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Premature Ejaculation Remedies : Many men experience the problem of premature ejaculation  at any time in life. But there is not always alarming: in most cases it is not a persistent state.

It becomes a chronic problem when the condition occurs frequently during sexual intercourse or when the man realizes that he has normal ejaculation during masturbation and not with his partner.



Premature Ejaculation Remedies 5 Ways To Prevent It Naturally!L ' Premature ejaculation is a condition in which man, while achieving an erection suitable for sexual intercourse is so stimulated by ejaculating very quickly (on average within 2 minutes and 30 seconds of penetration) and then terminates the relationship sexual before the partner has reached orgasm.

The factors that can cause premature ejaculation can be manifold. Unlike erectile dysfunction, which in most cases is due to particular biological factors (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, etc.), premature ejaculation generally originates from psychosomatic disorders:


  • Anxiety . Those who suffer from premature ejaculation usually also have problems of an anxious nature, related specifically to performance anxiety or caused by other problems.
  • Stress . The emotional stress or mental in any field of your life may contribute to premature ejaculation, often limiting the ability to relax and focus during intercourse.
  • Relationship problems . If in the past you have had satisfying relationships in which the problem of premature ejaculation has not occurred or has been very rare, it is likely that the difficulties in the relationship with your partner cause it in whole or in part.
  • The first sexual experiences . Some doctors believe that the first sexual experiences are able to influence subsequent ones in an indelible way, for example with situations in which one is in a hurry to reach orgasm for fear of being discovered or for feelings of guilt that increase the tendency to hurry reports.


Reduce Anxiety and Stress and increase the times of Love with a natural remedy 

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There are several natural remedies to prevent and deal with problems related to premature ejaculation and that avoid the use of drugs. Of course, these recommendations are successful when the cause of premature ejaculation disorder is not biological (e.g. abnormal hormone levels, abnormal levels of neurotransmitters (chemicals in the nervous system), abnormal reflexes of the ejaculatory system, thyroid problems, inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra), cases in which it is recommended to contact an Andrologist.


Some natural remedies to combat the disorder :

• Preliminaries . The foreplay is a very important moment of sexual intercourse but often, especially men, tend to underestimate this phase of intimacy with the partner or even to avoid it, fearing to have premature ejaculation. During foreplay, in fact, the male reaches a state of excitement very quickly, while the woman usually needs more time (15-20 minutes).

Think that foreplay poses a risk to e. early is unfortunately a very common mistake among men. When man practices foreplay with his partner, he learns to control excitement and stimulation. The important thing is to focus on the woman, on what she likes and excites her rather than thinking about prolonging the times of ejaculation: this does nothing but increase tension, anxiety and therefore the probability of having an early ejaculation. The preliminaries therefore represent an important remedy for e. early .

• Exercises for the pelvic muscles. These are simple exercises that help strengthen the pelvic muscle and prevent e. early by holding back the flow of sperm. These exercises are also good for erectile dysfunction as they help retain the blood flow that fills the penis during an erection. And the nice thing is that these exercises are very simple and you can do them anywhere and at any time of the day: just contract the penis repeatedly as if you had to hold your pee! These exercises are useful remedies for premature ejaculation .

• Use condoms. Using condoms during sexual intercourse helps to delay ejaculation . The penis in fact absorbs less friction during movements, the nerves are less stimulated, the arousal is slower and gradual and, therefore, ejaculation delays.

• Relax. Premature ejaculation is often caused by anxiety and stress and in turn becomes itself the cause of anxiety and stress during sexual intercourse. It's like a dog biting its tail! Trying to relax and avoid stressful situations as much as possible can help prevent premature ejaculation. Practicing relaxation techniques, such as slow and deep breathing through the nose, or meditation can help clear your mind of tensions, fears and performance nasias that only stimulate premature ejaculation.

• Natural supplement. A natural supplement can be a valid remedy , an aid to prevent and treat EP due to psychological causes. Revit , for example, reduces stress and anxiety, the main causes of premature ejaculation and increases the levels of Serotonona, a neurotransmitter involved in the ejaculatory mechanism.


