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Varicocele is a symptom of testicular pain in men. Nowadays, this varicocele disease has made many males impotent. However, this disease has a degree, there are severe and moderate cases, there is a person with varicocele who can have children and some are difficult to have children. If you are a little tired, the varicocele recurs so that it hurts in the testicles, and some can even faint because they cannot withstand the pain. Before heading to how to symptoms of varicoceles, see first the natural treatment to cure of varicoceles naturally.


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If you want to regain your fertility and get rid of varicocele you have come to the right place. This is the best natural remedy one can choose to treat varicocele effectively. When you have varicocele your scrotum looks like a bag of worms. It mostly manifests on the left side. This is due to a dilation of the veins located at the level of the spermatic cord. Our tisane made of the best plants has special properties that help to tighten the veins and bring them back to the normal size. It can also increase the production and quality of sperm which are lowered when you have varicocele. Our experts will keep in touch with you during the whole treatment and will give you advice on other natural remedies.

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Symptoms of Varicocele You Need to Watch Out for

Varicocele disease appears with several symptoms. Here are some of the characteristics of varicoceles that are common in people with varicoceles:

  1. Collection of veins in the testes

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You can experiment this yourself. Hold your testes as if you were holding a bunch of worms. Close your mouth, pinch your nose shut while expelling air out as if blowing up a balloon this is called maneuver valsalva, then touch the testicles using your hands. If there is a collection of veins like worms, it means you have varicoceles.

  1. A lump appeared in the scrotum

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One sign that is easily seen from the condition of this varicocele is the appearance of a lump in the scrotum. These lumps arise from blood vessels that swell quite large. Some lumps that appear do not cause pain even though occasional pain.

Try to check the condition of your testicles well. Touch slowly, if a strange lump appears, immediately do the inspection so that it can be overcome.

  1. Big testicles next door

​​Image result for Big testicles next door

Actually the left and right testicles do have different sizes. However, the difference in size is not too significant.  Men who experience varicoceles usually have a massively different sized testes. Scrotum examination with the finger is slowly done also to determine the condition of the testes. 

  1. Pain in the scrotum

Image result for Pain in the scrotum

The scrotum will usually feel painful if there is no buffer below. When men do not wear jock strap type pants , the possibility of pain will be great. This pain arises because the penis feels uncomfortable when the enlarged blood vessels are exposed to the burden of the testes.

  1. Pain when standing and disappear when lying down

Image result for varicocele Pain when standing

Pain in the scrotum usually feels stronger when men stand and walk but disappears when man a man sits or lies down. However, the pain will continue to appear and sometimes cause discomfort that is too big. If you often experience this condition, immediately do the inspection so that no more severe interference occurs.

  1. Too much exercise makes the pain in the testicles stronger

Image result for o much exercise makes the pain in the testicles stronger

The testes will be intense if men lift weights that are too big or heavy during exercise. Movements such as lifting weights on your back or other leg exercises trigger great pain. If you want to do sports, wear jock strap types that can support the penis or compressor .

  1. Loss of sexual function

Image result for loss of sexual function

Swelling in the testicular area causes a great disturbance in the sexual function of men. Testes that produce testosterone cannot run properly. Hence, this will impact a decrease in sexual desire of these men. This condition will be even worse if a man loses his ability to get an erection to the maximum.

  1. Decreased fertility

Image result for sadness of a man infertility

The center of sperm is the testis. If this organ is disrupted, there is a possibility that men will experience a decrease in fertility. Even from several studies conducted, men can experience decreased sperm quality up to 40 percent. This amount is quite large and can have a big effect on fertilization ability.

These are the seven things that mark the varicoceles or varicose veins that occur in the testes and scrotum area. I believe it will help you to pay more attention to the condition of the penis as a whole to prevent serious disorders.

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