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Herbs for potency can be helpful in treating men who have sporadic problems in sexual life and do not result from serious developmental diseases. With the doctor's permission, herbal remedies can complement traditional therapy for erectile dysfunction.


Without being conscious, we ask ourselves this question. Men, you are right to wonder how plants can help you keep your erection. 

Before we answer that question, we would like you to know that modern medicine can not do without plants. However, because these drugs go through chemical processes they, in the end, produce undesirable effects. How more useful will it be if it were used in its original form? Nonetheless, not all herbs are without danger, others may be poisonous. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor before embarking on the journey of herbal treatment. 

This is why we have taken our time to list out the important herbs that have proven effective in treating weak erection.



The natural treatment that we offer to permanently cure sexual weakness is essentially composed of natural herbal teas. It is an effective, fast, and lasting natural remedy that makes it possible to obtain and maintain an erection for a long time. Its effect is rapid and permanent, you only have to follow the treatment to end your sexual weakness. 

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Herbs have been used for centuries by natural medicine to improve sexual performance and fertility. In many cultures, herbs are still recognized as popular aphrodisiacs to this day. Meanwhile, only a few herbal preparations have undergone serious scientific studies confirming their effectiveness. Therefore, herbs for potency for men can complement the therapy of sexual disordersBefore reaching for herbs, it is worth getting to know the doctor's opinion about them, because herbal medicine does not mean safe. Some preparations can adversely affect our body. What herbs for potency are worth considering?


Tout ce que vous devez savoir avant d'acheter du ginseng - Natura ...

It is a source of many active substances with medicinal properties affecting, among others by heart, strong heart or potency. In potency, the most important active substance is ginsenosides, which improve the supply of organs with oxygen. This, in turn, allows you to improve your body's ability to exercise. It is also worth emphasizing that the effectiveness of ginseng has been scientifically proven in cases of potency disorders of psychogenic and vascular origin. Ginseng can most often be found in pharmacies in the form of an extract, which can appear as a single product or component of various dietary supplements. When supplementing with ginseng, remember to not exceed the recommended daily intake, because consuming it in large quantities can lead to so-called ginseng syndrome.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus naturalny booster testosteronu? - natvita.pl

It is a plant known for thousands of years. It has toning properties and reduces fatigue. The most likely mechanism for terrestrial mucus erection to improve is the release of nitric oxide from the endothelium, which causes cavernous vasodilation and increased blood flow. An interesting fact may be the fact that at the beginning of the 1970s Bulgarian athletes began to supplement themselves with ground mace extracts, which was aimed at increasing testosterone production. The natural form of mace is the infusion of its leaves. Its taste is described as: slightly rough, earthy and bitter.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

It has anti-inflammatory properties and is considered one of the strongest antioxidants, i.e. rejuvenating substances, protecting against the harmful effects of free radicals. It reduces the level of glucose, lipids and cholesterol in the blood, and thanks to the induction of accelerated microcirculation can have a positive effect on erection. Unfortunately, pure coastal pine bark extract is a poorly available product and few pharmacies decide to include this product in their offer. Fortunately, this extract can be found in dietary supplements in which it is the most important active ingredient.


Quels sont les dangers et effets indésirables de la maca du Pérou ...

Maca is a plant that already 2 thousand. years ago, Peruvian Indians used fertility support. It grows in the high Andes and is the highest cultivated plant in the world. It is rich in B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin and niacin), vitamin C, amino acids, zinc, selenium, iron, manganese, copper and other nutrients. Maca supposedly can thanks to its ingredients, including natural arginine:

●      increase the number of sperm in an ejaculate by up to 80-90 percent

●      increase sperm motility

●      increase your libido

●      reduce erectile dysfunction

●      keep the prostate in good condition

●      strengthen the body's physical endurance

●      regulate hormonal balance

●      slow down the aging process

●      reduce the symptoms of depression

●      improve your mood and vitality

Sabal palm

​​Free sabal palm tree 3D model - TurboSquid 1354721

Sabal palm was used to treat male urination as early as the fifteenth century BC in Egypt, and Indians in Florida used it to treat the prostate gland, swelling and testicular atrophy, and erectile dysfunction. According to traditional medicine, Sabal palm has strong potency stimulating properties because it raises the level of testosterone in the blood. The palm can have a positive effect on the reduction of bad cholesterol, supports the cardiovascular system. Sabal palm fruit preparations also work well with:

●      rheumatism

●      gout

●      inflammation

●      autoimmune diseases (psoriasis, urticaria, pemphigus, atopic dermatitis)

●      androgenic acne

●      genital diseases

●      migraine headaches

The palm owes its extraordinary properties to chemical components, which include primarily: triglycerides, phytosterols, fatty acids, their ethyl esters and biologically active monoacylglycerides that have a good effect on prostate cells.

Herbs for potency in men - Damiana 

Damiana | Bear Blend

This exotic plant was already used by the ancient Mayans. It is used today in natural therapy for the treatment of impotence and infertility. Damiana increases blood supply to the genitals, regulates hormonal balance, which is why gentlemen with erectile dysfunction and sex drive are willing to use preparations from this plant. In addition, the palm works antidepressant, relaxes, relieves anxiety and supports the work of the nervous system.

Herbs for potency in men - Ginkgo biloba

Extrait de feuille de Ginkgo Biloba - Saw Palmetto

The Chinese plant called ginkgo biloba is rich in flavonoids that support sex drive. Ginkgo extract increases the availability of nitric oxide, increases blood flow to the genitals and allows you to relax smooth muscle vessels, which increases the chance of getting an erection faster.


​​Further Research Into The Phytochemicals Contained In Licorice ...

Licorice root contains many vitamins (E, B vitamins), minerals, biotin and lecithin. These substances have a beneficial effect on metabolism. Licorice also helps eliminate stress and neurosis, which increases the desire for sex.

Herbs for potency - Yohimbine

Yohimbine is an African tree that uses bark to produce natural preparations for erectile dysfunction. Bark extracts are rich in an alkaloid called yohimbine, which is prescribed as a prescription medicine and used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Yohimbine is particularly useful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, preparations must be used with caution as they can lead to many side effects, including:

●      increase in blood pressure

●      increased heart rate

●      hot flushes

●      dizziness

●      kidney problems

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