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One of the several ways to treat Varicoceles naturally is a healing option that is guaranteed to be effective as well as far from dangerous side effects you know. In addition to using herbal medicines, varicoceles usually can also be overcomed by performing a series of surgical procedures performed by medical experts. This is in order to get rid of problematic tissue in the testicular blood vessels which is the cause of the emergence of varicoceles. But certainly many side effects accompany.

In addition, how to treat varicoceles naturally can effectively ward off patients' concerns about the negative effects of performing surgical removal of varicoceles. The operation was indeed intended to eliminate the existence of malfunctioning in the male testes that interfere with the reproductive system. Henceforth, stunted sperm production can cause infertility.

Some of the side effects that may be felt by varicocele surgery patients are indeed very diverse. Starting from the risk of nausea, vomiting because of the effects of the anesthetia. The emergence of complaints of pain, swelling and bruising after surgery by a medical expert. Even varicocele symptoms can reappear later.

There can also be side effects of infection if surgery is not appropriate. Hydrocele symptoms can also occur namely the accumulation of fluid in the area around the former operation. There will also be a risk of testicular atrophy which will reduce the size so that its function must be less than optimal. This of course will actually cause trauma you know. 

Furthermore, our experts at African doctor have discovered the best mixture of plants to help repair varicocele. 


Varicocele treatment african doctor 1

If you want to regain your fertility and get rid of varicocele you have come to the right place. This is the best natural remedy one can choose to treat varicocele effectively. When you have varicocele your scrotum looks like a bag of worms. It mostly manifests on the left side. This is due to a dilation of the veins located at the level of the spermatic cord. Our tisane made of the best plants has special properties that help to tighten the veins and bring them back to the normal size. It can also increase the production and quality of sperm which are lowered when you have varicocele. Our experts will keep in touch with you during the whole treatment and will give you advice on other natural remedies.

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More Natural Ingredients Option to Overcome Varicoceles without Dangerous Side Effects

Due to the various risks of side effects that may occur in medical treatment methods, natural treatment with herbal ingredients is the best option for the efforts to cure varicocele patients. Consumption of herbal medicines does require special patience, but there is no worry about side effects.


Mangosteen peel

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The mangosteen peel has indeed been shown to have an optimal antioxidant compound called xanthones. This one compound is even more optimal than vitamins C and E.

Besides the content in the mangosteen peel is also rich in mineral compounds and abundant vitamins. This will further improve the quality of blood flow. All toxic substances in the blood will be minimized so that the risk of varicocele can be prevented. Because varicocele disease is closely related to the condition of blood flow in veins in the testes.



Image result for SOURSOP LEAVES

To overcome the presence of varicocele symptoms that interfere with reproduction, especially in men this herb is essential. It is believed that soursop leaves have a very effective immune booster. It also has anti-cancer compounds so that it can maintain a fit body condition without damage.

Phytochemical compounds in the form of acetogenins found in soursop leaves are even believed to contain tens of thousands of times far more effective than the type of adriamycin treatment that is even commonly used in chemotherapy treatment. This one compound will maintain patient stamina so that for varicocele recovery can be far more optimal.



Image result for CHESTNUT

Varicocele treatment of folk remedies is hard to imagine without the licorice of chestnuts. This medicine can be purchased from the pharmacy or on its own. To prepare you need to collect chestnut flowers or young fruits. ¾ full liter jar and pour chestnut vodka tree to another. Infuse for three to four weeks. Take the tincture three times a day for 1 hour adding tea, coffee or other beverages. This tincture can be used for varicose veins of the spermatic cord and testes, as well as varicose veins of the lower and upper extremities.




Ointment with varicocele of dandelion roots and elecampane. 200 ml of water required 10 g. Dandelion root 20 g. And root inula. Put in a water bath. Boil until the liquid is reduced by three times. The resulting mass is rubbed through a sieve. At this time, in a water bath or microwave to melt in the lard of the '70s. Then the melted fat is mixed and the root powder mixture mixes well. When the cream has cooled, apply scrotum at night. Be sure to apply after applying the gauze and put on the underwear. The course of therapy is from 20 to 30 days. it can be repeated after one month if necessary.

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or contact our experts via WhatsApp :https://wa.me/22990431725


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