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These 9 natural solutions can get rid of varicocele naturally

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Varicocele can be defined as venous dilation of the spermatic cord, congestion of enlarged veins in the scrotum. It can be seen both around one and around both testicles. It is a common problem with the male reproductive system and it occurs in all age groups, most commonly in adolescents. Varicocele can be a direct cause of male infertility.



Causes of varicocele

Varicocele testis: causes, symptoms and treatment methods | Man Health

The disease occurs due to an increase in pressure in the veins forming the vascular plexus of the testicle. It occurs mostly on the left side, which is generally associated with the peculiarities of the anatomical location of these veins. In addition, the reasons may be strenuous physical activity; in old age; kidney cancer; thrombosis; phlebitis; renal venous hypertension; tumors; cysts.



9 ways to get rid of varicocele naturally


1- Africandoctor's natural remedy to cure varicocele

Varicocele treatment african doctor 1

The only alternative known by popular medicine for varicocele is to go through surgery. But those surgeries have side effects and there is no guarantee that the varicocele won’t appear again. There may be damage to an artery during the operation and the surgery can also cause a hydrocele. So it is better to consider the pros and cons before you make a decision. Our tisane is made of African plants that have a lot of properties. One of the properties is to tighten the veins and bring them to normal size. Our treatment is safe and free of side effects. On the contrary, it will promote quality sperm production. Our tisane has proven effective in many cases where the treatment was well followed.

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2- Absinthe and St. John's Wort

Chasing the green fairy: Absinthe, fact and fiction • Earth.com

Those herbs have pronounced therapeutic properties - anti-inflammatory, hemorrhagic, protective capillaries. For the treatment of varicose veins of the scrotum, they are used individually:

• Take 2 tablespoons of St. John's Wort. Cut the herbs with a knife. Pour 200 ml of corn oil. Boil in a double boiler for up to 3 hours, then cool and strain. The filtered oil is wetted with gauze. Apply it on the testicles, wrap it in polyethylene and fix it with a bandage. Leave a compress overnight. Perform the procedure 15 times in a row.

• Absinthe. In equal proportions, the ground absinthe is mixed with sour cream. The finished mass is treated with the affected area. Cover with polyethylene and secure with a bandage. Remove the compress after 7 to 8 hours. Perform the procedure at bedtime for 2 consecutive weeks.

The treatment of absinthe varicocele is contraindicated in the ulceration of the skin in the inguinal region.



3- Apple

Afghanistan exports the finest quality fresh apples to India

The pulp of apples is rich in organic and mineral acids, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels. For the treatment of varicose veins, the following popular infusion recipe is used:

• 10 apples are crushed in a blender;

• pour into a thermos;

• ½ liter of boiling water is steamed;

• insist 5 hours;

• filter through a fine sieve;

• drink 75-100 ml 3 times a day 25 minutes before meals.

Varicocele folk remedies combat the main symptoms - swelling, heaviness in the scrotum, pain when walking. To improve the condition of blood vessels, treatment is carried out for 3-6 weeks.



4- Hazelnut

T.B. Cosford hazelnut - Heritage Fruit Trees

The hazel is a herbaceous shrub whose leaves contain venotonic substances. It is used in traditional medicine for the treatment and prevention of pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

Folk recipe for varicocele:

• 2 tablespoons of chopped leaves;

• pour ½ liter of boiling water;

• leave it under the cover for half an hour;

• filtered through a fine sieve.

Drink 150 ml 3 to 4 times a day before meals. The therapy course is for 3 weeks. If necessary, the treatment is repeated, but only after a break of 2 weeks.



5- Willow Oak

Willow Oak Quercus phellos

Oak bark has anti-inflammatory and willow-angioprotective properties. There are many ways to use these plants in the pathology of blood vessels and the hematopoietic system. In the treatment of varicocele, a medicinal infusion is often used.

Recipe for infusion of oak and willow bark:

• the ingredients are mixed in equal proportions;

• 3 tablespoons of the raw materials have boiled 1 liter of water;

• leave in a container under a closed lid for 3 hours;

• filtered through a fine sieve.

With an alternative treatment for varicocele, you should drink 100 ml of the infusion twice a day. The therapeutic course lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.



6- Mummy

Mummies formed as the result of fruit abortion at different ...

The resinous substance has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, healing, venotonic activity. Therefore, the mummy is suitable for the treatment of varicose veins of the small pelvis.

Alcohol tincture of the mummy:

• 150 mg of mummy powder is mixed with 70 ml of flower honey;

• pour 200 ml of vodka;

• pour into a glass jar and close the lid;

• leave in a cool place for 25-30 days.

With varicocele, take 40 to 45 drops of tincture up to 4 times a day. The duration of the alternative treatment is 30 days.



7- Walnut shell

 Walnuts shell

To prevent thrombosis and strengthen the venous vessels, nutshells are used. It contains bioactive components that affect the tone of smooth muscles.

Folk nut tea recipe:

• the nutshell is washed under running water;

• ground in a mixer till you get powder;

• For 1 tablespoon of the raw materials pour 250 ml of boiling water;

• leave it in a thermos for 7 to 8 hours;

• drink 60 to 80 ml 4 to 5 times a day 20 minutes before meals.

Treatment is carried out until the severity and pain in the inguinal zone have disappeared.



8- Ointments

Ayurvedic Treatment for Varicocele With Diet and Yoga– Nirogam

With varicocele, ointments prepared according to folk recipes are effective. They are based on herbs with anti-inflammatory and protective capillary action.


9- St. John's wort​


To prevent blood stasis in the testicles, St. John's wort ointment is used:

• 4 cups of fresh grass go through a meat grinder;

• squeeze the juice into cheesecloth;

• boil in a double boiler for 15 minutes;

• mixed with 200 ml of melted butter;

• the mixed mass is put in the refrigerator for half an hour.

In the treatment of varicose veins of the scrotum, the ointment is used 4 to 5 times a day. The therapeutic course lasts 6 weeks.




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