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5 benefits of garlic on male fertility (oligospermia)

By On 26/03/2020 at 12:06

In Male Infertility

What is oligospermia?

Oligospermia in men is detected by the results of a spermogram. This is usually a surprise: this condition does not have specic symptoms. But it becomes the cause of infertility, and this forces the partner to consult a doctor.


Oligospermia passes without symptoms. No functions are violated, and men are not even aware of the problem. The only sign is the inability of the partner to become pregnant with regular sexual intercourse throughout the year without contraception. In this case, it is necessary to consult a specialist and conduct all necessary studies, both for a man and a woman.


Among the provoking factors are present:

  • hormonal disbalance;
  • chronic diseases of the genitourinary system (prostatitis);
  • sexually transmitted diseases (STDs);
  • heredity;
  • genital injuries and bruises;
  • congenital pathologies;
  • radiation or electromagnetic waves;
  • age-related changes.

Factors causing temporary oligospermia:

  • long abstinence from sexual intercourse with a woman;
  • frequent sexual intercourse;
  • malnutrition (lack of vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium, overweight, insufficient protein in the body);
  • stress or depression;
  • sleep disturbances;
  • the presence of bad habits (smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages);
  • wearing tight underwears;
  • overheating or hypothermia

African doctor natural remedy for oligospermia and oligozoospermia

Male infertility

Oligospermia is a disease that is characterized by a reduced number of spermatozoids released during ejaculation. That condition is associated with several cases of infertility. Proviron and vitamine E are sometimes prescribed by specialist to treat oligospermia. It may work for some but not for everybody. Our natural treatment is safe and highly effective. Don't let your couple be devastated by oligospermia anymore. Our remedy is the solution for you to regain your fertility. It is a herb-based treatment that will stimulate spermatogenesis and will allow to have more spermatozoid in the ejaculate.

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To be able to produce healthy sperm naturally, it requires healthy foods too. Referring to research at Harvard, Dr. Ardyce Yik, a naturopathic doctor in Hong Kong, explained the fact that, men who consume three servings of processed meat per day have worse sperm quality than those who eat smaller portions.

Other facts also show that men who consume high-pesticide fruits and vegetables have fewer sperm counts than those who eat low-pesticide fruits and vegetables.

From this research, it becomes increasingly important to get the reality of getting healthy food intake so that sperm health and male fertility can be maintained properly.


Benefits of Garlic for Male Fertility (oligospermia)


There are several foods that are beneficial for male fertility, one of which is garlic. Here are 5 benefits of garlic for male fertility that aspiring Dads need to know for a more enjoyable sexual life with a partner and be able to conceive easily.

1. Maintain Prostate Health

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The first benefits of garlic for male fertility is to maintain prostate health. The prostate is a small gland that functions to produce semen, a fluid released with sperm during ejaculation.

With regular consumption of garlic, prostate health can be maintained properly. This can also prevent prostate cancer .

2. Increase Testosterone

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The benefits of garlic for male fertility is to increase testosterone. Who would have thought garlic can also, you know, increase the hormone testosterone in the body.

The results of a study published in the Journal of Herbmed Pharmacology shows the potential effects of garlic on increasing fertility and spermatogenesis, as well as increasing testosterone levels and improving testicular structure.

In addition, the number of sperm can increase a lot thanks to the consumption of garlic continuously.

3. Increase sperm motility

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The benefits of garlic for male fertility, which further increases sperm motility. Because the content of natural antioxidants in the form of selenium in garlic, sperm motility or mobility can also increase.

Not only that, selenium and vitamin B6 in it is very important in the production of healthy sperm.

4. Helps to Increase Blood Flow

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The benefits of garlic for male fertility which further increases blood flow. Garlic contains allicin. This substance is very important to increase blood flow to the male sex organs and also protect the sperm.

Good blood flow can accelerate the erection process. Besides that it can also make the durability longer. Garlic also has cleansing properties that can remove impurities from the arteries to facilitate blood flow.

Poor blood supply to the testes contributes to infertility. With smooth blood circulation also helps increase fertility.

5. Increase Sexual Passion

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The benefits of garlic for male fertility which is next is to increase sexual arousal. With the increased testosterone hormone and good blood circulation thanks to garlic, it can also increase male sexual arousal. Male stamina becomes stronger and more powerful.

Because of its proven efficacy to increase fertility, consumption of raw garlic is recommended every day for those who want to have a baby soon. No doubt, garlic does have a pungent odor and taste. Because of that maybe many feel reluctant to consume them.

Garlic Recipe for Male Fertility (oligospermia)

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Take a peek at the following two processed garlic recipes that could be alternatives for aspiring Dads.

1. Honey Garlic

  • Rinse 1 or 2 cloves of garlic.
  • Put in water until it boils.
  • Filter and add honey to the water.

2. Garlic Infusion

  • Rinsee 1 kg of garlic, mash it into a puree.
  • Pour into a jar and add hot water.
  • Cover the jar tightly. Store for almost a month, keep out of the sun.
  • Routinely shake the jar and drink one teaspoon each day.

Those are some of the benefits of garlic for male fertility and recipes that can be tried directly by Dads. Note that a regular consumption of garlic helps in producing a  better sperm quality.

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