Can premature ejaculation be fought and therefore cured? The answer is yes, but it is clear that the type of treatment will vary based on the identification of the cause.


premature ejaculation

It is not possible to universally define premature ejaculation, nor is it possible to define a minimum time within which the male orgasm should take place from the moment of penetration.

In general we can say that premature ejaculation is a disorder of the male sexual sphere which manifests itself in the fact that the man has an earlier ejaculation than he would like, however before the woman has also reached the pleasure, and involuntary, that is without no possible control.


Hence, for a fulfilling and fulfilling sex life, it is important that the man succeed in

  • check his ejaculatory times
  • ejaculate after the woman has achieved pleasure.



Of course, knowing if and how EP can be cured is a complex question: the remedies and types of treatments depend a lot on the cause of premature ejaculation . For this, the first important step is to go to an andrologist specialist for a clear clinical and etiological picture.

Once organic causes have been excluded (inflammation of the seminal vesicles and the prostate, urethra, or hyperthyroidism, frenulum anomalies - pathologies that can cause premature ejaculation and that must be treated in order for this effect to disappear - side effect of taking drugs, etc.), the treatment of premature ejaculation can be controlled on psychogenic aspects and lifestyle.

In fact, at the basis of premature ejaculation, there are very often causes and causes related to lifestyle and psychological factors.

lifestyle characterized by an incorrect diet, an abuse of alcohol and spirits, as well as the consumption of drugs, can be part of the causes of the problem.

The stress, penis size, performance anxiety , but also of psychological trauma, may instead be some of the psychological factors behind premature ejaculation: all of which may give rise to a vicious circle that causes premature ejaculation.

Recent scientific research has shown that Serotonin intervenes to trigger an ejaculatory problem , a neurotransmitter that controls mood, sense of hunger and even the ejaculatory mechanism. When CNS levels of Serotonin are too low, ejaculation is premature. Of course, even if this is one of the physical causes, it is still possible to intervene directly even with natural treatments.

So, in summary:

  • when the cause is organic and premature ejaculation is a symptom , there is no need to intervene with specific treatments for premature ejaculation (drugs or natural supplements) but it is necessary to intervene with treatments and treatments directed to the cause;
  • when premature ejaculation derives from psychological factors , from an incorrect lifestyle or from low levels of Serotonin, then by intervening on these factors we can face and cure premature ejaculation.


premature ejaculation



It is clear that the type of treatment will vary based on the identification of the cause. We said that once a specialist has ruled out organic causes, the treatment of premature ejaculation can be controlled on the psychogenic aspects .

This can happen through two main forms of intervention - better if faced in combination with each other - both aimed at increasing both the sense of self-control and the ejaculatory latency:

  1. with pharmacological treatments (and we mean both drugs and natural supplements)
  2. with a path of psychosexual therapy.



With pharmacological treatment against premature ejaculation, we intend in this case two types of possible treatments:

  • pharmacological treatment based on classic chemical drugs that can induce an ejaculatory delay;
  • treatments through natural retarding supplements that can act by reducing performance anxiety and increasing Serotonin levels, with the effect of delaying.

Unlike Viagra, which acts as needed on the problem of erectile dysfunction, chemical drugs against premature ejaculation are not so immediate. They belong to the class of antidepressants and need a certain period of intake.

The same applies to food supplements which, in addition, do not give dangerous side effects such as drugs.

So if the cause of premature ejaculation was due to a strong or increased reaction to psychic or physical stimuli of the central nervous system, the solution to the ejaculatory problem may be the intake of drugs or natural retarding supplements.



The second therapy involves the participation - if possible of both members making up the couple - in therapeutic courses led by a sexologist and / or behavioral psychotherapist who will suggest to the individual or the couple, during specific sessions, a whole series of prescriptions, exercises and precise techniques.

All this without, however, neglecting, where necessary, the analysis of some deeper psychological aspects concerning the personality structure of the subject in question (his beliefs, ideas relating to sexuality, the context in which he grew up, etc.).

The aim is to be able to gradually limit the problem of premature ejaculations and to increase and emerge the sense of self-control in the subject.

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