, inflammatory, lymphostatic, iatrogenic, idiopathic. By the nature of the severity of the process, acute testicular dropsy and chronic are distinguished. A separate form is the isolation of an infected hydrocele.

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